What color hair did ancient Greeks have?

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…..What did the ancient Greeks look like?

For the world hit movie “300” about the ancient Spartans, the Jewish producer Zak Snyder ordered the Irish-Scottish actor Gerard Butler outrageously to dye his hair jet-black and wear dark contact lenses….


Butler’s real appearance, which I contend matches actually the ancient Greeks:


A Finnish-American sent me a link to a thread on the hair color of the ancient Greeks:

Were ancient Greeks as pale, fair and “Western” as Western society tends to portray them? How long has the West been doing this for? • /r/AskHistorians

I replied:

Thanks for the link to that thread, but how wimpy, beating-around-the-bush, and politically correct! They were terrified to admit the ancient Greeks, who founded our civilization, were much more nordic than the modern Greeks, who racially look more like Arabs, and whose country is racked by corruption and chaos.

The Greeks most certainly did have a word for blond, xanthos! I studied Classical Greek at Georgetown and got an A twice, in the fall of 1980 and the spring of 1981 (see transcript), and also I studied on my own koiné Greek, the lingua franca of the whole Eastern Mediterranean due to Alexander the Great’s conquests. The New Testament was also written in koiné Greek. (I studied koiné to better understand Christianity in the original language.)

(Click to enlarge; my Greek courses are on the right side.)


The ancient Greeks knew very well how blond the Germans were and many of the Kelts as well….and described them as xanthoi.  yellow-haired!


The Finn wrote me:

Our Finnish word for yellow is kelta, keltainen.

The Encyclopedia Britanica of 1926 states under ‘Celt

It is practice to speak of the dark-complexioned people of France, Great Britain and Ireland as “black Celts”. The philologists have added to the confusion by classing as “Celtic” the speeches of the dark-complexioned races of the west of Scotland and the west of Ireland. The Greeks termed all the fair-haired peoples dwelling north of the Alps as Keltoi.

I replied:

Very interesting!

In reality, the Kelts were blond, Indo-European latecomers who conquered the dark-haired peoples, drank milk (which non-nordics often cannot digest well) and thus were full of muscle-building protein.


In one of Plato’s dialogues, a speaker opines: “the dark-haired we call manly, and the blond the children of the gods.”

Stonewall Jackson, one of the greatest Confederate generals


the Confederate cavalry genius, Nathan Bedford Forrest


I and Margi at his statue in Memphis in 2008


Most Greeks are depicted on pottery as dark-haired, which means brown — not jet-black hair like the Chinese.


The key is however the facial features and bone structure, which are northern-european, not semitic. The nose is straight, the forehead goes straight up, the mouth is flat, not bulging forward, and the chin juts out.



Alexander the Great, who was noted for blushing or reddening right down to his chest.alexander-the-great

Semitic genes, by contrast, cause the face and skull itself to have a very different shape, and sadly, many modern Greeks have some of these genes from the nearby peoples.

http://johndenugent.com/neanderthals-and-semites/  From the beginning of my essay:


Neanderthals & Semites


A comrade wrote: This is great but long….

I replied:

Every mental revolution merits a mountain of evidence…to see Jews as a prehistoric race….not as modern humans at all…and then as originally a roaming horde of outcasts and criminals, the Habiru (Hebrews) that once plagued the Near East, and whose “religion” is mere window-dressing and the cynical justification of their chosen life — of crime.



I honor the now vindicated, courageous, visionary, part-Jewish author Michael Bradley of Alabama (and now Toronto, Canada) (www.michaelbradley.info)

His seminal 1992 book Chosen People from the Caucasus states that semitic peoples have Stone Age neanderthal genes in significant amounts,

Famous US Jewish author Israel Zangwill, who promoted the idea of a “melting pot” of races


…and this genetic makeup encourages violence, fanaticism and terribly oppression of women.



This book by the Jewish author Samuel Roth reveals the entire radical hatred that Jews feel for Gentiles: http://www.jrbooksonline.com/roth.htm� �

Here is the half-Jewish Bradley’s book on the violent, neanderthalic nature of Jews.

ADL bankroller and Jewish mega-gangster Meyer Lansky, buried with full honors in Israel


Classic Cro Magnon faces in modern Europeans and Americans with upright foreheads, straight up like the White Cliffs of Dover…..

….and only slightly receding mouths and strong chins


John Kennedy, as depicted in profile on the 1965 quarter-dollar coin, with truly perfect Cro Magnon features. (Ireland, home of all his ancestors, has or had until recently, by virtue of its location on the edge of Europe, the most stable Cro Magnon genetics of any European country.)

