CLAIM: UFO followed by four US fighter jets over US air base in Turkey

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June 2016 – Turkey, Izmir – US military base – 400km away from Istanbul. Leaked video showing formation of jet fighters escorting strange UFO / alien space craft.

Watch the VIDEO HERE ! [JdN: You can turn off the volume if the rock music added bothers you.]



American witness inside Izmir Air Station [US], Turkey, reports there were many people watching the strange shaped UFO in the sky that was escorted by the jet fighters. There were many witnesses to the event.

“We were all in our office when we were told to come outside and see this really strange event in the sky,” the witness stated.

Turkey is one of the strategic military installations run by the US Air Force in Europe. It’s one of the oldest and largest cities of Turkey. Izmir is also close to the Aegean Sea.

In Turkey, UFO events are monitored by the Sirius center. According to their records, in 2015 between April 1 and Oct. 28 there were 3,640 reports of UFO sightings; 526 of them were recorded on camera, and 468 of them could have been satellites, Chinese lanterns, birds, balloons, photoshopped photos, light reflections or simple mistakes. A total of 79 were confirmed as UFOs.

In 2012, UFO reports went up by 35% compared to the year before, and that trend continued with a 45% increase in 2013 and a 60% increase in 2014. Hakan Akdogan, the chairman of the Sirius UFGO Space Sciences Research Center, said, “We predict that UFO sightings will seriously increase in Turkey and internationally in the coming years, and 2016-2020 will be a turning point in UFO sightings. We believe that governments will then have to reveal the realities they have been concealing.”

The world has been witnessing these kinds of sightings for many years; reports keep piling up but governments are yet to acknowledge the phenomenon. Akdogan added, “The states know about it. They have evidence, but their citizens have to be prepared for this reality on a psychological level with appropriate information. This is what films accomplish right now.”

UFO escorted by Jet Fighters over US military base in TURKEY !!! June 2016

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  1. That video is totally fake. It’s a CGI-created UFO added into the video of the fighter jets passing by. Even the lighting on the UFO doesn’t match the lighting on the jets. Read some of the comments on that video – most people recognize that it’s a fake video, so why are you discrediting yourself by posting it?

    • “Most people,” comrade, also believe six million Jews died in Nazi gas chambers.

      And “comments” on the Net by paid trolls about me say I am a pedophile, homo, con man, wife-beater, nut and fake Marine. Should I believe them? 😉

      NASA and the Air Force have paid trolls out there denying everything, and that goes way back to Bluebook in the 1960s, and have even murdered many a whistleblower about the whole alien thing, including top government employees.

      Now, it may or may not be a fake. In case it is, I just now added the word “CLAIM” to the title.

      The jets are flying in the old, standard finger-four formation, not some Hollywood thing. (

      The sound of the multiple jet engines seems authentic, as in the second half of this video, when they pass by as in the supposed Izmir UFO video:

      As for the lighting “discrepancy,” the four escorting US jets do have flattish surfaces (wings and top of the fuselage) that reflect with a glow the sun above.

      The “alien” craft has fins that are sloping forward and thus away from the viewer, so the light shining on them is not often visible but at 0:51 it is visible.

      It may also be that this craft has some sort of “super-black” surface paint or material on it that absorbs 99.9% of the light.


      Super black is a surface treatment developed at the National Physical Laboratory in the United Kingdom. It reflects much less light than the darkest conventional matte black paints available previously.

      Conventional black paint absorbs about 97.5% of the incident light. Super black absorbs approximately 99.6% of light at normal incidence. At other angles of incidence, super black is even more effective. At an angle of 45°, super black absorbs 99.9% of light.

      In other words, it absorbs virtually all the light and you would see no sheen on it at all. …. Sort of a black hole….

      (I could make a Michelle Obama joke here, but…)

      Let me put it this way. As a Marine, I got used to life-and-death decisions.

      Would you swear on the life of your children that this video is a fake? 😉

      I am, however, always glad to make corrections if respectfully offered. But disrespectful trolls and the egotistical and opiniated get deleted.

      Thanks to hard work and my father’s support, I was able to graduated with a science degree from Georgetown University, the 21st best college or university in America out of over 2,000, and was made a member of Phi Beta Kappa (for the top 10% of the class) and magna cum laude, meaning in Latin “with high honors.”

      So I try to get things right for my readers and students, and in return expect donations to continue my work. This website costs me $250 a month for two webmasters and expensive anti-hacking software.

      I taught for years, and I always seek the truth. If I am not sure, I say so.

    • Well.. the main logical objection is that the “ufo” seems to be following the F16’s. Anyway it seems that F-16 pilots are just above it, so how can they escort it if they don’t see it?

      I would expect the escorting F-16s to be way back and higher (at least 2 of them).

