Deleted without any warning; and how three presidents of the United States took suppressive measures against me 1990-2010

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…… A comrade was puzzled

Your “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” forum topic is still up on, although you probably already know that.

But the thing I was wondering was why your posts all have missing images. They all link to Photobucket, but the image does not exist. Did something happen to your account there? Banned for ‘anti-semitism’?

A few gyazos of your posts where no images show up at all:
Inline image 1
Inline image 2

I replied:

I had no website at that time, and was getting 5,000 views a day anyway just by posting on, which the Jews shut down, stormfront, The Phora and a site based in Malta.

All my pix back then were indeed hosted on Photobucket, in a paid account, for $15 a month.

(Today all my pix are hosted on my own site,, which costs me $250 a month to protect using special software and two webmasters.)

With no warning whatsoever, the jew-owned Photobucket deleted my account and kept my money.

I had over 2,000 photo on there, many of them improved, labor-intensively, by me using GIMP, a free version of Photoshop.

Same thing happened with Wikipedia and Facebook — deletion without warning. (I had 2,400 friends on FB.)


I am the only man in this planet with almost four million search results on my name on Google ( and no Wikipedia article. They deleted the Wikipedia article that was up there.

Same with my Stormfront thread — deleted without warning, with 264,000 views.


Shephard Smith’s show on FOX interviewed me for 45 minutes in July 2009, and then Smith vetoed the whole interview.

The Discovery Channel interviewed me for four hours on the Solutreans and then used 4.5 minutes, now reduced to just 2.5 minutes.,


Kinda makes ya wonder, don’t it? *;) winking


….snippet on the Solutreans from a speech in Arizona in 2007


……Two Bushes and Obama against JdN



Two Bushes and Obama against JdN

When I ran for Congress in 1990 in Tennessee, you and yours committed heinous vote fraud to deliberately stole my victory in the Republican primary in the Sixth Congressional District, south and east of Nashville, by blatant electronic voting machine fraud because I stood up for White civil rights.


1) I was planning to run once again for US Congress in 2007, and my money man, Rick Knox, was meeting with three Mississippi millionaires, ready to finance my race. They even paid for polling in five different states, indicating I could win in two of those states on a pro-White platform. Your hook-nosed masters then ordered the Mississippi State Police to pull over his car and search it for one hour, terrifying him and his wife. Later he received death threats, abandoning his work for me as an intermediary to those millionaires, and cutting off all further communication “in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


The blond Pittsburgh girl Jackie Evancho does a sublime rendering of the National Anthem, ending in those very words.

2) In November 2007, your hook-nosed masters got their secret police agents into my apartment, going past two electronic-lock doors, erased three vital documents off two different computers, fired an electromagnetic pulse at my hard drives, and sprayed red “SS”#s on my carpet, then left the door wide open to warn me they had violated my private space.




This was on the afternoon of the very day when, on that evening, I intended to announce for US Congress in a northern Virginia special congressional election, the congresswoman having suddenly died. (




I would have run campaign ads on the tv stations of Washington DC, creating an uproar over a man demanding civil rights for the oppressed White taxpayers of America.


3) In 2008, when an assistant came to join me from Europe, a slant-eyed Asian who as a Homeland Security official at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York warned him:

“Just remember, BOY,to be back on the plane in 90 days.


4) One of your first acts as puppet president, Mr Non-U.S. Citizen, was to order the arrest — in my presence, using three squad cars that came – – of said assistant in March 2009, who then spent 87 days in solitary in a federal detention center.


Comrades after a visit with him, outside the federal dungeon where he was kept in isolation east of Buffalo, New York



He contracted also suspicious brain and intestinal troubles in federal custody. Then he was expelled for ten years from the USA. His crime, as my then assistant, was to embarrass your regime by applying for political asylum. He was facing four years in prison in his unfree, ultraliberal European country, where it is a felony crime to exercise any free speech about minority crime. He had spoken out against the violent, sadistic gang rape of the White girls and women of his country by black muslim immigrants,


by black muslims like you.




And you had a muslim immigrant, made into a Homeland Security official, one Mohammed Kalias, who does not even speak proper English, carry out the arrest and incarceration operation, seeking to terrify me. You failed, and here I am today, challenging you directly.


5) Your masters orchestrated years ago the infiltration of the White nationalist movement, which is pullulating like maggots in a dead cadaver with both paid agents and with blackmailed leaders who do as they are told, fearing arrest, and defaming any real leaders with the potential to awaken the masses. I had one of the biggest individual discussion threads in the history of one of those Internet forums, with a whopping 290,000 views, and just one day after my assistant was arrested by Homeland Security, that vast thread was frozen, then shut down, and I was suddenly defamed as delusional and mentally ill.




