For the elite — a $50 newsletter I get that predicted the current weather weirdness and exposes other truths

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…..My problem with Yahweh 🙂

I will be the guest Monday 9-11 CST on “The Free American Hour” (Internet radio — to discuss my new blog on “Yukon Jack” and his (and my)  caustic view of the Hebrew tribal god Yahweh!


author Oxford PhD Joseph Farrell


I am  as opposed to atheism as Yukon Jack is to “Yahweh” and will explain and talk about my coming religion!


…..An amazing newsletter

Lat year I began subscribing for $50 a year to a print newsletter from California by an Ivy League grad and whistleblower that goes out by mail to the elite.

It is from the owner of this website, Sofia Smallstorm:


Her newsletter is very well written and even captivating in style, intelligent but not heavy.

And I will never forget how her newsletter…

(she has also done superb videos on 9-11, chemtrails and Sandy Hook; see below…. and, btw, some back issues of her $50 per annum newsletter are located HERE:

….debunked global warming, and said

the regime itself is causing

–drastic drought and heat out west

and equally catastrophic

–cold and deluges of rain or snow back east.

Hey, Al Gore, Hey, Barack — how’s that global warming coming along? 😉




 Global warming? LMAO!


Hilarious video, riffing off the hit ’60s Monkees song “I’m a Believer”:

Well, this was OUR house in Michigan!  A snow plow clearing the LAWN!!!


Mount Snowpile! And eleven degrees (minus 11 Celsius), so this cuddly stuff ain’t melting! An hour of shoveling every day or you cannot leave the house! It won’t melt away at 20 degrees (6 degrees at night) — and it keeps coming!



This Kubota has a spirally tiller that grinds up the compacted snow and ice that the snowplows push up alongside the highways….


The snow IS beautiful to behold on the back lawn…. but if this is November, what will January be like?


 Woolly mammoths in the backyard?


On the other hand, as the newsletter predicted, in California and the Southwest, it is the very opposite.

I just got a report on Facebook from a Russian who lives in Morgan Hills, California, and this confirms everything that this newsletter said about the severity of the drought and heat out west (actually, from Texas to California). She has lived in California for over 20 years. After telling me (another subject altogether) about a creepy, unsavory, drunken Guatemalan who acted threateningly toward her on her own property (and even her dog ran away — shame on him! Give that mutt to the kennel!), she wrote me:


John, I live in one of the top 10 worst drought-stricken towns in the U.S. Four years ago our house almost got flooded by the creek — and now there’s no water at all.

Slowly, slowly there’s been less rain every year, and very odd weather.

I talked to a meteorologist. He said there was

some weird thing hovering over California.

Our well was very close to drying out this year, and a lot of my neighbors have dried out. I see large water trucks transporting water to people here.


California farmer’s sign….Duhhh! But maybe people need to be reminded of this? FOOD comes from WATER!


Lake Mead drops to a 40-year low.
Drought Drops Lake Mead Water Level To 40 Year Lows

This poor cow perished of thirst — does anybody care?


This is a four-year trend, not just for one season!


Our esteemed WN colleague Ray Goodwin of Texas told me on a radio show I co-hosted in August that in his native Texas, the drought there is also extremely serious!


But as this newsletter pointed out to me six months ago, it is the U.S. government that is DELIBERATELY DOING this, causing both the severe drought out west and the excessive wetness and cold back east, and Sofia explained HOW they are doing it!

At night (and I do not pretend to fully understand the science here of climate manipulation, but the newsletter explained it), power plants are releasing volcano-sized clouds of steam into the atmosphere!

This is then combined with HAARP and chemtrails to change the weather patterns so as to ruin more and more of the U.S.! (The next blog contains my theory as a WN, not that of the newsletter, as to what they are aiming for.)

When I ran a pic of Shelocta, Pennsylvania, and its Keystone (coal) Power Station located there, where Margi and I constantly saw such night-time OCEANS OF STEAM wafting nightly skyward, LOL, the next day somebody from tiny Shelocta was visiting my website. 😉


Shelocta — normal production

 Keystone Generating Station, Route 156 Shelocta

But what we see now is insane, billowing columns of steam pouring all night into the sky!


One purpose, suggests Smallstorm, could be to force farms out of business via the drought — and then let agribusiness buy up and take over all California food production, which then will use GMO Monsanto drought-tolerant seeds!   The NWO wants to own all food production!

Here is a sample of her newsletter:

Sofia Smallstorm (humorous photo)


Her excellent podcast on the Dortch family police horror in California…. Cops claim the teenage son vandalized a building, storm the house with a SWAT team, arrest the optometrist dad, hold him in the backyard handcuffed, sit down and eat lunch at his table for hours or rifle through his wife’s panty drawer, pile charges on top of charges… a nightmare that could happen to You!  (Other podcasts:


To subscribe for $50 a year:

Other brilliant Smallstorm work:

–on chemtrails — NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS INFORMATION!!! What chemtrails really contain you will not believe!

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology 

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Living in the Manhattan Project


-Sandy Hook fake massacre (where Sofia has single-handedly turned the tide — yes, HER video, found below! — on this huge issue, debunking the fraud, and so Sofia helped stop further US gun control!)


(From the beginning of my blog of Nov. 2013 )

….After seeing this video, call it the fake massacre

at Sandy Hooknose

(Jewtown, Connecticut!)

The Star of David flag with 26 stars (“for each murdered child”) is seen flying at the Sandy Hook firehouse in December 2012. Go to the time of 57:00 to see it in the video below on Sandy Hook by the brilliant researcher Sofia Smallstorm of California:


Sandy Hook is so Jewish a neighborhood it might as well be called ‘Sandy Hooknose‘ and Newtown, Connecticut (the larger town around it) is so Jewish it should be called ‘Jewtown.’

Sandy Hooker Gene Rosen, all grieving... Give this man an Oscar.

Gene Rosen

Sandy Hook “parent” Robbie Parker with classic Ashkenazi features

Connecticut School Shooting-Parent

Smiling just hours after his daughter was supposedly killed, he goes on CNN and then tears and chokes up 


Fake tears on dry cheeks of Neil Heslin, Jew, with a 1980s pic of his still-not-dead daughter who was NOT shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012…. See a man lie under oath to the US Senate Judiciary Committee on February 23, 2013.


And now the fantastic video presentation by Sofia Smallstorm, a Brown University, Ivy League graduate (who has done outstanding work on 9/11 and on chemtrails) 

321,414 views so far!


(The jazzy version!)

I recommend you get her newsletter because she is one of the finest minds in the whole NWO-battling cause, and IMO she may have a huge effect on the Sandy Hook debate. After HER video, only four states passed new anti-gun legislation after Sandy Hook, out of 50! Obama FAILED!

As for me, my next blog….contains MY additional theory as to WHY the jew-feds are doing this weather manipulation. WHY are they on the one hand baking and drying out the Southwest and freezing and soaking the East? Hint: MEXICANS ON THE MOVE!

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