  2. “The jets are flying in the old, standard finger-four formation, not some Hollywood thing. (

    The sound of the multiple jet engines seems authentic…”

    I wasn’t trying to say that the jets, or the jet engine noises, are fake – the jets are obviously real. What I’m saying is that the “UFO” was CGI-created, and added into the footage of the jets passing by. Also notice that the guy narrating the footage shows no excitement at all – he just says something like, “Now they’re gonna come turn back around…” in a calm, low voice, with a southern drawl. If he was really seeing that bizarre-looking “UFO” flying along with the jets, I think his reaction would have been more like, “Holy $#@%! What is THAT???” The UFO was clearly CGI-created, and was added into the footage of the jets passing by.

    • Well, that is an interesting observation….

      I can only say, playing Devil’s Advocate, that Air Force presonnel are usually phlegmatic, techie, left-brain types, not like Marines, who would be yelling “Holy f—g shit! ” 😉

      Also, UFOs may be somewhat routine over this air base, and perhaps this video was shot from a control tower by very seasoned and trained Air Force traffic controllers, who must be Cool Hand Lukes at all times.

      And bogeys are seen constantly (which also is true of space shuttles and the International Space Station), and both AF personnel and astronauts are trained to expect them, not cause trouble with them, and not to discuss them with the public or those without a Need to Know.

      Now, here in isolated Ontonagon, on Lake Superior, literally half the town has seen UFOs.

      At first it is shocking, especially if one was in denial of their existence, and even terrifying, but afterward, the locals just say “Yeah, I seen some weird lights.” 🙂

      Mike Delaney, btw, of fame and 911Missinglinks, SAW the Phoenix lights, btw. He lived there, and sawe this huge bumerang-shaped ship, and so did all of the city — a gigantic ship blotting out the stars.

      It was up there for an hour and 26 minutes:

      Once you see a UFO and realize it is real, and determine they are not here to harm you, people calm down quite a bit the next time…. human nature.

      On a final note, IF this video is for real, it should surprise no cognoscente of ufology that USAF jets would be escorting an alien craft.

      The whole Eisenhower-Secret Space Program claim (and that of the “X Files”) is that parts of the US gov’t and military-industrial complex are in bed with malevolent aliens (Grays and their masters). They get to abduct innocent Americans (for experiments and even food), and the US gets weapons tech.

      Of course, this is a very sinister deal, and the Grays may also be dealing with the Soviets/Russians and Chinese on the same nasty basis. Basically, they are arms dealers.

      So really no earthling benefits, just our vile “elites.”

  3. Sorry – not buying it, regarding the “UFO” in this video – it’s clearly CGI-created, and was added into the footage of the jets afterwards. Another clue is its bizarre structure, which would serve no aerodynamic or deep-space purpose. They made it look like that just to make it “scary” looking, and eye-catching.

    John, the UFO field is rife with hoaxers – they are all over YouTube. In fact, there are more hoax UFO videos than real ones, so you must be very careful about which UFO videos you post. Generally, if a UFO video seems too good to be true (like this one), it’s a fake. On YouTube, the only UFO channel with any credibility, in my opinion, is secureteam10, which is run by a geeky-sounding guy named Tyler. He posts some credible UFO videos, although he doesn’t have any real knowledge of physics. For example, in a recent video, he claimed that because NASA has reported “portals” in the Earth’s magnetosphere which connect it to the Sun, that these are “portals” through which aliens may travel to Earth. So, he clearly doesn’t understand physics at all – he’s just a UFO geek. But, he does post some credible UFO videos from time to time, like this one, which, however, could also have been some type of hovering DHS dirigible drone, since it was hovering over New Jersey / New York:

  4. I am extremely aware of hoaxers (and in all areas), and some of the hoaxers are feds who want to lure whistleblowers they fear in with very real-seeming hoaxes, then expose the vid as a hoax in order to discredit a sincere and rational whistleblower.

    While this vid may be a hoax, I do not think it is rigorous to make this rather dogmatic-sounding set of claims:

    1) “Another clue is its bizarre structure, which would serve no aerodynamic or deep-space purpose.” (How do you know that? Have you been to other planets and atmospheres, or flown in an interdimensional craft? Both Dr. Alan Haynek and Jacques Vallée of NASA say many of these species are “ultradimensionals.”)

    2) “They made it look like that just to make it “scary” looking, and eye-catching.”

    (The Jews look scary and evil, and they are, and it is not CGI or a marketing trick 😉 . Hitler actually made this point in Mein Kampf. Stalin looked evil and he was, too. Look at some of these Lubavitch rabbis and their outer appearance reflects their inner nature.)

    MUFON is a good example of a group that goes for credibility, but others accuse them of having sold out and having topics where they “do not go there.”

    Same goes for Robert Hastings.

    What I have noticed since 2010 is that the real UFO researchers ALL are closet antisemites. They understand the Jews are the transmission belt for another force.

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