“Downfall” movie was Jewish garbage; Leon Degrelle on Hitler

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….”Downfall” the usual half-lies

A comrade wrote me:
I watched Downfall on the 14th. Overall it was a good movie, although you can pretty much tell when the propaganda creeps in, even without knowing all the details, like when Eva tells Traudl that she kicks Blondi and hates the dog.  My reaction was “NO WAY!”   If my assumption is wrong, please let me know.
I was very surprised at the way they portrayed Himmler.   I would have expected the actor to make him out to be a raving lunatic, and instead he played him as cool, sophisticated, and intelligent.
UNSPECIFIED - OCTOBER 13: The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler Visiting His Headquarters And Congratulating Heinrich Himmler (Right), Head Of The Ss And The Gestapo, For His 43Rd Birthday, On October 13, 1943. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)
And of course, they had to put some boobies in the film.  I know from what Thomas Goodrich uncovered, that kind of thing did happen, but there really was no need to put it in the movie.  It didn’t add anything for anyone who was not aware of what was happening during the last days of the Reich, and for those of us that do know, it wasn’t necessary.
Plus, the open drunkenness, smoking and gambling right in the bunker, and somehow everyone knows except Adolf?   Seems like a stretch.
Anyway, as a movie it was good, but as an historical portrayal, it seems like it’s the best we can expect for this day and age.
Maybe someday.
Also thought it was funny that they didn’t have [Hitler portrayer] Bruno Ganz wear blue contact lenses.  And I know Adolf was 5’6″, but they made him seem like he was 4’8″.


I replied: 

“Downfall” was so inaccurate that Margi walked right out.

1) Hitler was 5’10″/178 cm (my height), not 5’6″ and was relatively tall for his generation.  He was the same height as Goering, who was 5#10″: 





2) He never shouted and screamed, even at the end, as his bodyguard and telephonist Rochus Misch testified. 




Misch was disgusted with every Hollywood movie about life in the Bunker.

Misch helped with many films, but despised the film “Downfall” especially because it portrayed Hitler as a short-tempered person, even as a raving maniac with a high-pitched voice who supposedly screamed at and bullied subordinates.


The Last Witness: I was Hitler’s telephone operator, messenger and bodyguard 





Among other errors, AH actually had a deep baritone in conversation (as do I). Here is a very rare recording of Hitler conversing with Finnish marshal Mannerheim about the huge level of Soviet tank production:


Also, the Bunker (German-quality if ever there was any ;-)) never shook from artillery shells. It was a deep bunker, 200 feet down, and protected by a 12-foot-thick concrete and steel roof and eight-foot-thick side walls. It was as quiet as an art museum. 

In a 2005 Salon.com interview Rochus Misch said (http://www.salon.com/2005/02/21/nazi_3/)

[Interviewer] I’d like to talk a little bit about the new movie portrayal of those last days in the bunker. Have you seen “Downfall”?

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen it. [Laughs heartily.] Dramatic operetta. It’s all Americanized. All that yelling and screaming; it wasn’t like that down there in the bunker. The reality —  it was a death bunker. Everyone whispered down there. A crazy screaming scene never happened.

Hitler never yelled?

Well, at least when the generals were down there, discussing military things, they were very quiet. It’s a film, with all the freedoms of a film. It’s no documentary.


Are there factual discrepancies, so far as you know?

No, no, just everything exaggerated.


Do you have any particular impressions of Hitler that have stayed with you?


Hitler, to me, was always a completely normal person. He spoke completely normally to me. I lived together with him for five years. I only knew him as a wonderfully good boss, right? I could talk with him. He was always satisfied with us.



Once again the problem is his voice was NOT high and pinched, but deep, calm and throaty.  And his voice never sounded like Donald Duck!

The same is true of John Kennedy, btw, a definite baritone in the speaking voice, though the Oval Office mike was tinny and makes it sound higher.



No, he was never authoritarian. And we were with him day and night; we knew him. He was never without us, day and night. If he wanted something in the night, if his servant was asleep, he called one of us. If he wanted to be awoken an hour later, or to call Eva, anything. We just had a wonderful boss. We couldn’t have wished for better. 

