Dr James Fetzer: 10 signs the Charleston shooting is a fraud

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South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs this was another “false flag”

byJim Fetzer 

A 20-year Marine intelligence officer and former CIA-clandestine services case officer, Robert David Steele, has reported that every terrorist event in the US (9/11 and since) has been brought to us by our own government. Those “false flag” events have included Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, which has been established by mountains of proof.

The key players appear to be especially the FBI and the DHS. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, both appear to be staged events.  And there is mounting evidence that the latest shooting in a church in Charleston, SC, fits a pattern that provides substantiation that this was another “false flag” as follows:

(Exhibit 1)An “active shooter drill” was taking place in Charleston, SC, at the time of the alleged shooting:

(Exhibit 2)The shooter,  though purportely unemployed, was wearing a $1,000 bullet-proof vest: 

(Exhibit 3)The photo of him wearing white supremacist patches on his jacket was photoshopped:

(Exhibit 4) Shouldn’t church members have been suspicious of someone who looked like a recent graduate of the MK/ULTRA academy?

(Exhibit 5)A “manifesto”, which discloses that he is an extreme racist, was not even the work of the shooter:

(Exhibit 6):Barack Obama immediately moves to use this event to promote his anti-gun agenda:

(Exhibit 7)Other politicians who support the New World Order are likewise exploiting this event for political purposes:

(Exhibit 8) Obama moves to enlist the assistance of Hollywood to promote his unConstitutional gun control agenda:

(Exhibit 9) Pay off the families of “the victims” byfast-tracking (in this case, $29,000,000) in taxpayer-financed hush money:

(Exhibit 10) More and more,the alternative news is perceiving the reality beneath the “(gun) smoke and mirrors”:

Among the most telling signs that this was another “false flag” is the timing, when JADE HELM has been receiving more and more attention and concern from the public and when the TPP is being “fast tracked” through the Congress, even though it would create a corporate-managed world authority that can transcend the laws of any nation, including our own, and require restitution to corporations for profits they might lose by complying with environmental safeguards and controls.

That an “active shooter drill” was taking place, that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and that images of him sporting racist badges were photoshopped are all powerful proof that this was a staged event. And the rapidity with which Obama and Hillary have moved to exploit the situation to promote their political agendas affords further confirmation. Obama observes that these kinds of shootings do not occur in other nations (blaming their occurrence on lax gun control laws) but, as Art Olivier observes, they don’t have our CIA, FBI and DHS to arrange these “false flag” terror attacks.

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