Discovery Channel 4-hr grilling; kudos; Aryan duct tape

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First, thank you all for your donations. I even got this wonderful message from Her Majesty Elizabeth II…. 😉 reproduced verbatim.

Mar 22 Décembre 2009, 6 h 59 min 50 s

As one British wag has pointed out, Ollie, the Queen is a charming little German lady from the House of Hanover & Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 😉

Congratulations The Queen Elizabeth Foundation has chosen you by the board of
trustees as one of the final recipients of a Cash Grant/Donation for your own
personal, educational, and business development. To celebrate the 30th
anniversary program, We are giving out a yearly donation of £500,000.00 (Five
Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds). to 15 lucky recipients, as charity
donations/aid from the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation,ECOWAS, EU,UNICEF and the
UNO in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament, which is part of our
promotion. To file for your claim you are to fill out below information and
send it to Mr.George White The Executive Secretary Via his Email: as charity  donations/aid
Claims Requirements:
1. Full Name:……………………………….
2. Address:…………………………………
3. Nationality:……………………………..
4. Age:………. Date of Birth:……………..
5. Occupation:……………………………….
6. Phone:…………….Fax:…………………
7. State of Origin:………..Country:……………
Your Qualification number is:(QEF61742UK)

The Executive Secretary
Mr.George White



===My comment:

Well, I would be glad to accept Her Majesty’s check although I am dismayed that she punctuates more and more like a Nigerian.

My English friend Paul sent me this beautiful photo of King Alfred, the great Anglo-Saxon king, who was obviously another Nigerian. (Actually, this is a stained-glass window — the photography of those days. ;-))

The Discovery Channel reporter here yesterday (see the following), the Brit Oliver Steeds, kept grilling me on the horrors of having or even liking blond hair and blue eyes, so this will be more bad news for him….that King Alfred was not the first multicultural and diverse Nigerio-Briton….


The Discovery Channel filming went, I wot, very, very well.

They came yesterday in a snowstorm in a long gray van — a six-man crew — to interview me about the ancient Solutreans. (They had just done a “shoot” at the very “Solutreanic” Meadowcroft Rock Shelter near Pittsburgh, with layers of artefacts that are pre-Indian) and about my views and plans for the Eternal Solutreans.

As for the content, I made it abundantly clear to them:

1) Asiatic “Indians” genocided the native Americans, the white Solutreans, in a pitiless race war after invading around 10,000 BC. And

2) there will be NO second mass genocide of whites in North America, because God willing, my organization, the ETERNAL Solutreans, is aborning.

(The DVD of the new Solutrean documentary by the Discovery Channel should be ready and available in around two months.)

Appropriately, we had weather conditions like Ice Age Solutré (above) -- nine days of snow.

It seems it went fairly well, for Margi gave me a huge hug afterward, and the film crew was as happy as I was. Why? Of course because the sparks flew! 😉 …and the fur flew! A good time was had by all.

A charming, good-looking but leftie British star reporter-investigator-explorer, Oliver Steeds, ( fresh from Yemen,  who has worked for London’s Channel 4 (a prestigious channel),  flew in from London to report on 1) the Solutrean-rich Meadowcroft Rock Shelter near Pittsburgh and 2) on myself, the horrid nazi blond beast.

Olly in Nazca Grave

He grilled and duelled with me for FOUR HOURS.

So take one hour with Alan Colmes —   — and imagine multiplying that by four….

The producer, Rick King, is part-Jewish with an English and “Episcopalian” face (Nordic outer eyefold and nice blue eyes) but a generous Jewish nose and a towering 5’5″ height l (actually, a charming fellow); we had an Egyptian cameraman named Hassam; a mestizo Hispanic sound man, Favio — and two white Americans (out of six), the driver, a tall, bearded German-American, and  the associate producer Mike Johnson — a very friendly, cooperative and professional crew.

