Comrade (successful professional, father and husband) reacts to Anglin article about bitchy women, Brad Pitt and his downfall through Angelina Jolie

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…..First, my article reacting to the Anglin piece, which I found valid in parts but way too extreme 

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Andrew Anglin’s over-the-top attack on women

…..Successful white family man writes me (photos added by me)

Hi, John,
This is that email I started two days ago as a rebuttal to Anglin’s article.  If I were a professional writer, I’d probably spend a few more days on this, but I think it does get my points across.
Now, I do draw on my own experiences with this, but I’d say I have this one figured out, and it will also demonstrate why Anglin is so wrong.  He is placing blame on women, when the real problem is that both women and men are so Jewed that both sexes have lost the ability to relate to each other, in Western society — thanks to the Jews.
Hideous Jewess Betsy Frieden, co-founder of modern feminism
The other co-founder, Bella Abzug
Black and white photograph depicting Congresswoman and activist Bella Abzug speaking at an event at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. A life-long New Yorker and a prominent New York politician, Abzug attended many important political events at the Waldorf.
I was never really all that “successful” with women, according to the modern definitions.  I got ZERO experience in male-female relations in high school, because I went to an all-boys prep school.  Great for learning, but not for dating…..
Choate (the Kennedys went there)
So when I went to college, that is where I really had my first chances to meet women.  It was pretty much a disaster.  I look back and realize that the women I did ask out, today I wouldn’t give a second glance.  I was picking from the second string and striking out.
And the really pathetic thing was I can think of at least three women who tried to approach me, and I was too much of a goober to realize it.  Nope, I didn’t pick up on what they were doing and in each situation it wasn’t until about a half hour later that I realized what had happened.
Plus, I had the other handicap of being too picky.  I would let things like different religions, or other nonsensical issues get in the way of simply MEETING women.  I was such a moron.
I had NO confidence, I was picky, and I wasn’t too quick.  What a combination.   Oh, and if you’re wondering why my father didn’t teach me how to be confident, he was too busy trying to keep a roof over our heads and put food our table.   It’s not called the rat race for nothing.  It was a race created by a species of rat-like hominids that robs us of our time and humanity!
I went on to professional school, and realistically nobody was dating in the class.  However, after the first couple of years there were chances to meet women outside of school, and because I was a student and not working in my field, they weren’t interested.  YAY ME!
During school, I became good friends with a guy who exuded confidence.  He had so much confidence, that he actually flunked out and pretended that he simply matriculated at another school, and nobody knew it was a ruse!  This guy was instrumental in bringing me out of my shell.  .
Prior to us becoming friends, I had very little confidence in social settings.  But after hanging around this guy for a couple of years, I had a lot of confidence.  And over the next couple of years after school, I got over my pickiness and smartened-up a bit, so that by the time I met my wife, I was not only ready for her, but I was the most confident man she had ever met.  Although she found me physically attractive, what really won her over was my confidence level.  She says she saw it in just the way I walk across a room.
The other lesson I gleaned from school was from a conversation with one of my female classmates.  I don’t remember how we got to talking about the subject, but we were talking about how so many girls seem attracted to the “dirt bag” type.   She summed it up very simply that the dirt bag type is fun.  Nice guys are boring.

