David Duke, Don Black, JdN-defamers, and the CIA-Mossad plot to overthrow Dominica

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A comrade wrote me:

Are you familiar with Wayne Madsen? I was reading an article, as a paid subscriber to his Wayne Madesen Reports, and I thought you might find it interesting as it mentions David Duke.


Excerpts dealing with Duke anbd Black [all photos and italicized captions and comments added by me, JdN]:

February 24-25, 2015 — Beware of right-wing groups shilling for U.S. intelligence

[…] History does repeat itself, especially with groups financed from the deep bowels of the U.S. intelligence community. The particular website in question does count among its principals at least one person who has been involved with neo-Confederate causes and groups associated with among others, the Ku Klux Klan. And just because a group has such far right connections does not mean it cannot be active internationally, whether in Syria, Libya, or Iran, nor does it mean that it does not have connections with the Zionists it claims to despise so much. In the 1970s, the KKK actually assisted the Central Intelligence Agency in two aborted attempts to invade two independent Caribbean nations in order to overthrow their governments.

In 1980, the CIA determined that the Marxist government of Grenada led by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop had to go. After having ousted the right-wing government of Eric Gairy in 1979, Bishop’s warmer ties with Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China confounded the CIA. The problem for the CIA was that Jimmy Carter was president and his CIA director and friend Admiral Stansfield Turner was generally averse to overthrowing governments.

What was hatched by the “unofficial” CIA was a plot to use KKK members, neo-Nazis, and at least one Jewish Mossad agent-of-influence to launch an invasion of the island nation of Dominica in preparation for a invasion of Grenada.

Eventually, the State Department and Canadian Ministry of External Affairs caught wind of the plans to overthrow the democratically-elected conservative Prime Minister Eugenia Charles and replace her with former Prime Minister Patrick John in preparation for the seaborne invasion of Grenada using KKK members, neo-Nazis, and mercenaries. The CIA broke off all communications with the plotters, who happened to include KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, who was also the president of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, and Charles “Chuckie” Yanover, a Canadian Jewish crime boss who put up money for the invasion of Dominica and carried out aerial reconnaissance of the island. Duke also recruited for the efforts the services of Wolfgang Droege, a KKK leader in Canada whose father was a friend of chief German Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, as well as Duke’s girlfriend’s father, Sheldon Udel, who helped with organizing the raiding party for the Dominica operation. Apparently, Duke’s weapon of choice for the operation was the Israeli-made Uzi submachine gun, which were procured by another plotter, Michael Perdue of Houston. Perdue’s front company was Nortic Enterprises, Inc. of Houston.

Duke’s appearance before 1985 era, when constant cosmetic surgery and bodybuilding began for his real purpose in life, chasing women for blow jobs. (Yes, I know what I am talking about.)


After the planned mercenary army takeover of Dominica, Gairy and his supporters were to lead their own landing party on to Grenada from Dominica. Gairy insisted that the mercenaries were to capture Grenada’s police headquarters and militia barracks before he would arrive on the island. Gairy and Perdue argued over the details and called off their joint operation. Perdue had lined up the support of former Texas Governor John Connally and a Republican congressman named Ron Paul. Both were convinced that Perdue’s plan would eliminate “Communists” from Dominica and Grenada. Another conspirator, Barbadian arms dealer Sydney Burnett-Alleyne admitted plans to install Dominica’s Patrick John as the prime minister of Barbados in addition to Dominica.

Another plotter, Don Andrews, a Croatian-Canadian and the former head of the Canadian neo-Nazi Western Guard, was involved with the short-lived Oliver Seraphin government of Dominica in a scandal involving the sale of Dominican passports to stateless former officials of the Shah of Iran’s government. Seraphin’s government was defeated by the Dominican Freedom Party government of Eugenia Charles. Andrews was assisted by a German-Canadian neo-Nazi named Martin K. Weiche.

The problem for the invaders of Dominica and potential invaders of Grenada was that they represented different interests. The Canadian KKK leader Alex McWhirter and his American KKK counterparts, Don Black and Paul Haecker, desired to depopulate Dominica of its black population. The KKK principals recruited like-minded Klansmen and neo-Nazi National Alliance members from Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama. However, for the CIA interlocutors, the plan to remove 70,000 blacks from Dominica was insane. Black later founded the neo-Nazi website “Stormfront.”