Producer: Rick King
Associate Producer: Michael Johnson
Host: Oliver Steeds
Director of Photography: Hossam Aboul Magd
Production Assistant: Michael Pagenkopf
Sound Recordist: Favio Claure

By my memory of the four-hour battle, this is what happened, and the words are not exact but this is the gist of what transpired:

Ollie started off the War of Roses (he’s a Lancashireman and my folks are from Yorkshire) saying my blog was “inciting racial hatred.” I spoke of the harassment of dissidents on America.

Ollie replied, “Well, we’re ALLOWING YOU to speak freely!”

I was stunned. “ALLOWING me! You’re ALLOWING me to speak? It’s my God-given right, recognized by our Constitution. . .

[Oh, I felt like King George was sneering at me, an American, and I was in the boots of George Washington. ;-)]

I erupted, quite deliberately:

“Listen to this limey! 😉 [The film crew loved it ;-)]

“You can go right back to England! I’m in my own country –– this is America! [Reporter began sensing  faux pas]  Unlike modern England, where you can get seven years in prison for criticizing homosexuals!

“We have freedom of speech here, and we have guns to back it up!”

I then mischievously pulled out my 9-mm, shiny black and silver Russian Makaroff pistol, and the laser Walther — and this is why we have free speech. And  I told the crew right on camera I was also taking no chances with them — or with any six male strangers in my home — because the feds often use ruses to gain entry into homes of WNs (or IRS tax rebels such as the Browns in New Hampshire).

The Brit had a priceless nervous reaction when that black steel came out; I really hope they use the footage, because any rightwing white American male — here in Pennsylvania, a state full of armed citizens and hunters, or in any other such state in the heartland — will be, unlike Queen Victoria, really rather deliciously “amused.” 😉

Steeds was exerting his Svengali-like star power on me…until I found out he was a no-good Lancashireman, just like Henry VIIII; that same chop-your-head-off look 😉

I felt very sad for this Englishman — descendant of the brave Anglo-Saxons of King Alfred (and, he said, also part-Egyptian — I can see something in his genetic woodpile besides British, maybe Egyptian-Jewish? — that he viewed arms as something monstrous when in a society such as ours that is ruled by psychopaths (see my key article here: it is only arms — a necessary evil — that prevent them from doing their very worst toward their “subjects.” And that was the clear position of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and ALL the Founding Fathers.

The White Rose of Yorkshire, always sprinkled on Yorkshire pudding 😉

(Americans are “citizens,” but the British are legally referred to as “subjects” of the Crown.)

Oliver tried very gamely  — although he was clearly no expert at all on the Third Reich — to corner me as a “Nazi” and I stopped that each and every time. I would not even let him use the term “Nazi” itself, saying:

“Do you call communists every time ‘commies’? If not, then why do you call national socialists ‘nazis’? It’s just a hostile, unprofessional, Jewish hate-word! Hitler was a ‘national socialist.'”

I could see his frustration that his whole offensive, based on equating me with Hollywood’s Hitler with the scary violin music, was collapsing. He actually wanted to discuss the Ahnenerbe with me (an SS think tank researching the role of the Nordic branch of the Aryan race)  and claimed the ‘Nazis’ claimed that “only Nordics ever invented any civilization.”

I said:

“First of all, this is America! I’m not a German!  What do I care what someone wrote in the Ahnenerbe 70 years ago!”

And I went on to say that I disagreed strongly with Hitler about 1) the dictatorship (Fuehrer) principle, and 2) about the anti-slavic policy; further, that 3) Thomas Jefferson was my idol, my guiding light, and greatest hero for our times. At that point he totally dropped the Nazi questions.

Partly, as a Brit, he clearly was no expert on our American icon, Thomas Jefferson — a big red-haired Scottish-Welshman, raised in Virginia, who was the intellectual warrior against the enslavement by the Rothschildian “City of London” of our long-free “British North America” which my ancestors had settled in 1635….

Then Oliver started in on how the Egyptians were not blond — and yet they had a civilization……

Good God….. Whoever said they WERE blond?!?!? I never did! A few pharaohs were, but not most of them! They were Mediterraneans!

So I launched on a discussion of how we latter-day Cro-Magnons, we Whites, we Solutreans, are related to the Mediterraneans. We Whites are the depigmented genetic cousins, the mutations during the Ice Age, of the civilized Mediterranean race which gave us both the Minoan and Egyptian civilizations.

