Comrade reports his UFO “missing time” experience

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Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt

First, John [he wrote me], I think you’ll be interested in a very mysterious small plane crash in northern Wisconsin, not too far from your location, on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 3:21 AM:

The cryptic statement by Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt that “We’re dealing with things that people just don’t want to talk about or see” was very strange.

If he was just referring to the mangled bodies of the plane-crash victims, he wouldn’t have phrased it in that cryptic manner.

The “We’re dealing with things” implies larger forces at work, not a simple plane crash. And why would people not want to talk about it? That, combined with the pilot’s report about “local weather phenomenon,” despite the video below saying that only low clouds were present, makes this a very strange story indeed.

According to the video in the article below, a recovery team member told the first newsgirl that, based on the very scattered wreckage, they believe the plane broke apart in mid-air, and Nathan Wentworth, the recovery team member interviewed, said

“This was very…. extreme. We – I’ve never been on a recovery this…. uh, this scattered. Uh, and I don’t believe we’ve ever recovered a plane that’s been this um…. broken up.”

Note his worried expression, as if he’s revealing too much. Also note that the second newsgirl gets an instruction in her earpiece apparently telling her to emphasize again the supposed reason (cover story?) for the crash, which causes her to say, “Oh, right,” and then a long pause in her delivery before repeating it – very suspicious!

So according to the cover story told by the second newsgirl, the pilot supposedly crashed because his plane’s strobe lights reflected off low clouds and confused him, causing him to crash, yet a recovery team member told the first newsgirl that based on the very scattered wreckage, they believe the plane broke up in the air!

So, something is definitely strange here.

If the plane broke up in the air as they said, it means that the plane’s strobe lights reflecting off low clouds had nothing to do with the crash, and yet, that is the cover story they’re already pushing. I have to wonder if any bodies were even found in this crash – they may have been abducted by a UFO before having their plane disintegrated in mid-air, which has happened in previous UFO cases. That would account for the sheriff’s strange, cryptic comment. This was no ordinary plane crash, and they’re already trying to cover it up.

…..My family’s own experience

The above videos reminded me of something that happened to me and my parents one summer night in the very same area of northern Wisconsin where this plane crashed – only a few miles away, in fact. This was in the late 1960s or early 1970s, and I was a young boy at the time. We had rented a cabin on a small lake (can’t recall its name), near the town of Hayward, Wisconsin and Lake Chippewa [photo], to do some fishing.


JdN: This is about a 3.5-hour, 160-mile drive southwest of me in Ontonagon, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The UP has constant UFO experiences, and several highly reputable citizens of my town have reported in detail on huge craft they saw, or on a “missing time” experience while boating (dead sober!) on Lake Superior. 


A Vietnam vet and Swift-boat Navy veteran told me he SAW a hostile being while in his fishing cabin in the Porcupine Mtns Wilderness Park, and the sadistic being tried to get his cabin door open. He was so terrified as he held the door shut that he said the insides of his thighs cramped up in wild fear.  He said it looked like an elephant face. As my essay shows, aliens can be human or non-human, and either nice, neutral or seriously nasty (just like us earthlings).


My dad loved to fish for muskies, which are plentiful in many northern Wisconsin lakes.

My dad liked to wake us up at about 3:00 AM for our car trips, so that he could be “on the road before the traffic started,” so I think we must have been leaving to go home. It was still totally dark (no lights anywhere for miles around) and silent on this narrow, dirt or gravel road in the middle of a heavily forested area, with very tall trees on both sides of the road, and I was in the back seat of the car, with my dad driving, and my mom in the front passenger seat.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the sky above and behind our car, and seemed to be following us, and it wasn’t a helicopter or plane. I recall being very scared, and my dad looking very worriedly at his rear-view mirrors many times, and my mom saying, “It’s following us!” and then later, “Is it still following us?” in a very frightened tone of voice. I remember looking out the back window at this light in the sky following us, and being very scared.

The next thing I remember is being very tired, and being told by my parents to go to sleep. To this day, I suspect that something strange may have happened to us that night, because there seemed to be “missing time.”

One minute we were all very scared of this light in the sky that was following us, and the next minute my parents were calm, I was very tired, and they were telling me to go to sleep (we were still driving). It was very strange, and although I remember very few things from such a young age, and so many years ago, I remember that night very clearly, and how scared I was.

Many years later, in the early 1980s, during my rebellious teenage years, and for reasons which I still don’t fully understand, I drew a picture of a very evil-looking alien, and left it on the dinner table of our house, so my dad would see it when he came home from work.

This was very uncharacteristic of me, since I never left drawings for my dad or my mom, let alone drawings of evil-looking aliens. In my minds’ eye, the alien that I drew was about 7 feet tall and very thin, with long white hair, wearing a form-fitting space-suit, but with extremely muscular shoulders and arms, a very evil-looking face with large black eyes, and skin that was as white as chalk. For some reason, I associated this alien that I drew with the idea of an “Aryan/Nazi superman.” It looked similar to the tall alien in this image, but much more muscular, and with more evil-looking facial features:

I think I knew my drawing would upset my dad, which is probably why I drew it, but I wasn’t prepared for his extreme reaction. When he came home from work and saw that drawing, he flew into a rage, and literally wanted to kill me – I’d never seen him so angry, and couldn’t understand why that drawing had such a bad effect on him.

His reaction really shocked me, and scared the hell out of me. It was as if I had opened a painful, repressed memory that he didn’t want to relive, and I think it may have had something to do with that strange night in northern Wisconsin many years earlier.

I’ve even thought about having a hypnotic regression session, so I could find out what, if anything, happened that night in northern Wisconsin, but I’m too worried about what it might uncover. It’s probably better that I don’t remember it.

Here are some possibly related articles I found by doing a quick search on “tall white aliens”:

Of course, {{{Forbes magazine}}} ridicules the whole idea of aliens visiting Earth, but it’s interesting that they still posted this article:

This article from Iran’s Fars news agency, referenced in the above Forbes article, contains a very interesting RT video interview with former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on the different alien species visiting Earth:


…….More”Missing time” experiences

Jim Gaul “Coast to Coast” had a story about people who have gone missing without a trace in our national forests. The few who did reappear could not account for their missing time or whereabouts. The only common thread among most of these missing people was reported that most of them were of Germanic ancestry.

John de Nugent Really? Germanic? Interesting.
Jim Gaul yip. Of course most of our national forests tend to be in the northwest quadrant of the country where Germanic ancestry prevails.
John de Nugent A friend and fmr Marine who works in the electric power industry had a “missing time” episode while driving his speedboat on Lake Superior near Houghton.  A USO, a “big green light” underwater, an Unidentified Submersible Object, began following his boat to the right. When he “came to,” the sun had moved well across the sky.


Jim Gaul I have no answers, only speculation. I’m just providing some raw data with hopes that you can make use of it eventually.



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