Crazy Mexican gets “the final solution”; white female cop freaks out and male cop rescues her

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…..but why do women want to become street cops?

Next thing you know this overweight white female cop has been disarmed by the Mexican, she is in deep trouble, and is screaming like any damsel in distress — and the male cop comes to her rescue. Why did she not just shoot the guy when he came at her — and she had her gun pointed right at him?

Brutal action at the end  the final solution.


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  1. What happened to that female cop is what would happen to any cop that follows idiot MSM advice. You with military training understand that a guy with a knife can kill a guy with a gun if he is closer than 20′ away and the shooter hesitates.

    In the case of pedophile gang-banger Alton Sterling, he is clearly going for his weapon when told to “stop moving” by police.

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