Cute (cows baby a dog) but it does make you think…..

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This trait of mothering — even of another species! — is why the Founding Fathers refused often estrogen-ruled women the vote. They were considered as being, in general, feeling-driven and overly forgiving and empathetic — things that make the good mothers.

Men understand love is NOT always the answer, and that there are some really bad dudes out there. Hitler said once in a speech to German women that he would never have put his mother on a jury in a murder case because she could not vote for the death penalty for anyone, no matter how evil. She just did not have it ”in her.”


Hitler’s parents, the one very loving (guess which one?) and the other stern (a painting at the Berghof).


If the election were held today and only women could vote, Hillary would win in a landslide….



If only men could vote, as it was before 1920…. a landslide for TRUMP!


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