The failed KKK-Nazi operation was dubbed the “Bayou of Pigs” since it was centered in New Orleans. Ironically, just as the CIA used the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans as cover for its Cuban operations, the CIA helped arrange for a coffee company in Dominica to be a base of operations for the KKK/neo-Nazi/mercenary invasion.

KKK wizard Don Black (below) married Duke’s ex-wife Chloe and raised Duke’s two daughters, plus had a son with her, Derek, who renounced white nationalism in a spectacular letter to the  SPLC. Chloe works for the sephardic-jewish sugar billionaire family, the Fanjuls, who own Domino Sugar.  http://johndenugent.com/english/david-duke-don-black-connected-to-fanjuls-a-sephardic-jewish-sugarcane-billionaire-family-new-crop-circle-appears-near-bavarian-alps-alien-voice-breaks-into-british-television-to-warn-humanity/  


The primary interests of the coup plotters were at odds and the overall plans for Dominica and Grenada were doomed. During the New Orleans federal trial of the coup plotters and American invaders involved in the aborted Operation Red Dog, the U.S. State Department and CIA arranged for sweetheart plea deals for the American plotters, with several receiving no or greatly-reduced prison sentences. The plotters were charged with violating the U.S. Neutrality Act. Canadian authorities failed to bring charges against its plotters because it would expose the Mossad connections of Yanover.

Mrs. Charles’s government would soon let bygones be bygones with the United States and its joint CIA-Klan operation after the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. Charles appeared on national television with Ronald Reagan to give the invasion of Grenada a “black Caribbean face” although the U.S. Marines and Army were landing on Grenada to oust a putschist pseudo-Marxist government that had assassinated Prime Minister Bishop and overthrew his government.

Apparently, memories are short within the U.S. Intelligence Community about the foolhardiness of engaging with neo-Confederates working hand-in-glove with Mossad operatives and neo-Nazis. Although the “veterans’ website” boasts about its international connections and intelligence agency ties, it is about as much a joke as was their “Pirates of the Caribbean” predecessors.

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I replied to the comrade:

Hi, … thanks for this and I will in fact make a blog out of some of this.

I have liked a lot of Wayne Madsen stuff for years, esp, his major exposés of Obama as a homosexual:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6HRGEdrFrw

These accusations were in a way rendered more believable by the fact that Madsen himself seems to be “gay” — and his concern is then about blackmail of a US president, or even a militant-gay agenda — which many conservative gays do not support. (I have known personally at least four, no, five prominent White Nationalists who are gay, in the closet, and NOT proud of their homosexuality at all or wishing to promote homo things as being normal at all, or wishing to destroy marriage and the white family.  A British gay WN and blogger named Alistair wrote me in 2007 once that MANY homosexuals in Britain hate the muslim and black immigrant invasions, want to see white Britain preserved, and loathe pedophiles, feeling no attraction for kids. I gave him credit for his frankness, I sense some of this may be true, and pass this on to you without further comment.)

Matt Drudge, btw, is a gay Jew, but he publicizes a lot of good stuff…

As for the specifics, IMO, 100% yes — the involvement of Duke and Black (whom I know well, both of them, and their kids) with the CIA plot is highly suspicious.

Duke’s only “real job” ever was for the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is how he evaded military service during the Vietnam War.

I am positive, after 25 years of knowing the man, and dating for three years (1989-91) a woman who had been his girlfriend and loyal political supporter, that he is in fact an MK-ULTRA.



Recently, a German comrade sent me an anecdote regarding Duke.

It made perfect sense to me, because even though Wikipedia took this out of its article on narcissism, narcissism is caused by trauma, and this is what MK-ULTRA children are subjected to, unbearable trauma to engineer a split personality and createa part of the brain that is under mind control that other parts of the mind are not at all aware of.

Here is what the German wrote me, in the original and then translated:

Mit dem lieben David Duke habe ich such schon mal einen kleinen „Zusammenstoß“ erlebt. Es war 2006 während der Holocaustkonferenz in Teheran. Der Professor Ramin, der Hauptorganisator im Auftrage von Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad, und wir, die kleine deutsche Abordnung, waren gerade in ein Gespräch in deutscher Sprache über organisatorische Fragen vertieft, als Herr Duke sich zu unserer Gruppe dazugesellte. Nach kurzer Zeit unterbrach er sehr unwirsch unser Gespräch und verlangte energisch, daß wir gefälligst Englisch zu reden hätten, da er kein Deutsch verstehen würde.