When I was married he had a case of champagne delivered to my house, this one we’re sitting in [gestures to the surrounding rooms].


3) Hitler was not a petulant little twerp; how on earth would an intelligent, proud country like Germany have ever elected, and for twelve years followed this fake, hysterical and histrionic Hitler jerk depicted in “Downfall”? 

The entire goal of the Jews is to debunk any Aryan hero. Thus they are also removing the name of “slaveowner George Washington” from our public schools! 

In the end, only gay Jews like Hillary, and the gentile freak “Caitlin” Jenner, can be our heroes. *;) winking

…..Léon Degrelle on Hitler

Léon Degrelle was a successful Belgian-French fascist author and politician who in 1940, when Germany occupied Belgium, joined the Wehrmacht in August 1941 to fight on the eastern front against the Soviets and later switched with his brigade in June 1943 to the Waffen-SS,  rising from corporal to general! In Spanish exile after WWII he wrote outstanding and bestselling books about his experiences in Belgium, with Hitler, and at the front – and about European history.



Degrelle, left, ended up the most decorated of the 400,000 foreign volunteers in the Waffen-SS. They were guaranteed in writing to only be used on the eastern front. 





Knight’s Cross with oak leaves



 Margi and I translated for the Barnes Review magazine his entire memoirs, called in French defiantly “Hitler pour mille ans”.



Degrelle MRL ch1 TBR 2005-no5-4-9

I gave them instead the English title: “My revolutionary life.”

http://barnesreview.org/product/my-revolutionary-life/ $27


Here is what Degrelle said about Hitler as a person, and it is totally consistent  with what Misch wrote, and the secretaries, and the driver Krause:

In chapter ten, “Hitler the ladies’ man” (from pages 132-33 of the book):

The glow of his eyes did not especially impress me.  They did not, as some claim, bore into the depths of my soul. Their flame as not unbearably intense.

His eyes were a dark blue (as are mine), a uniquely German eye color


Blue, alert, they were simply nice-looking; their gaze powerful.


But they did not seek to intimidate or even to seduce, much less to ingratiate. You could look him right in the face, intently, without feeling that he was invading your soul, or that you were disturbing him in the least.

Likewise for the famous “emanations.”

Some old fools like Princess Helen of Romania have written that when Hitler shook your hand his fingers “sent an electric charge through you.”

Hitler’s hands did not squeeze very hard, and his handshake was soft. As a matter of fact, especially with close friends, Hitler did not shake hands at all, but pressed your hand between his two hands. I never felt myself pierced to the core by his touch. I never leapt into the air as from a jolt of electricity.

Hitler was very simple, very well-groomed. His ears did always astonish me- they shone like pink shells.




He did not pretend to be a playboy, believe me. His clothes were always carefully pressed; it is hard to say much more about them.  His military dress was always the same, without any embellishment whatsoever. His shoe size was 43 [American size 10, mine — JdN].

One night when I came to see him [from the eastern front], dressed in Russian felt boots, he went to his closet, got out for me a pair of proper boots, and put a bit of newspaper in the toe so I would not swim around in them, since I wore a slightly smaller size 42. This details shows you how unpretentious the man was.

From chapter 11, “Hitler the man” (pages 144-146)

(Degrelle goes first into how focused Hitler was, how he would cut to the essentials quickly, discussed his phenomenal memory for details, and then his will power and inventiveness.)

He is depicted as a crazy savage, rolling around in fury on the floor, ferociously sinking his teeth into the carpets. [JdN: This carpet-chewing detail is from the half-Jewish liar, Konrad Heiden (photo), who is now totally discredited even for the Establishment, and so is the Herman Rauschning slander. Rauschning’s Conversations with Hitler of 1939 are now dismissed as lies even by Jewish historians. It turned out, in fact, that neither man spent any serious time at all with the Führer, and thus no long “conversations.”] 


Personally, I cannot visualize this mandibular exploit with Hitler. I spent many days and nights near Hitler. Never did I witness these “tantrums”, so frequently claimed.

