Crushing of Turkish coup very bad news — or was it staged by Erdogan to make him dictator? He surrounds and cuts off power to US air base that was bombing ISIS

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…..Obama Goes Cold Turkey


by Billy Roper

From its establishment by Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey who purposefully balkanized the Ottoman empire into more ethnically homogeneous states for the good of his own Turkish people, the military has been secular, and tried to keep the government from which it has remained relatively independent secular, as well.

Erdogan’s back door deals with ISIS to buy oil from them produced in areas they still controll(ed), not attacking them directly, and acting as their proxy against the Kurds, and the Turkish borders being overrun by “refugees” from Syria; and the growing radicalization of the almost totally Muslim civilian population in Turkey, propelled the military into a desperate move to seize power. Democracy isn’t always good, however that might shock some to hear. In this case it means mob rule and Islamification.

However, the military wasn’t willing to open fire on the civilians, who surprised them by rising up against the attempted coup. Due to the nature of the exercise, many in the military didn’t even know they were involved in a coup, so they surrendered to the Police, who remained loyal to Erdogan.


Now, soldiers are being beaten in the streets, and in some cases, have suffered public executions and beheadings by mobs Muslim mobs. Over two thousand moderate judges have been arrested, in preparation for shifts towards Sharia law. And Turkey has tilted towards more radical Islam. The military will no longer be a secular power base in the country. This is a huge victory for ISIS, and a defeat for the West. Hillary and Obama expressing their support for Erdogan, as the “democratically elected” government, shows exactly whose side they are on: the radical Muslims.

With our [US] two air bases already in Turkey, and our forces in the region, a public statement of support for the Turkish military and physical support from Incirlik might have made the difference. A non-Muslim government in Turkey might have kept millions of Muslims from entering Europe through the back door, in the near future. As it stands, the action, or lack thereof, of the U.S. government in Turkey yesterday will be remembered historically as a repeat of our failure to support the anti-Communist Cubans during the Bay Of Pigs fiasco in 1961.

I wrote about the defeat of the secular Turkish military by radical Muslim forces in an overthrow of the government in support of ISIS, and what that would mean for the future of the region, in my“Hasten The Day” trilogy.

For more information visit Divine Truth Ministries.

Roper added in an update:

Once Erdogan successfully defeated the attempted coup, he surrounded the U.S./NATO Air Base there at Incirlik, where 1,500 American and about 250 German personnel are stationed. Then he cut the power to the base, grounded all incoming and outgoing flights, and demanded that the U.S. hand over a Turkish cleric living in the U.S. whom he blames for encouraging the secular, pro-Western opposition. All of the air missions against ISIS flown from Incirlik are on hold now, and ISIS is advancing again, blowing up Syrian government armament factories and retaking vital strategic positions they’d lost. There are about 90 tactical nukes at Incirlik, by the way. The soldiers who surrendered rather than firing on civilians have been whipped in the street, and some beheaded, by pro-Islamic mobs. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the U.S. kept our Cuban base at Guantanamo because we already had a lease in place. We don’t, for Incirlik.


…..Was the coup staged?


As a DS poster wrote:

Imagine what the response would have been if this had happened without an attempted coup (from The Independent):

  • 2,745 judges dismissed
  • 10 members of the Judges and Prosecutors High Council detained
  • Arrest warrants have been issued for 48 administrative court members and 140 members of Turkey’s appeals court.

You expect me to believe that this coup which nobody was aware of until it was under way has been thoroughly investigated already and all those people were involved in this completely half-arsed supposed takeover? Bull. Shit. This whole thing is an excuse to remove his political opponents from power and suppress any dissent over it, both internally and internationally.

If he did this without the coup, Turkey’s membership in the EU would be placed in serious jeopardy, if not be totally ruled out.

My comment:


The Turkish military carried out many professional coups in the past. In fact, Atatürk’s constitution commands the military to protect secularism.  The founder of modern Turkey loathed Islam, a religion which he correctly felt held the nations back.


  1. Good scholarship / reporting. Maybe forward to Mister Mark Weber at the IHR (Institute for Historical Review) and RBN (Republic Broadcasting)

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