As I’ve come to conclude many years ago, women aren’t so much looking for a guy who is going to be a jerk to them and treat them like a piece of meat, à la the Anglin analysis and recommendations.  But they ARE looking for a confident man who will take charge and BE a man.
A man who they know will treat them well, and protect and provide for their kids and themselves – all subconscious queues women are looking for.  It also says they’ll be fun and keep them interested.  A nice guy can be very boring. 🙁
Since the 1960’s, manhood has been under constant attack.  (((They))) didn’t start right away after WW2 in the U.S.  What was left of Germany had to be neutered first, and  (((they)))  gave the Western Allies time to celebrate and bask in the glow of a supposed victory.
But once the mid 60’s rolled around, de-man-ification began.   This process accelerated in the 1970’s, and was given a reprieve during the Reagan administration.  Kind of like the way you reel in a fish.
Once he left office, the continuing slide towards the current degenerate state of manhood continued.  Men aren’t taught how to be MEN these days, and how can they when their fathers and their fathers before them never taught their kids to be men?  Even going back to the WW2 generation.  How many of their kids were never really taught the traditional male roles because their fathers had unresolved PTSD in their heads?
Women have had the corresponding nonsense introduced into their heads.  They have been given very unrealistic expectations of what men should be, starting with children’s TV programming and movies.  This continues through the teen years with the provided pop-star role models and continues through college and young adulthood.  But beyond that, the most dangerous idea introduced into the female mind has been sympathy for the other, at the expense of one’s own people.  And it’s a relatively easy idea to plant.
Images of starving children living in squalor go right to that protective mothering impulse.  Notice that pictures of starving white babies living in squalor are NEVER shown in the media.  If enough images of poor South African whites [photo], or the poor of Appalachia ever leaked out into the media, it might bring down 72 years of brainwashing efforts.
At this point, we’re on the third generation of people who have had their brains filled with Jewish ideas.
So now we have a population of white women who are pre-disposed to help “the poor brown people”, and a population of white males who don’t know how to act like men.  Some of them have so little confidence that they have “given up” on women, and have even branded themselves as being MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Way].
Yeah, that’s something to hang your hat on.  Surrender without a fight.  Couple that with the descendants of slaves and an invading population of foreign men who have a system of beliefs that is more of a war philosophy than it is a religion, then of course some women might find the other attractive, or at least feel sympathy for them.  One thing leads to another and you get voluntary race mixing or rape.
If men had the confidence they are supposed to have, none of this would be an issue.  Women would not seek out these invaders, thinking that the aggressive behavior of the invaders is somehow the manliness they have been longing for.   Or, women would simply not be looking to race-mix.
Thankfully, not all white women and men are like this.  There are plenty of women who do not translate any sympathy for the other into taking actions that are detrimental to both themselves and our race.  And, there are plenty of men that still make the effort to find a woman.  The situation is not anywhere near as dire or hopeless as Andrew Anglin describes.  A man who is confident in himself can quickly overcome any amount of Jewish programming. But, if men don’t soon start acting like men instead of overgrown boys, then we will see a continuing decline of our race.
Confidence.  Some are born with it.  Most learn it.  Some learn it at a young age, so it comes naturally.  Others learn it later in life.  Some never learn confidence, and sadly, they are the ones who strike out.

…..I can testify there ARE good white women out there who love our race — and their man

I met Margi on April 20, 2005, the day I came back from Europe (from the south of France). I was a writer and later associate editor for The Barnes Review magazine, and she volunteered her services, which impressed me no end. The Israeli atrocities at the Palestinian village of Jenin under Ariel Sharon had become her inner turning point.


She is a great cook, a wonderful singer, a fine translator, and brave as well as feminine. We broke up for a while 2011-12, but got back together, having both made some changes. 🙂

Speaking at a Duke meeting in 2008

Singing an Irish song in an intermission to a speech of mine in Lower Michigan


At a monument (not very nice) to the Rhine Meadow victims of Eisenhower in Germany


At the Nathan Bedford Forrest cavalry statue in Memphis (removed by the black City Council there after the supposed Charleston Church Shooting by Dylan Storm Roof)


Stands by her man 🙂


I agree with the comrade’s article above. There are good white women out there if you are a man and confident in yourself and your mission, and study female and male psychology with a burning desire to make the relationship work for both sides.

One huge purpose of my coming religion is to make it possible to have good marriages and kids again.



… and support

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  1. de Nugent – thank you for an excellent site. You have a knack for digging up very interesting information at times.
    Two things here:
    Why spend so much time attacking Anglin (or David Duke for that matter)? These are people who very much overlap with you in the way they want the society to progress, but they may differ in their approach. I have seen the same in alternative health discussions on the net, which I have followed for a couple of decades: Never is the discussions and arguments more hateful and intense than towards those who has a slightly different take on your particular type of diet.
    And secondly – why bash the MGTOW when you have such destructive divorce laws like in the US? The MGTOW is, as Helen Smith has pointed out in her book Men on Strike, just doing a rational choice given the appalling odds given US men in a marriage. MGTOW is a symptom. Why not man up and get rid of the laws that almost makes marriage a russian roulette? You can be as self assured as you like, if your partner decides to act like a bitch (and quite a few women do), you’re toast, and will in many cases have to kiss your money and your children goodbye.

    • Dear comrade,

      Well, I am not quite sure where to begin 😉 , since you seem to misunderstand almost everything about my actual views.

      First, the word “attack.” Maybe in Millennnial Trollworld every critique is now an “attack,” but not in my generation.

