David Duke and swan images; Brit Muslims beat Englishman in E. London train station, force him to give them oral sex; Amish separation model cannot work

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…..Muslims beat, then force white Englishman to give them a public blowjob as they film it

Remember, “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Allah is Merciful”  😉


A man in his 40s was beaten with a metal pole and filmed being forced to perform…


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  • John D. Nugent A few weeks ago a Turk (in Berlin) stabbed and set his pregnant German ex-girlfriend on fire after she left him and listed him as the father to get food stamps for her and the coming baby. German pansies did nothing….And Brit pansies will do nothing about this.
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  • John D. Nugent These two Pakis forced a white man to give them a blow-job as they filmed it.
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  • John D. Nugent You will see — the zombie whites will do NOTHING about it.
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    A boot camp to change the wimped-out soul!

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  • John D. Nugent So should I quit? I have another job offer right now.
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  • John D. Nugent Without donations I WILL. [See below!]
  • Nath Woodland Aryans are Vegetarian… that is a primary metaphysical step.

    In Chapter 39 of Bundahishn manuscript belonging to Tehmuras Dinshawji Anklesaria of Bombay (as cited by E. W. West in 1880), “the Arabs rushed into the country of Iran in great multitude..
    ..In Chapter 39 of Bundahishn manuscript belonging to Tehmuras Dinshawji Anklesaria of Bombay (as cited by E. W. West in 1880), “the Arabs rushed into the country of Iran in great multitude... and their own irreligious law was propagated by them and many ancestral customs were destroyed, and eating of dead matter was put into practice. …From the original creation until this day, evil more grievous than this has not happened….”

    Aryans saw the consumption of animal flesh as a great evil.
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  • John D. Nugent All our male ancestors in the Ice Age were hunters, killers and carnivores. There was no agriculture for 20,000 years during the Ice Age. It had not been invented — and it was impossible due to the snow cover and the short growing season.
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  • John D. Nugent And they were five inches taller from eating meat. This is a fact; the skeletons show it.
  • John D. Nugent In the new stone age, men shrank by 5 inches and had poor teeth and weak bones. The skeletons prove it.
  • John D. Nugent The Paleolithic diet (Old Stone Age) of meat, berries, roots and the like — no bread– is a diet that men thrive on to this day.
  • John D. Nugent I regret the killing of animals, and it should be done quickly and humaneley, but believe me, animals kill each other all the time.
  • John D. Nugent Or they die slowly of starvation, drought or freezing cold as with many deer. Nature is brutal. I believe in free-range chickens and beef cattle that graze in open fields and under humane conditions. Their lives are free of danger and worry. They do sense just before their death that something is up, but think of humans! We often know for months or years, involving emotional and physical pain, that we are going to die soon.
  • John D. Nugent Animals raised for meat – if treated humanely, which is often now not the case — have a much better life than we do. Boredom is the worst problem they have! But in nature, a wild animal would be stalking, chasing, lunging, killing and eating them as they struggle!
  • John D. Nugent Think if you were a rabbit and a hawk suddenly carried you, LIVE, high up through the sky back to his nest, and how that would feel!
  • John D. Nugent I tried vegetarian for ten months and lost a lot of muscle mass. I saw women who thrived, however, on the veggie diet.


….David Duke does videos with death symbol of swans behind his head

The swan is the symbol of death!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_song


David Duke and MK-ULTRA

by JOHN DE NUGENT on JUNE 5, 2014

David Duke, to show his obedience, and that he is totally controlled opposition, denies the truth that 90% of all Jews descend from Khazars, and denies Israel was behind 9/11.

Pre-cosmetic surgery Duke



In my close dealings with [Duke] 1989-90 and 2006-09, I sometimes found him strangely listless and “not all there.” The brain was working, but he seemed soulless. In the summer of 2006, I discussed him with a mutual friend name Bob Hoy, who had known Duke for 25 years and had actually gotten him to enter politics in 1988. Hoy listened pensively to my story of my own repressed memories, then said suddenly:

“Let me tell you a strange story.” It was related to his then mail-order bride business connecting American bachelors and single Russian girls. Hoy was in Moscow and so was Duke, on the prowl as usual for women. “Anyway, I went over to his hotel room to meet with him one morning, and … this is gonna sound strange … he had no idea who he was, or who I was, or that we were in Moscow.”

