Do I “think” 9/11 was a false-flag attack? I KNOW.

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I received this query:

So you think 911 was a false flag, and then orchestrated by who? And what’s your evidence?

I replied:

“Think”? 🙂

I would say “know.”

As in many other false-flag attacks going way back to the USS Maine in Havana harbor.

Very short intro: .

Or check out Christopher Bollyn’s masterful book, available online.


Open-and-shut. Israel orchestrated it to make Americans hate and go over and kill their Arab enemies for them.

They used the willing tools (and IMO crypto-Jews) Bush and Cheney, with the key work done by sayanim and the ever-willing gentile traitors who are embedded in the CIA, FBI, and MI-6.

Prescott Bush, the patriarch and US senator from Connecticut, here with congressman Richard Nixon (l)

With President Eisenhower (note the Mediterranean skin color of this “WASP”)

Crooked, neanderthalic-semitic nose


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  1. Have to agree! Jews, sayanim and gentile traitors did 9-11!

    If my memory serves me right, did Christopher Bollyn work at the American Free Press and have a falling out with the people who ran it?

    Was it Willis Carto?

  2. Read FALSE FLAGS: Template for Terror by Michael Collins Piper
    It basically contains everything you need to know about false flags, from the mid-20th Century to our times. And the truth, the whole truth spells I-S-R-A-E-L.
    Bollyn’s books are not that good.

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