Professor Ramin, der übrigens selber kein Englisch sondern nur Persisch und hervorragend Deutsch spricht, machte Herrn Duke höflich aber bestimmt darauf aufmerksam, daß einmal jeder selbst bestimmen könne, in  welcher Sprache er sich austauschen möchte und außerdem der Gesprächsinhalt sowieso nur für die deutschen Teilnehmer der Konferenz von Wichtigkeit sei.

Der Erfolg war, daß Herr Duke uns für den Rest der Konferenz mit Nichtbeachtung „strafte“.


With our dear David Duke I too experienced a little “collision”. It was in 2006, during the Holocaust conference in Tehran. Professor Ramin, the main organizer on behalf of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and we, the small German delegation, were absorbed in a conversation in German on organizational issues, when Mr. Duke joined our group.

After a short time he interrupted our conversation in a surly manner and energetically demanded that we speak English because he could not understand German.

Professor Ramin, who incidentally himself does not speak English but only Persian and excellent German, made Mr. Duke politely but firmly aware that everyone can decide for themselves which language they want to use and also that the conversation topic was essential only for the German participants of the Conference.

The result was that Mr. Duke, for the rest of the conference, “punished” us Germans by not speaking  to us. 😉



…..Eternal Solutreanism is about overcoming the ego, and the mere pursuit of sex, fame, money and power, and becoming a fearless spiritual being first before we can take power back 



 …..DHS outrage backfires

Hey, Homeland Security! The detention and expulsion of the harmless young German man (who had explicit permission to enter the US to visit me) has led to a big boost in viewership of my three blogsites and in donations. Just think, Jeh Johnson, the black head of DHS, if you had just let this young fellow in to visit and stay with us, then you could have cranked up all over again the old defamatory “John de Nugent is gay” thing, a major lost opportunity! 😉




Use Paypal to mhuffstickler@outlook.com!



I drove 900 miles with Margi in a small car with a bad transmission to help save Duke’s November 2008 conference in Memphis, Tennessee, which was in danger of collapse after death threats and many speakers cancelled. We both spoke and Margi sang a gorgeous song.

I was interviewed (photo below) by a liberal TV female reporter, who asked me how dare we WNs hold a conference in the city where Martin Luther King was shot…..  I said it was the FBI that murdered King after he began defiantly criticizing the Vietnam War, and J. Edgar Hoover framed the innocent James Earl Ray, so we WNs 1) had nothing to do with it,

Act of State


and 2) Whites were the main builders of America, have fought and bled in all its wars, I and my father both served in the Marine Corps, and we have every right to speak out for our concerns in our own country!



Margi and I at the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue overlooking the Mississippi


But events there confirmed more than ever that Duke was a ludicrously narcissistic person. He monologued the entire time, and just as bad, held just a one-day conference instead of two days, but kept the two-day conference fees. 😉 I remember back in 1983 Dr. William Pierce expressing to me how livid he was at Duke stealing the entire content of his famous jewsmedia exposé “Who Rules America” (a laborious, accurate list of every Jew owner, reporter or executive in the US media by title, company and year of hiring) and this lazy skirt chaser and gambler with campaign donations then published it under his own name!

 Pierce was not happy at this blatant plagiarism of his hard work. Not a word was changed by the lazy Duke except the name of the author. 😉



When I resigned on good terms from Dr. Pierce in 1984, it was with the conviction that racial facts and logic will not save us. Unless our character is rebuilt, our heart and our soul, our values and our world view, we will never fight except for a pitiful handful — until it is far too late, and we are far too old and too few.

And then Hellstorm will be the result, but this time in America, Canada, Australia and Britain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9prP_FhVx0


The full video documentary to the incredible book is coming out soon!  (And the book is coming out in German!)




The worst thing then will be white men hating themselves for not having acted until it was too late. And no god, or woman, no Jesus and no Buddha, will forgive them. A white race that now consists of selfish, gossiping cowards will not stop white genocide. We must rebuild the white woman and the white man.

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  1. I don’t agree with you politics hook line and sinker,But remain very impressed by your command of account of & amount of the facts marshalled to support an honest historical chronology of a multi headed many threaded nature. The CIA+FBI References were spot on.
    And key resource:for any archivist or historian of similar interests

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