“Was he drinking?”

“Oh no! Duke is not much of a drinker and it was early morning anyway. No, he was just spaced out, like in another mode or being another person, bewildered, not aware of who he was, or me, or Moscow.”

And that is the split personality created by the MK-ULTRA- Monarch program!

MK-ULTRA subliminal symbols: https://hollywoodsubliminals.wordpress.com/tag/mk-ultra/

What I escaped from when I ran away from home at age ten! See this article:

Death to pedophiles & rapists — right goal and right way to win over the masses


MK-ULTRA subliminal symbols: https://hollywoodsubliminals.wordpress.com/tag/mk-ultra/



……Very tired of not being appreciated but most of all, not supported enough to succeed


Living in a Jewish-owned motel from hell in 2011-12 in Natrona, Pennsylvania with junkies, whores and bar fights downstairs.

This is how my family lived and what I gave up  (in Barrington, Rhode Island):

In a gated community called Seagrove in Vero Beach, Florida:


Just go into my father’s insurance firm (70 employees), join his Republican Party and like him, have presidents for friends…





You tell me why I gave this up…. 😉

Why did Tesla die in poverty? Why did Stephen Foster, who wrote “Camptown Races,” ‘”My Old Kentucky Home,” “Oh, Susanna” and other national hits, die of starvation and from lack of money to buy medication in New York during the Civil War?

This great Slav should have gotten at least two Nobel Prizes, for alternating current and radio. Both he and Foster, 80 years before, died broke in New York ratholes, because Whites do not support their heroes. 



…..Job offer

I got a huge job offer from Europeans who admire me, asking me to quit my work, give up on the Cause after 36 years and infinite sacrifices (I have lost everything so far except my life), use my foreign-language skills,  personality and international experience, and go work overseas for big bucks.


From afar I can sit and watch pathetic white America crash and burn, and watch White Nationalists being rounded up — Why shouldn’t they be? 99% only sit there and read —  and observe the total genocide of our race.

This was the appetitizer; this is the “trailer” for what awaits us all in the near future.

What is coming, unless we unite and fight, will be a repeat of Hellstorm, but not three million but 300 million, and of course run by the same people, with a long, proven, track record of genociding whites.



Should I take the job and shove this thankless task?

Do you read me daily but refuse to back me with even a five-dollar bill?

My next blog will lay it on the line brutally. The next blog, tomorrow. I will say things I never said before in English about me — and the future.


….The folk community is real right now — among the Amish

Gorgeous “a cappella” (no music instruments, just voice) singing by the Amish! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBDwpLLXMTA#t=94

I love hearing the interplay of the deep male and high female voices! I met many Amish in Pennsylvania, great folks, and they do NOT believe, being German, that Jesus alone “saves.” You have to live an upright life, keep your word, avoid arrogance, help others in need, and work hard! There are now three times more Amish than 20 years ago!

As is my goal, and I am this…. close … to finishing it, they have founded a RELIGION (not mere spirituality, which is individualistic) that trains people to think and act a certain way!

We Whites are so sick now we need a boot camp for learning God, family, work and morality AGAIN!

I saw discipline also in my five years 1970-5 as a Jehovah’s Witness…. top-down, theocratic, study your bible (how can anyone be a Christian — or belong to any religion — and not even read their own Scripture?), DO THE WILL OF GOD and find serenity in DOING your duty!

Then, when that phase was over, I joined the US Marines!



Two great scenes from the movie “Witness”about the Amish: 1) Harrison Ford (a tough Philadelphia cop undercover) falls for the Amish girl, and 2) he sees bullies harassing the peaceful Amish — and BOILS OVER.


Note the pathetic wimp at 4:08 who is shocked at the “violence”! How dare they defend themselves? 😉

BEAUTIFUL BARN-RAISING SCENE. Everyone working together as brothers (building) and sisters (cooking) ….

