Elizabeth Yore — go all the way in protecting the children and Name the Jews who are annihilating them!

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……How George Soros has taken over the Vatican


Elizabeth Yore is an impressive and authentic voice. I watched the whole video…. And of course I love any woman who crusades for the protection of abused kids. (Here she is on FB: https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.yore)
Great message…and so devastatingly TRUE  her line about how (between abortion and satanic pedophilia) more children have been murdered in the last 100 years than in all of recorded human history……
BUT what was really cringe-worthy is that she would not even edge close to using the J-Word, though the ENTIRE cast of mega-villains she was denouncing and exposing were judeocrats: George Soros, Paul Ehrlich, Naomi Klein, Jeffrey Sachs, Bernie Sanders, and Joseph Stieglitz!
When she says “the walls of the Vatican have been breached,” well, Hitler would have said that the coup by Saul/Paul, a Talmudic-Sanhedrin agent, in appointing himself an apostle over the very Christians he had JUST been persecuting, was already a radical breach and a reversal of the true message of Jesus way, way back in 36 AD!
The Talmudic worm of “the Jews-are-STILL-God’s People-even-after-murdering-and-STILL-to-this-day-reviling-Christ” has been in the Christian apple for 1,984 years!
It was Saul is the one who created this love-thy-enemy judeolatry that has infected and paralyzed Christian Gentiles!
(See Captain Archibald Ramsay on how all successful revolutions require the prey to be paralyzed and not fighting back:
Were it not for Saul’s “Epistle to the Romans,” where he predicts “in the end all Israel shall acknowledge Jesus as Savior and be saved,” the Christian world would have ERADICATED that CHRIST-HATING RELIGION back when Christianity became the only official religion of the Roman Empire under Emperor Theodosius way back in 391!
Dozens of huge wars and world wars would never have happened!
Millions of children would not have been molested and killed!
BBC Building in London
Millions of farmers, workers and craftsmen would not have been bankrupted by usury!
Real photo from the Great Depression; actually, my own ancestor Thomas Angell in England was given away as a child by his starving parents due to family poverty in 1630
This Elizabeth Yore is such a fine, idealistic, earnest, authentic person — but the taboo against Naming the Synagoguers of Satan as what they are — John 8:44 — is hobbling her life’s mission of saving the children!

…….There must be a new Aryan faith with Jesus and without the Jews

This is my mission, to create the religion VIRTUS — the manly virtues! The facts are in, but the male action is lacking!

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