      Cambridge University Dictionary:

      verb US ​ /əˈtæk/
      attack verb (HURT)

      [ I/T ] to try to
      hurt or defeat someone or something using violence:
      [ T ] Two campers were attacked by a bear last night.
      [ I ] Most wild animals won’t attack unless they are provoked.
      [ I/T ] If a disease or a chemical attacks something, it damages it:
      [ T ] The stress hormone cortisol attacks the immune system.
      attack verb (CRITICIZE)

      [ T ] to criticize someone or something strongly:
      Critics have attacked her ideas as antidemocratic.
      In TV ads, he attacked his opponent’s record.

      Now, really, where have I ever “attacked” Andrew Anglin? Never.

      With regard to Duke, he and Don Black have defamed me and successfully marginalized me deliberately with lies against my character for eight straight years.

      Beyond that, he ludicrously claims 1) (along with jew puppet George Dubya Bush and the lying 9/11 Commission) that it really was Arabs who did 9/11 (sic) and 2) that the modern Israelis do not descend from converted Hunnish Khazars, and not the Jews of Bible times. Both deranged Duke lies HELP ISRAEL.

      Duke is IMO am MK-ULTRA, and he is loathed and despised by many of us in the Old Guard (just ask Tom Metzger!), because we actually, personally KNOW the guy, and not just from his books and vids (which are always good).

      I am actually fully conversant in MGTOW, I was cleaned out twice in divorce, at age 35 and again at 50, I had my two kids turned radically against me, and I have an acquaintance who has been crucified by the Minnesota Family Courts.

      My objection is merely to Anglin, whom I admire for many reasons and to whom I have donated (umm, have YOU? 😉 ), going somewhat overboard and blasting all women, as women, as he did in his admittedly colorful and gripping article on the Brad Pitt debacle (

      While I do agree (from my own experience) with this:

      We have all had our lives ruined by a woman, at least once. I have never met a (white Western) man who hasn’t.

      ….did Andrew have to also write THIS after six cups of coffee?

      If you adopt my ideology that women are purely objects and property […]


      modern women are lower than dogs

      ….and, finally, this whopper:

      But the most important first lesson to dealing with women is to learn that they are all vicious, amoral, mindless whores who do not deserve respect or admiration of any sort, and the only reason you feel a desire to treat them like they’re special is that your brain has evolved to release compassion chemicals when you look at them.

      Someday, these “juicy tidbits” of outright misogyny may come back to haunt WNs in a disastrous way.

      Someday the Washington Compost and Jew York Times may put them right on Page One, and infuriate more than half the white population, both women and women-loving men, against both us as a community and against our sacred cause of white survival, which I have supported with huge commitment and sacrifice for 38 years.

      Yes, in this article Andrew was venting and, even more, trying to drastically make his points so they stick; I get that. And I admire his courage, since there is some grain of validity to almost every word he says. at least with regard to the majority of females.

      However, since Anglin has such a huge website (through his talent, imagination, sense of fun, and German-American hard work), he has now some responsibilities to shoulder. He needs to lead his readers, and take them onto the upward path, as Dr. Pierce said. (I worked 1981-84 for him.)

      He must not demagogically follow his bitter readers down to a lower level — by just giving them what they wanna hear. That is not leader-ship, though it is better for growing reader-ship.;-).

      Don’t go down to their level, Andrew; lift them up to yours.

      As I wrote here:

      I can further say that Margi is not [the way Anglin decribes], she was NS before she ever met me, and she became NS entirely on her own.
      And when I was a Jehovah’s Witness, way, way back in 1970-1975, I saw many feminine, sweet, respectful, loyal and capable women.
      I really doubt Anglin has EVER been a member of any conservative church where women were highly honored and happy within their God-assigned and vital roles.

      I am creating a new Aryan religion now because we need to make white people great again. In their values. In their hearts. In their lives and relationships. Facts on other races, Jews and their incessant atrocities do NOT elevate our people.

      A true lady brings forth the gentleman in a man, and the maiden in distress the hero in us all.

      Look at this girl. Her eyes and pressed lips, to me, are saying: “I wish there were still men who were knights in shining armor.”