I have spoken often with the Amish in German…. On of their boys (actually Mennonite, a similar group) looks just like me at that age, really uncanny:


We can have the folk community again, but we must go through sacrifice and pain to get it!

The enemy will oppose it — and we will oppose him! As when Harrison Ford steps out of the Amish buggy!



“Whoah, I thought the Amish would all take our abuse!”




Btw, the Jewsmedia is not leaving the Amish alone. They have TV series now ridiculing these harmless, good people, and rejoicing when their young go to New York City and are morally corrupted, such as “Breaking Amish.” A friend told me there are no more and more drug abusers among the Amish….


There will be no peaceful solution, no Little Europes… Every White would move there for peace, friendly neighbors, jobs and safety! So the Jews must destroy any ideal community that seeks to be a quiet oasis!

Because the whole world would come, and leave THEM, the hosts these parasites need to feed off and torment!


…..First reaction, from Virginia

Dear Sir,

I’m thrilled to have run across you today, sir, while enjoying Red Ice Radio.
I then looked at your website and found tremendous comfort in your message. So much to consider… I thank you for your voice and passion. You suggested you may be leaving us here? I urge you to reconsider. Your people need you. Americans have been lied to and morally corrupted, but we retain a spark of goodness and need only to be given facts, direction and a job to do.
Tell us how to win and teach us that it is OK to do so. I know I’ve felt lost and anxious for as long as I can remember now. My circumstances have always been entirely dis-empowering. I’m just pulling myself together at my life’s half-way mark. To me you represent a ray of hope, the shelter, stability and solace of clarity…right-mindedness. Stay.





http://johndenugent.com/donations-log/ $50 dollars so far in February…. worst level EVER.

3 million search results on Google



3,000 readers daily

36 years of sacrifices:  http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/


John de Nugent

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(906) 884-6689 ;-)

Facebook: John D. Nugent

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Twitter at John de Nugent @johndenugentESA






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  1. A German wrote me after reading the German version of this blog: (TRANSLATION FOLLOWS)

    “Bitte nicht aufgeben.
    In den USA nehmen sich jeden Tag 20 Veteranen das Leben.
    Machen Sie denen, Herr de Nugent, wieder Mut, und sagen Sie ihnen, daß es sich zu leben und zu kämpfen lohnt. Sterben können sie immer noch im Kampf.
    Vielleicht sind das genau die Richtigen für unsere Sache, wenn man sie wieder aufrichtet.
    Und Cannabis hilft dabei. Es ist keine “Droge” sondern wertvolle Volksmedizin.
    Lassen Sie diese Soldaten nicht in die Fänge von jüdischen Psychologen, die ihnen, gerade wenn ihr Geist verwundbar ist, Lügen ins Gehirn prügeln.
    Sie haben mir auch wieder Mut gemacht.
    Auch in Deutschland bewegt sich was. Aber man kann nicht erwarten, daß 70 Jahre Umerziehung nach sieben Monaten einfach weg sind.
    Wir wissen, daß die Zeit gegen uns Weisse arbeitet, aber verloren ist noch gar nichts.
    Danke für ALLES, halten Sie Kurs!
    Gruss aus Deutschland
    Sagen Sie mal kurz Bescheid, wenn mein Brief mit einer kleinen Spende angekommen ist.”


    Please do not give up.

    In the US, every day 20 veterans commit suicide.

    Give them, Mr. de Nugent, courage again, and tell them that it is worthwhile to live and fight. Better to die in battle.

    Maybe these are the right people for our cause if they are psychologically put back on their feet.

    And cannabis helps. It is not a “drug” but valuable folk medicine.

    Do not let these soldiers stay in the clutches of enemy psychologists who when their minds are vulnerable beat lies into their brains.

    You have encouraged me once again.

    Even in Germany things are moving forward. But you can not expect that 70 years of reeducation will be undone easily in seven months.

    We know that time is working against us Whites, but the struggle has not been nothing.

    Thank you for EVERYTHING! Stay the course!

    Greetings from Germany


    Tell me briefly when my letter arrives with a small donation.”

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