Descendants of Napoleon and Duke of Wellington are friends and City traders; the reincarnation factor

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….Striking how similar to the ancestor the modern descendants of Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington (Waterloo) look today, both City of London types:


Waterloo and the City: Napoleon and Wellington do battle once again as direct descendants of famous foes are revealed to be rival traders in London

  • Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte and Arthur Mornington, Marquess of Douro, are investment managers in rival private equity firms in London
  • Their ancestors famously clashed in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815
  • Duke of Wellington led British forces to victory over the French emperor
  • Will represent their families at ceremonies to mark its 200th anniversary 

Their ancestors did battle with musket and cannon in one of the most famous battles in British history.

And now the descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington are locked in another battle – albeit a more civilised one.

It has been revealed the eminent pair are City rivals in their private equity firms.

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The Marquess of Douro

The Duke of Wellington

Arthur Mornington, Marquess of Douro, is a descendant of the Duke of Wellington (pictured right) – it has now been revealed that he is a rival of Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte in the City

Jean-Christophe Napoleon, who is a rival of the Marquess of Douro in the City

Napoleon declared himself emperor in 1804 and waged war with other European powers, conquering much of the continent

Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte will go to Belgium next week to mark the 200th anniversary of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo where his ancestor (Napoleon, pictured right) was defeated by the British and allied forces

Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte works for Advent International, while Arthur Mornington, Marquess of Douro is a partner at Charterhouse Capital Partners, one of London’s oldest private equity firms.

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  • John D. Nugent And the left claims genes are not important. After 200 years they look so much like the ancestor.
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  • Silke Uhling very interesting!
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  • Garron Helm This is how we live forever.
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    • John D. Nugent One way, and sort of…. Reincarnation is the other and more direct…. Not all bear offspring, or have children that survive –due to sickness, crime and war.
      Humans can actually reincarnate as their own descendants, so it is feasible that both these men WERE their ancestors. The soul’s traits cause them to outform bodies similar to those had before. The Patton-Hannibal story at the end is instructive.

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