President Kennedy with German aristocrat and brilliant rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. The chin juts out, as much or more than the mouth.

Dutch actor Rutger Hauer

Irish-Australian actress Nicole Kidman

Miss Iceland 2007, Johanna Vala

French movie star Alain Delon

Depiction of prehistoric neanderthals; note the sloping forehead, protruding mouth, weak chin and semitic, hooked nose.

Screenshot from a National Geographic documentary


Depictions of trolls in “mythology” always resemble those of neanderthals, raising the question if the myths about trolls and ogres recall actual neanderthals (from the movie “Troll II”)


Cro magnon (white) and neanderthal (Jewish) skeletons

Cro Magnons (left) as stated above had foreheads that went straight up, and strong chins but flat mouths; neanderthals (right) have sloping foreheads, protruding mouths, and huge rib cages like gorillas, with a fire-hydrant body

A reconstructed neanderthal face and body

Many Jews…….both sephardic and khazarian/ashkenazic

Note especially the protruding mouth of “Lady Gaga,” lower-left, and (below) that of 1960s singer Carly Simon.

A 2009 picture of Simon

….and yet Arabs. Armenians and other Middle Easterners ALSO have this neanderthal gene.

An Arab-muslim warlord� preparing to attack a white, Christian army defending Europe


The Times Square bomber from Pakistan, Faisal Shahzad

Yassir Arafat, founder and head for decades of the PLO

A French Jew and synagogue president; note the fireplug body, protruding mouth and sloped forehead

Jewish boxer Vladimir Klitchko



German-Jewish Kabbalah writer Gershom Scholem (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gershom_Scholem)

Truly infamous Jewish neo-neanderthals: Jewish activist Samuel Untermeyer, creator of the lying Scofield Bible…

Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney chief of staff who feloniously blew the cover of a vital CIA agent in retaliation for her husband’s truthful disclosures about the bogus WMD accusations against Saddam Hussein and Iraq

Menachem Begin as a young man in 1940……

Begin as cabinet minister

Shimon Peres

Larry Silverstein (below) made $4 billion in profits off the WTC, paid out by German reinsurance company, Munich Re. He had only made two small payments on the WTC mortgage when September 11 happened, which also meant he as owner never had to remove all the asbestos in the complex at a cost to himself of billion$. The asbestos just went out into the NYC air, sickening and killing thousands of gentile New Yorkers doing the cleanup.

Henry Kissinger

Where the nordic genes come from is no mystery…. the “gods” were extremely advanced humans, whom I call the exonordics.

Strange possible UFO photo from Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest area; Colin Andrew info on Frenchman abducted in 1966 by extremely advanced exonordics – John de Nugent

The nordics also were the upper class of ancient Egypt:

A Reich Christmas; Aryans in the Canaries and ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon






  1. Hi, Mr de Nugent,

    My take on the hair colour of the Ancient Greeks is that it varied according to time and place, which will account for any conflicting descriptions given in Classical literature concerning their physical traits. When one comes across quotes by ancient commentators of Grecians being blonde or brunette, I feel its best to assume the writers in question were primarily refering to the prevailing hair colour of a particular part of Greece at whatever particular point in history they lived. Just as pre-industrial revolution Britain had areas where one or other hair colour predominated, I believe Ancient Greece likewise would’ve been no different. Strangely many Greeks today resemble Sumerian sculpture more than Classical Greek sculpture. Such Armenoid types may have been present in the region alongside the indigenous Mediterraneans well before the first Nordic Proto-Greek conquerors settled there, but presumably they subsequently increased in number due to later Hellenistic period soldiers returning to Greece with Near Eastern brides and their families. Please do more articles on our ancient heritage!

    Take care, Mr. de Nugent

  2. Wow… I had no idea it boiled down to the neanderthal vs. the cro-magnon. It’s an interesting theory. I was just visiting this site to find out what the ancient Greeks looked like. I’m 100% Irish btw… but whatever, I don’t find this offensive or know if there is any actual evidence to support this theory.

    So what is your stance on people of African descent or Aboriginals from the Americas and Australia; how do they fit into this genetic equation?

  3. Cro Magnons were Black…….

    Greeks were a combo population. At first Black and then overun by Dorian and Ionians …. hence a “mulatto” and then dark white population over time.

    Most of those marble statues are fakes made in the renaissance. They rarely used hard marble in sculpture: it was too hard. they use bronze and softer more porous stones.

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