And since a black racist had called me online a “pink mutant,” I said, gesturing at the smiling Egyptian cameraman Hassam,

“So you see, you and I are the pink mutants of HIM!” (words to that effect…)

He was actually a good bloke, this Oliver, from Lancashire, next to my late grandfather’s Yorkshire, and it was all in good fun. But he was way over his head debating the Third Reich with me. He said “eugenics was about exterminating other races” — but I had just read Vincent Reynouard’s whole magazine issue of Sans Concession about eugenics and euthanasia, and first of all, the key eugenic ideas and laws in Germany were 1) all borrrowed from THE UNITED STATES IN THE TWENTIES, including the 1924 law that favored immigrants from northern Europe, and  2)  the only purpose of the eugenics program was to sterilize severely retarded couples, or to euthanize hopeless cases of inmates suffering from extremely miserable levels of mental illness.

Examples:  1) long-term psychiatric inmates who were (yukhh) eating their own feces [!] or chewing off their own fingers (ghastly); or 2) throwing themselves against a wall to bash their brains in!

And every such euthanasia was taken only after a formal, legal hearing involving testimony by German physicians who were courageously, mercifully, willing to end their terrible suffering.

At that point the part-Jewish producer, Rick King, said “let’s get back to the Solutreans and the spearheads.”

And so, thankfully, we did, discussing the Solutreans in North America, South America and in the Pacific Ocean and their genocide by the darker peoples!

(I threw in that Thor Heyerdahl reported repeatedly in his key book, misnamed American Indians in the Pacific, the existence of a white-skinned, redhaired people but with overtly Jewish noses in the same areas as the BLOND Solutreans…. This is fascinating because the Khazars (who converted in the 700s to Judaism) had a tall, white-skinned, red-haired aristocracy that ruled over short, swarthy subjects…. Our Solutrean comrade Nelson1805 has pointed out that the Scythians of 400 BC,  a people given to terrible atrocities, match the red-haired Khazars of AD 700 in many important ways…..)

I wonder now what parts of this 240-minute duel these Discovery people will “channel.” 😉

They filmed me and Oliver, as I say, for four straight hours. It was a bit exhausting to debate this high-powered Oliver for that length of time, but I think it was quite satisfactory footage for them at the Discovery Channel — and for us as well, for our Eternal Solutrean cause.

And it was excellent practice for my future debates, God willing.

My debating principle remain:

–NEVER get on the defensive. Thus —

–NEVER grant any of their premises, such as that we are pathological haters and supremacists, or Hitler exterminated other races. Thus —

-NEVER let them dump on Hitler and the Germans, but do not worship them either. They were flawed yet sincere, as we all try to be and they did their best.

–ALWAYS point out always that the Founding Fathers, and Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and many of the most prestigious Americans thought exactly as we do about the white race, about Amerindians and about Jews. (We all recall what James Watson, 1962 Nobel laureate and discoverer of the DNA helix, said about black IQs. Is he just “trailer park/white trash/redneck,” now?! LOL)


(Oliver was quite blindsided when I told him that our Founding Father Benjamin Franklin objected to German immigrants to Pennsylvania because they were not blond enough, not as blond as Britons! [That was in fact true of the Amish Germans then coming into Pennsylvania, almost all brown-eyed brunets.])

So…. was Franklin a “nazi”? If the Founding Fathers were racist nazis, well, then, we should all become nazis, or stop calling ourselves Americans — but I surely think the Founding Fathers were true Americans. Or we change into subjects of the Obamanated States.)

Ben Franklin, John Adams and the red-haired Thomas Jefferson were three intellectual geniuses, brilliant planners and key Founding Fathers of the United States in 1776. My family came here in 1635, from England, 141 years before. We were Americans LONG BEFORE any United States government, which WE white Americans created to serve us, not morph into our master

Hey, Obongo, how’s your GLOBAL WARMING COMING? (Sorry, Oliver, but your multIcultural Britain just got ALL-WHITE AGAIN. It’s an omen, Ollie….)