6) The pseudo-conservative news channel, Fox News Channel, which recently fired Judge Andrew Napolitano for saying both political parties are controlled, refused to air a 45-minute interview with me for the Shepard Smith Report in June 2009, although the liberal TV networks such as NBC, CBS and ABC all ran interviews with me in prime time.

7) My funding for federal college loans to study organizational management was cut off.

8) Although I ran as a Republican and won the primary for US Congress in Tennessee in 1990,denied my victory only by massive electronic vote fraud, shutting down every voting machine in the District at 8 pm on election night, and I have been the subject of a one-hour Discovery Channel documentary, and have appeared on National Public Radio, the major TV networks and in the Los Angeles Times, the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia deleted its entire article on me in August 2009, claiming, in the words of an editor named Horowitz, that I do not fulfill the criterion of noteworthiness.😉

9) The Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines all had me at three million hits in 2009, but all three reduced the number of hits in 2010 to 100,000 or less.


You the American people are not to know, as the masters over American have decided, that I exist, but I do.

10) Photobucket, an online photo storage service, deleted without refund my paid Photobucket account, annihilating 2,500 photos that had been used all over the Internet to illustrate my blogs and posts.

11) the hidden hand blocked moneygrams sent to me, telling my friends that they did not know me, and it was for their own protection to prohibit them from sending large sums, and just last week they called a friend on his cell phone right while he stood in line at Moneygram to threaten him not to accept money meant for me.

12) they closed my Woodforest bank account at Walmart with no clear explanation whatsoever.

13) they closed my PayPal account and kept the $228 in it for 18 months.

14) they closed the PayPal accounts even of my former girlfriend, whom I had been helping, and of a fellow educator online, former major William Bates Fox, a Marine Corps officer for 15 years and a Harvard Business School graduate.


Fox is 6 foot, 5 inches tall.


15) they hacked two computers using the normally secure Linux operating system.

16) they closed my Facebook account in the fall of 2011 with 900 friends. (I was able to reopen it as “John D. Nugent” in 2013.)

17) Google deleted three of my YouTube channels and three of my gmail accounts.

18) they scared away my video editor for my series on the reality of God by going to his parents, and threatening to blackmail him.

19) they hacked the computer of an 18-year-old who was restoring my video about helping the suffering working class.

20) in South Africa, they stopped the Internet connection of the website designer who designed my blog website.

21) They cut off Internet connectivity to my current computers, requiring four hours on the phone and a $40 fee with the Netgear helpdesk to restore service to my router.

22) They snuck a code into both the routers my cable internet provider and also my DSL phone company Internet provider had sent me so that I myself, repeatedly, could not see or access my own blog to update it.

23) They recently deleted dozens more photos out of my 2012 blogs.

–24) They “turned” a young man with computer, military and car-related skills whom I had been helping with a place to stay; he embezzled $4,200, and despite my 16-page detailed report to the police, he was not arrested.

I accept these backhanded compliments from the Hidden Handthat is running our society into the ground, that they fear me, both my message and the messenger, just as much as they pathologically hate me.

Jesus Christ said 2000 years ago to the Jewish leaders, in the Gospel of Saint John, chapter 8, versus 44:

You are from your father, the Devil. You seek to do the will of your father, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. If you cannot understand what I say, it is because there is no truth in you.


(Gee, it sounds like Jesus was “full of hate,” as I am said to be.;-) How un-Christian of Christ!;-) Thank God we today know better than God.;-))


The secret network destroying our nation thinks they are such brilliant masters of propaganda that they will defeat me by ridicule as soon as I launch my movement to liberate our nation. But he who laughs last laughs best.

They imagine they are such GENIUSES and in fact they call themselves “a royal race,” and in their megalomania wrote a religious book wherein they describe themselves as “God’s Chosen People” that they can successfully ridicule me to death in the media they control.

They imagine in their state of delusion that between character-defaming me, or by seeking to grind me down in poverty, and by hacking every computer I have, and every website I put up, they dream they can make me weary of the struggle to rescue and elevate our people and finally make me give up.

I am sure that when I lost my house in October 2011, and briefly even my health, and they caused pessimism and discouragement in my wonderful staff, and I ended up myself in a motel in a rundown neighborhood with screaming drug addicts and drunkards outside my window, that I would quit the cause of civil rights for Whites, for my people, and forever.

But this is a time for heroes. No man has the right to run. If all become disloyal, yet we remain still true.

[Addendum: This was written in 2012, a lot more has been done to me since then.]



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