Circumventing the First Amendment by monopoly companies; the karmic suffering of the “Greatest Generation” grandkids

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Equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee, which the craven and/or vicious Charlottesville, Virginia city council voted to remove.…/neo-nazis-cant-find-airbnbs-for-thei…

The company has shut down accounts belonging to some members of the alt-right ahead of a major nationalist protest in Virginia.

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“I’m proud to be an American because at least I know I’m free” 😉 (Lee Greenwood song) Free to discuss sports and the weather .

Andrea Williams And Aunt Bertha’s bunion
John de Nugent Since the First Amendment is sacroscanct for many, the tactic I predicted ten years ago would be to have private companies become virtual monopolies (Facebook/Amazon,etc) and then deny service to WNs.
Andrea Williams it is getting there or so it seems
Kaj Børgesen hi John, would you say the average jew is evil since they almost all support their evil elite ?
John de Nugent Answering that might get me suspended.
There is an old principle from the ancient Romans: “Qui tacet consentit”: “He who is silent consents.”
Kaj Børgesen indeed 
John de Nugent By that same token, all the white Anglo-American “Greatest Generation” also bear some responsibility for Dresden, Hamburg, Pforzheim, and Berlin. The deliberate massacre of civilians is a clear war crime under the Hague Rules of Warfare, signed solemnly by the US and Britain.…/hellstorm-german-city-bombed…

John de Nugent When I read crime stories about white girls in the UK or US being raped by blacks or muslims, I feel great sorrow — but also ask: “What was her grandpa doing in WWII?” Guess what, boys? There are women, kids and old people down there.…/b-17-flying-fortress-memphis…


The USAF dropped leaflets in Dresden after the British raids urging civilians to congregate by the Elbe River to avoid further bombing. When they did so, and entire hospitals also evacuated to the Elbe with the sick and wounded, American planes then strafed the riverbanks, murdering thousands.…/german-mother-baby-runs…

The Anglo-Americans also dropped timed bombs that exploded a half-hour later to kill Red Cross and rescue workers trying to dig moaning and crying people out of the rubble.
As Maurice Bardèche wrote in 1946, American, French and British soldiers in conquered Germany felt a psychological need to believe in the “reality” of the Holocaust in order to justify or excuse in their own minds the horrific suffering of the Germans, which continued — before their eyes — long after the war ended, as in

“Well, look what the Germans did!”

The Allies actually hauled hundreds of thousands of tons of food out of Germany after the war in order to cause starvation. The movie “Germany Year Zero” by the courageous Italian director Roberto Rosselini showed with actual footage and a drama what life was like YEARS after the Germans surrendered:
It was deliberate, savage trauma and a slow, horrible death from hunger for hundreds of thousands of German kids and old people, and living in miserable, water-flooded basements of bombed-out buildings. One can rightly call it “trauma-based mind control,” designed by Jewish psychiatrists to make the Germans forget how free, proud and happy they once had been under AH.
John de Nugent Basically, we murdered the Germans trying to save the West. We killed our rescuers as they swam out to save us.
Peter Sabatini The psyche of the German people has been raped, and degraded by “shock-trauma” and decades of anti-German and anti-family propaganda. They collectively display “Stockholm Syndrome” in how they interact with their captors and abusers.
John de Nugent Yes indeed, Stockholm Syndrome, or, as Catherine Austin Fitts calls it, “positive cover stories.” You tell yourself the good guys won to feel better, or less bad, and repaint your cowardice as tolerance and repentance.
And what is most chilling is that we are again on the verge of a world war, but this time, British and American civliians by the tens of millions are going to die in their homes as death rains down from the sky — just as did the Germans. Karma is an iron law of the universe. ONLY a change of consciousness can save us, and that is my mission.

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  1. Here’s the REAL reason behind all of the recent war talk against North Korea, which is not a threat to the U.S. – it’s all about protecting Israel. What a surprise, eh? I figured that “keeping America safe” had nothing to do with it:

    Another 9/11-style false flag attack, nuclear this time, may be coming soon to the U.S., courtesy of Israel. Israel and their Zionist comrades in the U.S. government seem to be very concerned that North Korea may supply nuclear-capable missiles to Iran or Syria, and are telling Trump’s advisors that he needs to attack North Korea soon to eliminate that threat to Israel’s safety. If Trump does order an attack on NK, it could lead to World War III if China or Russia get involved, especially if the U.S. uses nukes against NK, which is now being seriously discussed (see option 4 in the article below):

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