[NASA photo of the recent giant snowfall from the BBC’s website:]

The god, Ollie, who made northern Europe white also made our race white. We of Solutrea are the snow people.

All these lefties represent is chutzpah, taking newfangled, idiotic, –1960s-era, Frankfurt School, imported, foreign, German-Jewish malarkey, and portraying that falsely as “the Establishment view.”

NO, WE are the traditional America! They are the derailed train, which has spilled OUR American national life all over the tracks in a half-mile of devastation.

As for talking about the Third Reich of  1933-45, today we struggle in a totally different situation, where Whites are becoming a minority in their own countries.

A feisty, international white tribe with a huge birth rate is now essential — because the brainwashed, Jew-believing, merely paleface nations are all dwindling away, dying out from lack of births, and going under psychologically, economically and physically.

We must return to our origuinal, immortal Solutrean roots and our Solutrean greatness, courage and innovation.

The other Whites — outside our selective tribe — are doomed.

The legal affairs man with the crew, Mike (a very nice chap, actually, and a real help to me getting paid my modest $200 fee)  strongly objected to my playing the Saga song “Ode to a dying race,” which I have renamed “I can’t bear to witness.”

I said:

” But this is the very essence of how we see our situation, not any Hollywood-Nazi nonsense about goose-stepping into other people’s country and enslaving the word to a master race! We see ourselves as victims, as DYING OUT — as suffering gradual genocide!”

He said: “Oh, it would cost a fortune to get Saga’s rights to her song.”

I said: “I’m sure she would be very happy for you to play her song during your film. She might pay YOU to run it! ;-)”

So we shall see…. the song moves me tremendously. Maybe the Discovery Channel is afraid it might move viewers too.

Hail our Swedish sister SAGA! They’re afraid of her!

Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery
Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery
Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery

I normally go to bed at midnight or 1 am, after rising at 6 in the morning. But I turned in at 10:30 last night. Four hours with a British Alan Colmes…. but it was a “happy tired.”

Oh, and Margi got feisty with the reporter too, when he began his robo-remark that “Hitler invaded Poland to exterminate the Poles.” I was proud of her Scotch-Irish and and German blood, and factual rebuttal. Polish extremist militias, egged on by the Polish media, had incited the murder of hundreds of German villagers BECAUSE LONDON, PARIS AND WASHINGTON , MANIPULATING THEM,  HOPED TO TRIGGER A NEW WAR WITH GERMANY.

It was London, Paris and Washington which, in the Treaty of Versailles had violated President Wilson’s “self-determination of the peoples” and assigned MILLIONS OF GERMANS to a super-hostile Poland!


I’ve gotten many very encouraging email lately.

Here are a few:

* * *

from Jeremy:

* * *

Hi John,

I would like to say that I love your work, your site, and your charisma. Something about your writing is motivational and inspirational, something I don’t take away from others such as David Duke, but that is by no means to discredit Duke as his writing is very informative.

Often I find myself entertaining the thought that Duke and Stormfront, amongst others, are controlled opposition. I feel at times that they are ultimately working hand-in-hand with the Jews as a means of controlling the major dissenters, as we know the Jews love to control both positions of any given situation. What else better than to control Duke and Stormfront?

A few years back I contemplated the idea of joining with the blacks to confront our common enemy – the Jew, and I believe, as you have indicated on your site, that they (blacks) are becoming sensitive to the reality of it (the Jew). I wanted to ask, have you tried to reach out to Louis Farrakhan? If so, what transpired? If not, why not? He understands our dilemma as it is the same as his – preserve our race, defeat the Jew.

I have lately been pondering putting together Powerpoint presentations and presenting them at local gatherings. Of course I would never mention the Jew or race directly, but answer the pressing questions that are on the majority of white people’s minds –

–What happened to society? What happened to education?

–What happened to the economy? How do money and credit work? How does the Federal Reserve work?

–What happened to our culture? What is the true meaning and purpose of the mainstream media, and more specific Hollywood?