[…] That Hitler might sometimes get angry is not inconceivable. I tis al the more understandable given the plethora of sources of irritation: imbecilic generals who did not understand anything, who retreated when ordered forward, who did not obey orders or who sabotaged them, collaborators with the enemy who lied,  vital war production schedules that were not met, setbacks that fell upon the Reich from all sides, and lethal traitors in his entourage.

But even then, Hitler, remarkably, was generally capable of remaining perfectly calm.

I remember an entirely typical case. One afternoon in the fall of 1944, I was visiting Hitler, having arrived with Heinrich Himmler in his long green car.

We were having tea when, all at once, astounding news fell like a thunderclap in our midst.

British airborne divisions had successfully parachuted into Holland behind the Germans, in Arnheim, close to Nijmegen. [JdN: This was British Field Marshall Montgomery’s disastrous “Operation Market Garden,” the subject of a 1977 Hollywood movie with an all-star cast called “A Bridge Too Far.” http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1rks41_a-bridge-too-far-1977-full-movie_shortfilms The Brits fell right onto a resting German SS panzer division.]

This meant that Hitler’s whole system of defense in the west was in trouble, and the access to the Ruhr [JdN: a huge manufacturing and war-production area] was threatened in an immediate and direct fashion.

Since then it has been claimed that a Dutch traitor within the Resistance had informed the Germans of this British plan in advance. That would have made the annihilation of these British divisions possible within a few days. It is a lie, one more lie, like so many others since 1945.

I can say this since I was there when the news was announced to Hitler and Himmler. It stunned them.

But I also saw what came afterward.

Hitler recovering in two minutes. convening his staff, analyzing the situation for two hours while going over the facts in his head — then, in the general silence, dictating his orders slowly and without raising his voice.

It was impeccable and magnificent.

He finished and asked for hot tea to be served.

And until midnight, having shut his mental drawer of war matters, he spoke to me about laissez-faire capitalism.  I assure you that he did not eat any mouthfuls of the carpet. He even joked a little; then he left quietly, slightly stooped, to go for a walk under the pines with his dog Blondi.



Not only were these stories of Hitler’ violent rages a myth, but he was, in fact, a sensitive man, given to considerate actions.  I saw him prepare sandwiches for one of his associates who was about to leave on a combat mission. One night in camp when I was talking with Field Marshal [Wilhelm] Keitel…..


[Hitler] appeared suddenly, the teetotaler, bringing us a bottle of champagne to enliven our conversation. Contrary to what everyone says, he was in fact a moderate person.

…….Contact and support


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

This has been the two worst months ever for donations. Everyone imagines Trump will save us. Yes, until the Jews assassinate him. Then we get Hillary.


I remember well when Ronald Reagan became president and lazy, deluded misers told themselves Reagan was “secretly one of us.” Support for WNism had boomed under Jimmy Carter, but collapsed under Reagan. I know that circulation of The Spotlight newspaper plummeted during the Reagan years.

(Why? Young souls want someone else to change the world for them, and delude themselves that the Republicans are secretly with us.)

Then Reagan turned out be the most pro-Jew president EVER:

–illegal-alien amnesty and Mexicans poured in

–Martin Luther King holiday

–tax cuts for billionaire jews

–violent crime explosion

–crack cocaine epidemic

–total support for Israel

–sanctions on white South Africa

–collapse of steel, car and textile industries, which went overseas (Pittsburgh lost 100,000 high-wage steel jobs in 1983)

–abandoned for good the Vietnam POW/MIAs (which caused my friend Marian Shelton to commit suicide — )


I remember well Marian Shelton, the “dean” of Vietnam War POW wives (http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/charlese.htm), out in San Diego, telling me that a green light would be flashed at night (doubtless from some government car parked outside) onto the ceiling of her bedroom (she was then staying with another patriot), and she said to me:

“They are trying to drive me crazy and make me commit suicide to silence my voice.”

marian-shelton-vietnam-pow-wifeWell, to my horror, she finally did just that. (She had done a trust for Liberty Lobby, btw, but her family talked her out of it. That is how I knew her, from helping patriots for over five years to leave money to Liberty Lobby 1987-93. (All that travel also helped cost me my first marriage. My Austrian first wife is now married to the next-door neighbor 😉 )

