CLEAR WHOM THEY FEAR — 1) Jack Sen’s very moderate British Renaissance website suspended by UK GOVERNMENT; 2) my site again hacked and IP address deleted; WE NEED OUR OWN SERVER!!!

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Gone…. suspended by order of the British government, and it was a very moderate website!

It is clear that the Wall Street/City of London Jews fear the tremendous potential and charisma of Jack Sen, a Brit who grew up partly in the United States, an a man whom I have been advising and supporting proudly for years now.

His daughter Alexa


His wife Natalie, a huntress and former model of Swedish and Ukrainian parentage

Jack interviewing Cambridge graduate, former head of the British National Party in its heyday, and Member of the European Parliament Nicholas John Griffin

Interviewing longtime activist and former MEP Andrew Brons 

Headlines came out when it was leaked that I had been funding Jack when he ran for Parliament in 2015. (Even though suspended by Nigel Farage  for antisemitism, Sen STILL got 13%!)

As tight as money is always for me, I have always found a way to send Jack help. At 40 he is in his prime to change the world. 

Jack’s excellent book about his adventures and achievements

Jack needs funding; can you help?

to and mark it “JS”

I’m asking You. Will You Dare to Help Us?

Or contact me this way:

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…My site and video platform Sonnenrad hacked again

All day yesterday, this was, as the 108-day hack resumed in the new year — because I do not have my own server.


One of my two webmasters checked it out and got this:

[07.01.2017 20:34:34] R: There is no IP address, John, for your website!
[07.01.2017 20:34:57] R: I just did a traceroute for your site and there’s no freakin’ IP Address!!
[07.01.2017 20:35:02] R: WTF!
[07.01.2017 20:36:30] R: Domain Name: JOHNDENUGENT.COM
Registrar: TUCOWS DOMAINS INC. [….[]
[07.01.2017 20:43:50] R: You know, this just doesn’t seem right.

What I’m saying is that (((someone))) had to have changed/erased the IP setting for
I don’t know who that someone is, but it sucks that your site has been down so long. There’s no real excuse for it, either. Someone probably had to go in manually to change the settings. That’s my take on this bizarre turn: Siteground is a bit messed up – maybe from within, maybe accidentally, maybe a 3-letter agency [ = such as the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.], and maybe very intentionally.

On, literally the only functioning WN video platform on the planet earth, all three top videos were done by me, and this video platform too was suspended.


Then the Jews did a second attack this evening, and comrade Michael Weaver alerted me to this. they changed the “.php setting” ( and, as a result, when anyone tried to visit my site or Sonnenrad, they got instead a very scary download!

And, ONCE AGAIN, as soon as I contacted my two webmasters, this attack stopped!

Thus, just as last fall, during the 108-day hack, which has now resumed, there is a live Jew sitting there and hacking “in real time,” then stopping the hack as soon as I sound the alarm.

It is extremely frustrating that I cannot AFFORD the software and hardware to stop this slow annihilation of my website and readership base! I know what I need to do but there is no money to do it!


Here is a screenshot of my visitor traffic for the last six months. The encircled period is when Russia-1 television and the CEO of the network, Dimitry Kiselyov, and the Alex Jones, twice,  showed my site for 13 seconds.

This is also when the Great Hack began. ON SEPTEMBER 11!!!!!!!!!

What an interesting day of the year for Russia-1 television to choose for promoting my article, which came out back in the spring of last year,  saying Jews were out to murder a key American and change world history!

PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by JEWS — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article

This was about MY article on MY website saying the Jews might try to assassinate Trump.

Russia -1 television actually made a special graphic so my website URL would stand out!


President Putin and his appointee to head Russia-1, Dmitry Kiselyov


Alex Jones did TWO videos on how Putin was warning Trump of assassination!  But the article and website ()mine and mine) that Kiseklyob and Jones used said THE JEWS would be behind it!




My site readership should have totally taken off when Russian television and twice Alex Jones showed my site, but instead DUE TO CONSTANT HACKING it went down and down and down and down AND DOWN AND DOWN!

My first video on Sonnenrad, (Kill Them All”) was about VIP pedophiles, the next (in German with subtitles) was about “Hitler, then and now,”  and the third (“Adolf Hitler, true friend”) was about how Hitler loved and saved working people from their poverty and misery under Jewish hyper-capitalism, and on WHY and how the FED continues the Great Recession in now its eighth year.

The J-Team is very worried about the new radio network we are establishing, which will be homosexual-free, and thus, unlike Red Ice, Richard Spencer-free ;-), and its content will be partly free and partly by paid subscription, like Red Ice.

The Big Jews are equally or even more worried about my ongoing and also very personal crusade against the satanistic-pedophile network inside Western governments.

They literally began chemtrailing my very isolated village of Ontonagon, Michigan (pop. 1500) with two jets daily the very week that this shocking video came out (53,000 views on all platforms, but mostly on Sonnenrad)

Close-up of a map of the western-southern shore of Lake Superior. You can see that Ontonagon is very isolated and the nearest big town, Houghton (pop. just 7,000) is 57 miles away. 

TWO jets to chemtrail this sleepy town because of ME! Or rather my potential, if given proper funding!

I speak here first-hand of what I underwent in the Manchurian Candidate program until I ran spectacularly away from home at age ten. Yes, the Manchurian Candidate program is real to create puppet politicians and presidents!

Comrade not eager to read about ritual child abuse. Oh, I get it, but try going THROUGH it!


We desperately need to get our own server and not depend on webhosts the Jews can bribe or threaten into sabotaging us!

Who will make the donations we need to make this vital change?

It is clear whom the Jews fear! 

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

I’m asking You. Will You Dare to Help Us?

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