Did Marine Le Pen really lose due to massive vote fraud?

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Marine Le Pen needed the conservative Catholic vote, but she lived “shacked up” with her Jewish lover, Louis Aliot, a lawyer. She also changed her position on abortion and gay marriage, and wobbled on leaving the EU and promised only a referendum after six months on the euro currency.
Was there really massive, as in election-changing, vote fraud against Le Pen? I am not sure.
1) First, Macron led her by 20% in every poll (not like the Trump-Hillary race, where they really were neck-and-neck). Just as in 2002, when her father Jean-Marie ran, the entire Establishment — left, right and center, plus the entire media — united against the “anti-EU, rightwing extremist.”
2) Were millions of ballots (or “just” thousands) spoiled by the government authorities? Not sure.
“The majority of supporters of the hard-left French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon will abstain or spoil their ballot papers in Sunday’s second round, according to the results of a consultation of members of his France Unbowed movement.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/02/majority-of-melenchon-supporters-will-not-back-emmanuel-macron-poll-finds
Even Le Pen did not claim the spoiled ballots were spoiled by the authorities.
Apparently tearing the ballot is the French voter’s way to protest and say “I do care, so I cast a vote, but I can vote for neither, so I spoiled the ballot.”
3) Macron did not get 66.06% /(the New Testament Apocalypse number 6-6-6) but instead 66.1% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_presidential_election,_2017
I will add that the real WNs in France were very upset with Le Pen for reversing herself and accepting gay marriage, abortion “rights,” for living shacked up with her Jewish lover, Louis Aliot, a lawyer….. her “Jared Kushner”and minder.
….and for expelling her own father, Jean-Marie, out of the party he had founded and led for 40 years. So one cannot assume that Marine got a massive turnout even of the “white wing.” 😉
The crypto-WN (“crypto” due to hate-speech laws) national weekly newspaper Rivarol basically said she was just nasty in her debate with Macron… a real sign of our vulgar times:
“A banker in the Elysee [palace, the French White House or 10 Downing St], Marine le Pen atomized [pulverized]” 
The opposite [of the debate with Macron helping her] has occurred. Polls on the eve of this duel [debate Macron-Le Pen] indicated voting intentions [for her] around 40 to 41% for the president on leave of the National Front.
And after this debate Marine Le Pen ends up with 33.9%.
The debate caused her to lose seven points, which is considerable.
For two and a half hours she showed all of France her true face: an unbearable vulgarity (“drink some” [wine]; things will go better,” she dared to say with rare elegance [sarcastic] to Macron), incompetence, and an abysmal lack of culture, and the stupidity of a charging bull, matched only by her scornful ridicule, grotesque grinning, sudden movements in her chair, an incredible casualness at this level and
stage of the competition, a permanent and odious laugh, and a stunning doctrinal void.
With her fishmongering manner, her lack of class and irresponsibility, she managed the considerable feat of presidentializing her opponent, who while dull at first, in this duel remained calm, dignified, pedagogical, professorial, mastering his subjects and patiently expanding on his projects while Marine Le
Pen had really nothing to say, and nothing with which to oppose him.  She did nothing but manipulate her invective, whic was as aggressive as it was sterile.

Not a word about immigration and demography,

French national soccer team in 2017

not a word about the Great Replacement [of the French people by non-whites], or about the family, about [our] identity and safety,

Bataclan nightclub — 130 murdered

Nice — 89 crushed by a truck on their national holiday, the 14th of July 2016

…..not a word about the defense of [our] civilization, or concerning the immense issues at stakes in this election, or with regard to the serious dangers to the survival and sustainability of our country.