I would like to address these questions in a general, user-friendly presentation that will allow me to gently persuade the viewer to understanding our dilemma. The majority of white people believe in racial differences. Unfortunately I feel that we just cannot open with that directly due to their conditioning. Since you have extensive experience in this area, is there any reason why something like this – general presentations – has not occurred? Do you see anything I’m possibly overlooking?

I would definitely appreciate any feedback or insight you have.


* * *

Dear comrade,

I am inspired by your encouraging words. Believe me, I take brickbats all the time, so never think a leader does not have feelings or is impervious to pain and dejection. It is really nice to be appreciated.And if I inspire, it is becauae others in our Aryan race have inspired me. We are links in an unbreakable chain of generations.

As for your question about outreach to blacks — I have found many blacks to be extremely unreliable. I attened a speech by a black nationalist, and it started two hours lae, then he rambled, and then the audience just started getting up and leaving….I’m referring to a major black nationalist leader. I’ve had others stand me up at appointments out of sheer laziness.

It will take white POWER to get their attention.

About doing presentations —

That is an excellent idea. PowerPoint presentations are visual and this is a visual, actually an audiovisual generation.

But wait for my book and then you will have the right materials.

We must be a true world-view movement, and we must prove to the nervous systems of our listeners that there is an organization, leader, plan and excellent chance of victory. THEN and only then will people respond to your PowerPoint facts, as true as they are. That is how humans are wired.

Very few want to be a martyr for nothing. All they can see is this right now, that dissidents get in hot water.

It’s called “the bandwagon effect.”

We’ll stay in touch, comrade. You have the right spirit and the right idea.


==============more feedback

from a former Army Ranger:

I read the entire transcript of your appearance on the Colmes radio talk show. Your performance was awesome. Amazed me, really. Colmes’ loaded questions insulted his audience, and many of them realized and resented it. Damn fine job on your part. Thanks.

* * *

Dear Mr de Nugent:

Good on you in that highly competent and convivial radio interview! […] Cheers to your ongoing public information successes in 2010!
Michèle (Lady Renouf)

* * *

Translator Fabien, Lady Renouf, lawyer Éric Delcroix and Georges Theil

Merci cher ami John! [Thank you, dear friend John]

Tes [Your] messages sont excellents et didactiques! [do I need to translate that?] Je les diffuse à quelques amis français…[I send them out to several French friends.]
Meilleures amitiés et quel courage tu as! [In best friendship and what courage you have!]
Georges Theil

[Georges Theil is a heroic French revisionist who has been sentenced to prison and a 100,000 euro fine. He knows what persecution is!]

* * *


I just had the privilege of  listening to your entire discussion with Alan Colmes on the Alan Colmes Radio Show.

At times it sounded much more like a would-be police interrogation than an informative interview. I could see and I could definitely hear the extreme frustration, exasperation and the absolute desperation in the voice of Alan Colmes when Alancould not get the answer from you that he wanted to be broadcast live on the radio show.

Bravo to you John! It was a real battle of the minds and hearts.   was a bit FED UP with the beating of the dead horse by Alan Colmes and wasting precious brain energy when he continued to ask such a silly and dumb question if you were gay or a homosexual. My God, the proof that you are a 100% plain, regular, ordinary, normal red-blooded heterosexual American male is staring Alan Colmes in his face and that proof is your wonderful fiancée named Margi Huffstickler!

[JdN: Yes BUT — as “Friedrich Braun” wrote me, I could still be BI-sexual! No amount of wives, girlfriends and and kids can preclude the possiblity I COULD be “bi”…. 😉 And hey, after, all, as the Jew Woody Allen has pointed out, being “bi” means you ALWAYS have a date on Saturday night… ;-)]

I must say in all honesty that Alan Colmes has all the earmarks of one sleezy Jew boy. The proof is in the pudding. In your brilliant exchange Alan decided to use everything he could, including using an electric cattle prod on you, verbally water-boarding you to make you give the answer that he wanted to hear from you – about whom do you hate more, or whom do you hate less, a black person or a Jew. That was a classic Jew interrogation method and it also displayed his complete lack of intelligence and understanding as a Jew that you, John, are only concerned with White Aryan European and American survival through guaranteed safe and secure separatism, and this is for the Aryans who want it. This has absolutely nothing to do with race hatred or racism. It’s all about white survivalism.

