CONSTANT HACKING OF MY SITE ON EVE OF ELECTION; Evalion on Canadian tv Monday 5:30-6:30p

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JdN: Evalion with Canadian reporter  Christina Stevens… What a brave — and winsome — lass this Evalion is! She has more guts than 100 average white men!  

….From Canadian WN Paul Fromm


“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TV About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks

Young You Tube sensation — 2-million hits — “Evalion” was Interviewed by Global Television’s Christina Stevens about her videos and her recent 8-hour detention by Canada Border Services Agency operatives and the seizure of her laptop and personal diaries and notebooks. 

*** On global TV

Global Television Network

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Global Television Network
Type Broadcast television network
Country Canada
Availability National, northern U.S. (terrestrial), parts of U.S. and Bermuda (viadigital cable)
Slogan Ready? Let’s Go!
Owner Corus Entertainment
Key people
Doug Murphy
(President and CEO of Corus Entertainment)
Troy Reeb
(Vice President of News)
Launch date
January 6, 1974
(launch of CKGN-TV; now CIII-DT)
(as the CanWest Global System)
August 18, 1997
(national launch of Global brand)
Former names
CanWest Global System (used in the 1990s on non-Global branded Canwest stations)
Sister channels
Global News: BC 1
Food Network
DIY Network
Official website
Global Television Network

Global Television Network (more commonly called Global, or occasionallyGlobal TV) is a privately-owned Canadian English-language broadcasttelevision network.

It is currently Canada’s second most-watched broadcast television network after CTV,[citation needed] and has twelve owned-and-operated stations throughout the country.


Also, interviewed was CAFE Director Paul Fromm.


Myself, Margi, Paul and a Michigan activist…. Fromm was assaulted by a Jew in an elevator a week after this 2007 photo was taken — on his way to his appeal (in vain) of being fired as a teacher.



CAFE, Canada’s leading free speech advocacy group, is assisting “Evalion” who turned 19 today, in dealing with CBSA. She was denied food for 8 hours and water for 7 during her ordeal. The program airs 5:30-6:30 Monday evening. Tune in to see whether this is a fair presentation or another media hatchet job.

CAFE has protested and fought CBSA’s role as a political thought police for 20 years. CBSA targets freethinkers and has snooped through and seized computers and, in this case, even a teenage  girl’s diary and notebooks in a hound dog pursuit of potential ‘hate’.


Frederick Fromm's photo.

……Email to some backers of my new audiobook on Captain Ramsay’s ”The Nameless War”

His secret ”Red Book”
Hi, comrades.
It seems as if the Enemy does not want me to finish this audiobook’s accompanying article with hundreds of photos, or, worse, do the video I have in mind to do on the eve of this decisive election.
My German-Australian webmaster keeps changing a setting to thwart them.
I think they want me to have no traffic at all, and of course they deleted me off Facebook this spring
……and have blocked me since way back in June of 2015 from doing mass emails, though I have 2,400 good WN addresses. If I send out a mass email using any such mass email software, 97% of it is not delivered. It does not even go into the spam folder; they never get it at all.
So, literally, I cannot alert people (they do not receive the email) regarding any new, extremely important video or significant  blog or revelation.
I have to hope that ”WOM” (word-of-mouth) works…. So it simply MUST be literally a sensational blog and/or video, and it must have the potential to go viral — totally on its own merits.
Btw, Julian Assange says a 2014 email by Hillary proves she is fully a Saudi agent, she arranged the $80 billion Saudi arms purchase for the US military-industrial complex, and she knows clearly that the Saudis and Qatar are the source of ISIS funding — and she is just fine with that.
Our feminist lesbian cunt Hillary is just fine with a group that burns people alive and runs rape farms — yes, for even muslim women wearing the veil or burkha who reject ISIS.
She is fine with a pedophile husband.
Meanwhile the media continues going crazy over ”Pussygate” and Trump’s tax returns. The world will end if Donald Trump wins….
The one bright note is the FBI is releasing more and more anti-Clinton scandal files…. Apparently the rank and file of the FBI (still 84% white) is very Republican and paleo-con…. I think Comey has gotten the word that if he does not release these files, the agents themselves will leak them.
As JFK found out, if the FBI or CIA are against you, you have a problem.
The FBI under Hoover blackmailed dozens of Southern congressmen and senators to get them to vote for LBJ’s 1964 Civil Rights Act. The FBI may have serious dirt right now on some key Washington types…. serious scandals which, even if leaked, the mainstream media will not cover, but as long as the Internet is up, and bloggers and Alex Jones are not physically killed, this will come out there, and stir up millions.
Gun buy verifications have hit the 18th straight record month.
I am now almost certain that there will be violence if Killary wins, and the feds will be behind it, stirring the pot. I suspect that they will blatantly, overtly, in-your-face, steal the election in order to provoke an uprising by incensed whites, and it may include some sort of Charleston church bombing-type false-flag thing, where some ”white supremacist” guns down some little, angelic black kids in sunday school or in a kindergarten….. just to get the most primitive blax really going, which would not take much anyway after years of BLM agitation, and Obongo, who is proven CIA, as were his mother and maternal grandmother and Jew maternal grandfather, will still be the prez until January 20th of 2017….
Anyway, going back to Captain Ramsay, here is what I was able to do on the visual book — when able to get into my own site:
Here is the audiofile of the first hour. (This is a temporary webpage):

……Contact and support

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