She thought stupidly that by dint of barking, it would destabilize her opponent who would come unhinged. It is in fact she was was discredited. It is never wise to underestimate an opponent.
French original:
C’est le contraire qui s’est produit. Les sondages à la veille de ce duel indiquaient des intentions de vote autour de 40 à 41 % pour la présidente en congé du Front national.
Et après ce débat Marine Le Pen finit à 33,9  %. Le débat lui a fait perdre quelque sept points, ce qui est considérable.
Pendant deux heures et demie elle a montré à la France entière son vrai visage : une insupportable vulgarité (« buvez un coup, ça ira mieux » osa-t-elle dire avec une rare élégance à Macron), une incompétence et une inculture abyssales, une bêtise à front de taureau qui n’a d’égale que son mépris ricanant, ses rictus grotesques, ses mouvements brusques sur sa chaise, une incroyable désinvolture à ce niveau et à ce stade de la compétition, un rire permanent et odieux, un vide doctrinal sidéral.
Avec sa gouaille de poissonnière, son manque de hauteur et son irresponsabilité, elle a réussi l’exploit de présidentialiser son adversaire, pourtant terne jusque-là dans ses prestations, mais qui dans ce duel est resté calme, digne, pédagogue, professoral, maîtrisant ses dossiers et développant patiemment
son projet alors que Marine Le Pen n’avait rien à dire, rien à opposer.
Elle n’a fait que manier l’invective de façon aussi agressive que stérile. Pas un mot sur l’immigration
et la démographie, pas un mot sur le Grand Remplacement, sur la famille, sur l’identité et la sécurité, pas un mot sur la défense de la civilisation, sur les enjeux de ce scrutin, sur les graves dangers mena-
çant la survie et la pérennité du pays.
Elle pensait stupidement qu’à force d’aboyer, elle déstabiliserait son contradicteur qui sortirait de ses gonds. C’est elle en réalité qui s’est discréditée. On n’a jamais intérêt à sous-estimer un adversaire.

……I had this chat with a respected comrade:

[8:00:57 AM] R: The le pen ballot sheets already arrived torn at a large number of registered voters households. Numerous others received two macron sheets and zero le pen sheets. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/dirty-tricks-french-voters-receive-invalid-damaged-le-pen-ballots/
[8:01:48 AM | Edited 8:01:59 AM] John de Nugent: I am aware of and concede there was some of this. But how much?
[8:02:44 AM] John de Nugent: I was a victim myself of vote fraud.
[8:02:53 AM | Edited 8:03:08 AM] R: A sufficient number for Macron to get 66.06% (!) of votes.
[8:03:08 AM] John de Nugent: you did not read what I wrote, apparently
[8:03:21 AM] R: I did
[8:03:50 AM] John de Nugent: and you know he got 66.06…. how do you know that?
[8:04:11 AM] John de Nugent: Wiki says 66.1%
[8:04:24 AM] R: Wiki my arse…. saw it at a number of places
[8:05:08 AM] John de Nugent: the number 66.1 is the official number, not the Wiki number.
[8:05:12 AM] R: 66.1 is rounded up.
[8:05:33 AM] John de Nugent: well, that could be, but from that to claim she won is another thing. Why is Marine not protesting if she won?
[8:05:43 AM] R: Maybe it is just another WWF-style show fight? Maybe she has been ordered to let it go.
She would not have been allowed to get that close to winning the election if the Deep State did not have a way of controlling her. The whole thing is just a virtual reality. Completely rigged and choreographed.

…..Voting statistics

Eligible voters: 47,568,588
Abstentions: 12,101,416, 25.44% of voters
Actual Voters: 35,467,172, 74.56%
Voting blank: 3,019,724 ballots [unhappy with both choices]
Defaced ballots [not valid — torn]: 1,049,532 ballots  [unhappy with both choices]
Voters: 31,397,916, 66.01% of those registered
Emmanuel MACRON: 20,753,798 votes, 43,63% of all registered voters, 66,10% of actual voters
Marine LE PEN: 10,644,118 votes, 22,38% of registered voters, 33,90% of actual voters

…..Marine’s mother Pierrette

This scumbag divorced her husband Jean-Marie, denounced him and his politics, and posted for Playboy. 


The President of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen poses with his wife Pierrette and their daughters, on May 1, 1974 in their Parisian apartment. (From left to right): Pierrette Le Pen, Yann, Marine, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and Marie-Caroline





……See also

Marine’s own niece has quit politics in protest against her “moderate” direction.

True nationalist Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, disgusted with her cucking aunt, reported about to resign from the Front National of her aunt Marine

……Paris then and now


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