      I admit it — I love women. 🙂

  2. Well, we could discuss this until the cows come home.
    Anglin – he is what I would call a self proclaimed clown of the new right (or alt right or whatever): At least partially. We have to keep in mind that clowning is serious business. But also, as an example: I really enjoyed his insight (through very hard work) into the twists and turns of Trumps betrayal to his promises and consequent bombing of Syria. As to his writing on women – some of it is bad. Very bad. But he use his whole dailystormer sight on provocation anyways. I would not worry about the legacy of some of his writings.
    David Duke? His book about jewish supremacism is great. His theories of the genetical composition of the jews may be wrong. Maybe Michael Bradley (who you introduced to me through those excellent pages) is closer to the mark. But is really David Dukes fallacies worth too much of your time? Leave him in the dust were he deserves to be left in the dust.
    As to women: I met at Dutchman in a bar in a little village outside Barcelona once. We were having a good time over a few pints of beer, and the discussion inevitably turned to women. He looked at me while slowly shaking his head and said: “Women? They make you and they brake you.” And maybe there we are at the crux of the matter? As a man, either you fight for her through strength until death, and decide your own destiny, or you allow her to overrun you, and let her decide your destiny. Death is ultimately the end game, the struggle is as to who decides. She tells you that either you fight with all you have for her ovaries, or she’ll allow somebody/something else to kill you. Her aim is procreation with the strongest. And in our fight for a position, it is only natural that we love them, but NEVER unconditionally.
    My MGTOW comment was aimed at the article you took in on this page. Not you. I was a bit unclear there.

    • Right.

      My point is that the majority of men are as primitive in THEIR way as average women are in theirs. We need a new Aryan faith to uplift both sexes from their worst instincts.

      NEVER would Adolf Hitler have tolerated (or there been any justification for) a sentence from any of his ministers such as:

      But the most important first lesson to dealing with women is to learn that they are all vicious, amoral, mindless whores who do not deserve respect or admiration of any sort [….]

      What is it we despise in a “bitch”? When she is not true to her higher feminine nature and calling, and is a cold, calculating, unfeeling, unsoothing, unkind, loveless, uncompassionate and unsupportive wench toward her man (or kids).

      But by the same token, we must loathe a man who is not true to his! Most men today are cowards, louts, obese and weak physical disgraces, disloyal, unreliable, and weak in every way.

      It is time to lift our race up, not fight among ourselves.

      A German paterfamilias (and naval officer) with his wife and child.

  3. Anglin no doubt is talented and has started a movement with his web site but being a young fella in his early 30’s, he has a learning curve in which he is going through and should take a few minutes to reflect on what he is writing in his articles, especially towards feminism .
    I think Duke’s reasoning is that some Khazars converted to Judaism and took up the Babylonian Talmud as their guide but why differentiate the difference between our common enemy? Of couse the Jews think differently.

    • Duke is helping Israel in significant ways, whatever message his books and vids put out, by denying they did 9/11 (KILLING THREE THOUSAND AMERICANS AND OTHERS) and saying (to Born-Again Christians) that the modern Israelis do descend from the Jews of the Bible, and thus have “fulfilled Bible prophecy” through being “ingathered by the Lord” and “Returning to the Holy Land that God promised to Abraham and his seed.”

      Evangelicals get all tingly about this. This is a key factor for many in their blind support of IsxraHell: “Israel fulfills Bible prophecy.>” (But not if a bunch of converted Huns moves there. 😉 )

      Both Duke lies HELP ISRAEL, and prove to me that he is either an agent or an MK-ULTRA, since both assertions are blatantly false and have been exhaustively disproven.

      Most do not realize that Tom Metzger, who is sort of the dean at this stage of White Nationalism, says Duke is an agent and some day will write a book laughing in our faces……

      Metzger worked for Duke, became disgusted, quit, and has become a fierce enemy, one of many that Duke has made.

      And writing a book about and against us is exactly what his protégé 2009-14 did, the Finn Henrik Holappa, who infiltrated first my operation in Pennsylvania, then turned on me after I did huge things to help him, then turned on the Nordic Resistance Movement as well, whose Finnish branch he had headed with their financing.

      Holappa now lives in Finland, having abandoned his white wife in Sweden and their kids, and is married to a Chinese woman and works for, claiming “immigration is not a threat,” “there is no white genocide,” and “Hitler is the most evil man of the 20th century.”

      “I founded a Neo-Nazi Group”

  4. I did not know Duke so up close and personal as you once did. Most of us who just watched some of his video’s or read one of his books surely do not see his inner workings as you have. I also agree with you that the Khazar converts and the original Jews of Judea are not the same people. Most Baptists, Assembly of god and the church of John Hagee are almost as big a problem as the Jewish lobby.

    • I supported Duke until he attacked me using his proxies in March 2009. Because I hate infighting, I only went on the counter-offensive two whole years later, in 2011, after realizing I had been totally marginalized by Duke and Black slanders and whispering campaigns as a nut, homosexual, pedophile, wife-beater, swindler and overall scumbag.

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