In memoriam the heroic American and loyal wife, Marian Shelton, who shot herself in her San Diego garden on October 4, 1990, jusat days after her 38th wedding anniversary. (http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-1151839.html) She is now buried at Arlington Cemetery, in her betrayed husband’s empty grave. She had never stopped loving the husky, handsome high school boy she fell in love with in Kentucky, and with whom she had many fine white children…Colonel Charles Shelton was shot down in 1965 over Vietnam as an Air Force pilot, and then utterly abandoned and forgotten by “Uncle Sam.” http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/s/s134.htm


I swear righteous vengeance, on the altar of God, for her death.

But hey, ol’ Reagan sure waved that American flag. 😉

And supported our only true friend in the Middle East, Israel.


My dad was part of the herd too.


He also supported Nixon — who introduced racial forced busing, school integration and affirmative action (far more than Lyndon Johnson did), made the vile Jew Henry Kissinger his Secretary of State, and opened the economic door wide to Red China!

As for yesterday’s donations,

….it was so touching to get one from a Mr Shekelbergstein of Lebensraum Boulevard, proving there are some good jews after all!  *;) winking


…..Constant hacking of the website

My site was down all yesterday afternoon, and this despite me contacting my webhost, Orangewebsite.com in Iceland which is a free-speech webhost.  They said they bumped it up to a senior technician.
I noticed the Jews also deleted my long article on psychopaths.
And that was Day Two of a recurrent Mega-Hack… I was hacked for six weeks straight in April-May.
I wrote to a donor today (a fmr Marine Corps officer down south, btw, who, parenthetically once shot a Puerto Rican mugger dead):
Two days in a row now of a massive hack on my website, and the free-speech webhost, orangewebsite.com in Iceland, has not yet been able to fix it.
[13:21:03] P: Hello John! Your blogsite johndenugent.com is down -screen  message says not available
[13:46:10] John de Nugent: Thanks, P. I know — the Holappa-Manchurian Candidate articles did it, IMO, and also my huge essay on psychopaths was deleted.
[13:47:32] P: “They” go after you and your work with a particularly intense venom.
[13:48:30] P: while amazingly leaving others alone
[13:49:38] P: Obongo, Zuckerberg, et alia
[13:50:49] P: When the flak is really intense, John, you know for certain that you are over the target
[13:51:05] John de Nugent: zackly 😉
[13:51:36] John de Nugent: They hacked me briefly yesterday but the new article on Holappa seemingly put them over the edge 😉







There is no one more targeted than I in the entire WN scene worldwide. You saw it with the Holappa affair, the two days of hacking just now, and most of all, the White House threat of November 21, 2015.

UPDATE Why White House hates and threatened me and friends; Amanda Blackburn, RIP; Miley Cyrus goes all-Satan; reports Obama flying in Syrians at night








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This is the number the White House called.

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Need secrecy? Then start a Hushmail.com

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Because the Jews want to raise our hopes with Trump, then shatter them by killing him, and then we have no movement at all because John de Nugent is so broke he can do nothing.

Obama cancels the election and rules by martial law, ending both the First and Second Amendments.

Will he use one or several MK-ULTRAs?

Will a “WN” go into a kindergarten and (Dylann Storm Roof-style) mow down ten little black and brown kids? Then blacks paid by Soros to riot and rampage go into a white neighborhood and do the same so the rednecks get out their shotguns?

Or will “ISIS” ( = Israel https://www.johndenugent.com/english/news/mossad-isis-who-is-isis-founder-al-baghdadi-russians-isis-oil-trucks-cross-turkish-border-without-even-stopping-who-is-really-barack-obama/) literally blow up Trump and the whole Republican convention in Cleveland in July?


After all, Obama himself is IMO an MK-ULTRA.

In the end, you will be being held in a football stadium being re-used as a FEMA holding camp. Then you won’t have to read me asking for donations any more. 😉

Free room, board and a guillotine where you are going. And you think I am joking. 😉 that this is a scare tactic. Well, you should be scared. And you should be noticing whom the Jews are scared by.

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