East Indian in Vancouver, Canada on Red Ice praises dying-out Whites, wants them to awake up!

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……Red Ice radio interviews non-white East Indian who loves white people


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Frank Raymond – An Outsider’s Insight into the White Mind & Caucasian Culture – Hour 1

March 16, 2016  (First of two hours; become a Red Ice member – as I am — to hear hour two!)

Frank Raymond was born in the Indian subcontinent and spent his early life in Calcutta, Darjeeling, and Dhaka in Bangladesh. He went to college and university in England, and later returned to Bangladesh, where he spent many years running an industrial business and immersing himself in the mind and culture of the people of India. For the past 20+ years Raymond has resided in Vancouver, BC, and due to witnessing the slow destruction of the once-proud Canada, he was inspired to write his first book, “Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells.”

Frank is with us to provide some interesting and unique outsider’s insight into the workings of the White mind and culture. He stands for the principle that every race is irreplaceable and valuable, and he opposes the Cultural Marxist and ‘liberal’ tenet that the white race alone is non-existent and/or evil, worthless and dispensable. Frank describes his motivation for writing the novel, giving various examples of the ‘unique groove’ of the White mind that he sees is taken for granted and at great danger of being lost as the demographics of European lands are being dramatically reshaped through mass immigration. He defines the enemy within the gates as ‘sneak rulers’ who are engineering, through mind control, the genocide of the White race in order to usher in a globalized, identity-less mongrel race. Frank also details some of the stark cultural contrasts of India and the West, underscoring the fact that the Indian people would never allow one inch of their land to be colonized by alien invaders. We discuss evidence that White people are among the best stewards of the earth, and indications that as their numbers diminish, so too shall the safety and social order of the world. Then, Frank speaks to the sense of romance, mystery, and connection to the unknown that is a distinct part of the European folk spirit, and he tells several stories about his encounters with White people that illustrate a dwindling awareness of mythic imagination and ancestral heritage.

In the members’ segment, we dig deeper into the destructive force of White genocide and the innumerable exceptional traits that will be lost in the displacement of Western civilization and enforcement of multiculturalism. Frank gives more examples of the distinct behaviors of Caucasians and what makes the White mind different from all others. He talks about the sense of humor and the transcendent child mind, along with little idiosyncratic traits like voice pitch and laughter that have been developed over millennia. We also discuss treasured pastimes that are unique to Europeans, such as classical music, bird watching, dog shows and costume parties. Further, Frank describes Whites’ distinct respect and valuation of children, play and storytelling. We end by considering the vast diversity in physical characteristics that exist amongst the wide array of European tribes.

…..My notes on the Red Ice interview

Frank Raymond, an East Indian, on how the world benefits from the white race and its unigue qualities

opening statement at 22:00

speaks of “genociders,” “sneak rulers” and “the Scorpions”

Whites are the „best stewards of the earth“ (26:53)

28-29:00 Chinese immigrants fear the future if whites die out in white countries; they wan tot keep a white majority; they see the white genius for order, and fear how life will be when colored rule 

Chinese president with Angela Merkel of Germany

chinese-premier-li-angela-merkel-looks at-him

paperboats in the water: other children will find my boat and read my message

message in a bottle

reverence for the unknown, mystery, spirit of play, connecting to strangers

„colored people“ is the term Raymond uses for all non-whites

tv and movies have proven stronger than actual experiences – „I am being entertained“ –our mind tells us — so Whites  relax and the mental barriers to anti-white brainwashing messages go down

reverse letters– anagrams

irony in humor

Whites have an advanced child mind – love of fantasy and play

Whites sometimes use a lilt in the voice – non-whites a monotone


true diversity is found among whites (in same family): freckles, many eyes and hair colors — colored peoples are brown skin, dull-brown eyes, and black hair…


spiritual and mythical hunger in whites

chapters four and five – horrifying secret knowledge – WHITES MUST KNOW THESE THINGS THAT WILL HAPPEN ONCE THEY ARE A MINORITY




……Amazon on the book






In this opening volume of the series When Giants Break the Spell, Old Bill ruminates about the funeral of a police dog, and slides into a sweet dream of the European forest and the soul of the white peoples. Philip McAllister likes spoonerisms, puns and jokes. And Shahedul Islam laments that when white people are gone, he will no longer see Frankenstein movies, or people walking to a fancy dress party in costumes of fantasy. They have a stance: All races and ethnicities are valuable. And they form a question: Why is it that in the eyes of ‘liberals,’ the media and the social regime, the white race is worthless, dispensable, soon to go gently into that good night in “the new demographic”? Innocent thoughts?

The ruthless operatives of the Scorpion, the ‘dirty tricks’ outfit of the Sneak Rulers and Mind Masters, do not think so. And neither does Task Force Cobra, hurriedly formed by the Government of Canada. Because behind these characters there loom shadowy figures. Richard Hall has struck at the very heart of the powers that be, and is determined to do better this time around. Professor Ames Wesley has dared to make The Speech. Khaled, the Dubai millionaire, is financing Richard. Have white nationalists teamed up with Middle Eastern terrorists? Perhaps they will. All of them hate the New World Order.

Shane Douglas loves the children of his people, and wants to see more generations of them. That makes him a dangerous radical in the eyes of the Sneak Rulers, and a hateful ‘white supremacist’ in the mind of his liberal ex-wife. Captured by the Scorpion and tortured, he seeks escape in a mental journey, and undertakes the first-ever exploration of the mythic in the mind of man.

A secret mini-war begins on both sides of the US-Canada border. It is a battle of the mind against the Mind Masters and Sneak Rulers, and a battle of wits and bodies against their spies, informants, killers and torturers.

Some see it as a war for the existence of their people. Others simply want an end to the New World Order, its warmongering, its globalization and its destruction of their nation-state — the destruction of their way of life. All of them are common folks.

Will the Sneak Rulers extinguish this spark of resistance, or can a few ordinary folks strike a blow to break the spell and wake the sleeping giant?


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Unusual to find this quality of writing in this modern era. The author uses words to create really authentic settings and atmospheres. Good story, convincing characters, and a lot of tension. It gave me a lot to think about, in this time of turmoil. He reveals what is so wrong with our world, and who is behind it. It really is a political thriller, and so much more. Loved the dream of Old Bill.

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Verified Purchase

This the second time I am reading this book, and it’s better this time around. Great story, insightful social analysis, pretty appealing personalities. I just love the writing style. It paints the characters and setting so beautifully. Everyone should read this book and pass it around!

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This is a strange and pleasant combination. I got dreamy, mystic thoughts and was taken to the feelings of people in the forests of the past, the forests of the mind. At the same time, the book deals with modern politics, and the truly horrendous slide of humanity into the nightmare of pollution, overpopulation, end of life on the planet, and the present gradual death of all the white peoples. It attacks the politically correct “social regime” like no one else. I think readers should take their time with this book, and consider all the new thoughts that it brings up. As a person from the Middle East, living in deserts, I was fascinated by the walk of Old Bill into the forests and islands, from Germania to England to Gabriola Island in Canada

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