To a donor and Southerner of German heritage

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Recently, a generous donor from the Carolinas made a donation, after having heard my show on Red Ice radio on the Solutreans.
I wrote him [edited]:
Dear Mr. G:
Thank you very much for your generous donation!!!
I am glad you liked my appearance on Red Ice radio to discuss the Solutreans and other somewhat avant-garde topics. I wonder if you have seen my praised major photo essay on the Ice-Age Solutreans? It is found here on my website, which your donation and sacrifice have now helped to keep up:
Did you ever see my appearance on the Discovery Channel re Solutreans? The bisexual Jewish host Ollie Steeds spent four hours trying to beat me at debate. But after I pretty much mopped the floor up with him, they cut the lengthy and, I thought, rather interesting back-and-forth right back down to 2.5 minutes! *;) winking

This other essay goes into my other ground-breaking views, because I believe our race must have leaders who think (and can communicate) ideas that are way, way outside the box.
ufos-and-nukes-robert-hastings .
Nobility in ancient Egypt: left, Yuya, Egyptian nobleman from 1400 BC, father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Yuya’s blond hair and Nordic facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process; Alongside, his equally blond haired wife, Thuya, great grandmother of Tutankhamen. Yuya was the father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III; His wife, Thuya, was the great grandmother of Tutankhamen.
The Blue-Eyed Scribe Sakkara 2620-2350 BC (4th Dynasty of Egypt)
But as you know, the Confederacy, for all its valor, is dead, Henry Ford (my great-grandfather was a Ford dealer, and met the Great Man) gave it his best shot with his book and newspaper, his vast wealth, fame and honored status, but he too failed and is long dead — and the Ford Foundation has misused his car-making fortune to promote the 180-degree opposite of his views!  (In fact, Ford trucks built in Soviet Russia were used against us by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War!)
Charles Lindbergh is also dead, as are George Wallace, and William Pierce, Rockwell, and many others who sacrificed so much for our race. In the end, what they all were engaged in was, in effect, a “fighting retreat,” like the Germans after Stalingrad, slowing the enemy advance, yes, with great skill, and costing him casualties, but not stopping the foe’s acquisition of more and more of our racial territory–  amidst incredible suffering by our race and a program of mass physical atrocities and now 70 years of mental atrocities (the guilt trip, shame and self-hatred put upon the white man).
Fundamentally, there is something that Hitler had to realize (as did George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, and I discuss it in my essay on how 90% of the American people did NOT support the American Revolution — they just wanted to reap the benefits of the sacrifices made by others:
Washington and other Founding Fathers were shocked and infuriated (and vented it in private letters to each other) by how many Americans rejected any idea of helping those fighting for seven long years for their freedom
No argument based on truth, facts and urgency has ever had any impact whatsoever on the white masses. The masses are fundamentally cowards, selfish, and animated by wilful ignorance, since embracing the truth would summon them to undertake dangerous actions.  They may be good in other ways, and our race is — but only one in ten by nature is a hero who will stand up alone if need be: to face ridicule, prison, death, poverty, and the painful ostracism of coworkers, friends and relatives.
And those are the very same valiant idealists who volunteer for the wars — and get slaughtered first, dying often childless! (I often wonder, having lived in GA, LA, TN and VA 1977-93 and 2005-08, how the South would be today genetically, had it not lost 250,00 of its finest stock in the fratricidal war of 1861-65.)
By the way, speaking of the South, I spent a lovely summer in 1977 at a resort island in your state of South Carolina — called Parris Island. *;) winking

So it is time for heroic realism, truly new leadership, and a radically different approach. Hence the Eternal Solutreans! In German they have a word, Volkwerdung, “folk-becoming,” which means a mass of disparate individuals who come together and form a new nation with common purpose, identity, and the bonds of both blood and of love for each other and our children.
I call my coming movement the “Eternal Solutreans” because those people — our exemplars — were innovative, intelligent and even highly artistic. (Even the first cave-painting was Solutrean: have you see this amazing website with a guided tour of the famous cave of Lascaux? Yet they were also fierce, resolute, and brutal survivors who tolerated no slackers or parasites!
 In my view, only a remnant of Whites will survive ( and only a minority of them deserve to survive) the coming times, and they must recall via the teachings of a leader what a tough race we were in the last Ice Age! They must hear in their blood the call of our ancestors!
We have in fact, as the Ice Age proved, the right genes to both survive and thrive; now we need the vision and leader to do it again!
And that is my goal in the sacred book I am now writing. (I am now, to support myself, also recording audio books with my trained voice, such as this one:
Now “GXXXXX,” that is a good German name! I wonder if you have seen my articles for The Barnes Review  on the great achievements of people of German heritage?

Of German Blood
Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 (.pdf)

Insane WWII Battle of Huertgen Forest


Let me thank you once again, Mr. G, for your very wonderful donation at a time of great and urgent need.
Ultimately, we need a breakthrough, and this will come from 1) the right leader, 2) message and 3) platform (as in websites, blogs, videos  and books, meetings and tangible organizations approaching the public, which is my forte).
By helping me and my collaborators, you are giving to dedicated men. (I have been in the Cause since 1978 and have worked for it full-time since 2005.) We  are idealists and professionals who have sacrificed almost every personal happiness and comfort, and  we ask only the vital, real-world financing we need to take us finally to the next level.
We all know it is us or them — either we become a new people, lose the doom-and-glood mindset, and survive, or the Jews will pursue to its final conclusion their pitiless program announced two thousand years ago in the Talmud of of first our psychological death and then our physical genocide.
Thank you again so much for your generous Yuletide gift, Mr. G!
John de Nugent
(with Margi)

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Girl hikers at Lake of the Clouds
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Cologne Cathedral
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Chilbolton Radio Telescope, site also of an immense crop circle
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I urgently request that the funds be transferred to me if in the USA (only) by GreenDot MoneyPak.
(Every Mexican in America and every poor White person with no bank account knows how this works.)
Greendot�is found in every RiteAid, CVS, dollar store, Kmart, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Radioshack in America  60,000 locations across the USA since the year 2000..
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You then turn it over to the back, and scratch off the silver coating that covers over the PIN number, just like a lottery scratch ticket  and then simply call me with the number at . YOUR WORK IS DONE!
I then go online and add the PIN number and the amount to my debit card online  AND THEN I GET THE MONEY INSTANTLY on my GreenDot Debit Card!Here is the back of a MoneyPak.. Just scratch off the silver coating like a lottery ticket to reveal the number to send me.

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I need your financial help to WRITE MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?



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–December 26, 2014 $100 from C. in North Carolina


–December 23, 2014 100 Euros ( = $120) from M. in Germany


–December 23, 2014  30 Euros ( = $36) from F. in Germany


–December 23, 2014  $200 from M. in Oregon to John and Margi


–December 20, 2014, $50 in cash from anonymous from Switzerland



–December 19, 2014 $50 via Paypal from K. in Massachusetts

–December 15, check for $30 from D. in Canada

–December 13, 2014 $45 via Greendot MoneyPak

–December 10, 2014 100 euros and 100 dollars via Paypal from M. in Germany

–December 1, 2014 20 euros from F. in Germany

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