But the good old Jew-boy Alan Colmes just had to try to invent and fabricate another Jew lie on live radio to satisfy his own Jewish agenda or more importantly to satisfy the agenda of  his own jewish masters and handlers who pay his salary and therefore pull Colmes’s strings just like another puppet slave’s for the Jewish -controlled media.

Anyway, Bravo to you John! You had Alan Colmes fruitlessly beating his own skull against a solid rock wall and all in vain. You wouldn’t give an inch to accommodate his Jewish lies. I can almost read his frustrated and desperate Jew mind thinking to himself: “Damn, I just cannot get this guy to trap himself –and say what I want him to say live on the air!” and “Damn, it’s like putting my hand in the jaws of The Great White Shark! John de Nugent turns the tables on me and asks me, Alan Colmes, if the Jewish invasion and conquest of Palestine was not immoral and unjust Jewish racism and imperialism!”

By the way John, the name Margi may or may not be the shortened version of  Margaret [JdN: it is], however, the name Margi and Margaret and Marcia and Marci, etc., etc. are all etymologically related to the original ancient Aryan Indo-European language of Iran, and the name Marcia is also a very common Persian Aryan name to this very day.

Take care John. – (G.F., an aerospace engineer)

* * *

Good read, John. Especially enjoyed your debate with the obnoxious kike. You handled yourself very well.
–Ray in Texas
* * *
I replied:
Actually, he is among the least obnoxious. 😉 And remember, it’s the Chosen People” to you and me goyishe Koppen [cattlebrains].

========ARYAN SUPREMACY 😉 (yes, Ollie, this proves it) THROUGH DUCT TAPE

I loved this email that several comrades sent me, about an amazing Aryan invention in 1942 and the innovative white Alaskans who used it recently to get out of a serious jam.

Adhesive tape (specifically masking tape) was invented in the 1920’s by Richard Drew of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, Co. (3M). Duct tape (the WWII military version) was first created and manufactured in 1942 (approximate date) by the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division. Its closest predecessor was medical tape.[JdN: “Johnson” = could be a negro name…. COULD be…. ;-)]
The original use was to keep moisture out of the ammunition cases. Because it was waterproof, people referred to the tape as “Duck Tape.” Also, the tape was made using cotton duck – similar to what was used in their cloth medical tapes. Military personnel quickly discovered that the tape was very versatile and used it to fix their guns, jeeps, aircraft, etc. After the war, the tape was used in the booming housing industry to connect heating and air conditioning duct work together.
Soon, the color was changed from Army green to silver to match the ductwork and people started to refer to duck tape as “Duct Tape.” Things changed during the 1970s, when the partners at Manco, Inc. placed rolls of duct tape in shrink wrap, making it easier for retailers to stack the sticky rolls. Different grades and colors of duct tape weren´t far behind. Soon, duct tape became the most versatile tool in the household.

Now for our story, from the superb website of Jeff Rense (

Another Amazing Duct Tape Story
Duct tape is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century.
During a private “fly-in” fishing excursion in the Alaskan wilderness, the chartered pilot and fishermen left bait in the plane.
And a bear smelled it. This is what he did to the plane.
The pilot used his radio and had another pilot bring him 2 new tires, 3 cases of duct tape, and a supply of sheet plastic.
He patched the plane together, and FLEW IT HOME!

* * *

Note this, Bear Sterns and tribe — someday we will duct-tape shut your Holo-lying mouths.…..and you get a nice long vacation on Madagascar…..where you can harm no more of God’s children of any race.

As for us Aryans, like these white Alaskans, we will innovate our way out of the jam — the jam you have gotten us into. We will innovate as we always have done, and combine that with invincible courage and deep, lasting awarenesss of your criminal nature.

Christmas macht frei 😉 Auschwitz was much worse than an ordinary Nazi death camp for jews -- because there they had to do honest physical labor. 😉

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