Chicago black mob attacks white mom and two little kids; insane hate crimes only harm our race and help the Jews; 40 caliber through a telephone pole

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A comrade sent me this news item:
12 hrs ·

Police arrested two who were allegedly tied to a black mob attack on the car driven by white woman as she was traveling Thursday night with her two children near the University of Chicago’s campus. Susan Pedersen told police she had just a dropped a…
  • John D. Nugent Lying media scum say “young people” did it, yeah, right, and the cops have charged two with a “property crime”!
    24 blacks just committed a crystal-clear racial hate-crime, smashing car windows and with flying glass cutting a little boy in the back seat, terrorizing the white mom and her little daughter as well.
    The blacks yelled “whites don’t belong in OUR neighborhood” — no, not even driving THROUGH!
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  • John D. Nugent Hey, Barack, when ‘ya gonna get on TV and talk about THIS?
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  • John D. Nugent How about you, Jewish Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel?
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  • John D. Nugent Black folks, if you wish for apartheid, segregation, and racial no-go zones, as you said to this white family, then be careful — because YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT! No-go zones work both ways!
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  • Sasha Kirilovich This isn’t a ‘serious crisis’ for Rahm Emanuel. He never lets THOSE go to waste.
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The comrade replied:
I am always glad to help.  This poison has spread to far.  We need a total house cleaning – extermination – if that is still possible.
Whites are not having children and the jews’ brainwashing of Aryan youth in the public schools has made our victory in a future race-war near-impossible.
White traitors have guaranteed our death and destruction – all the scum on Fox News are as bad as the blacks and jews.
Liberal scum are destroying our history and our religion just as the ISIS terrorist sand negroes are killing and destroying religious & cultural artifacts, treasures, and the ancient people of the Middle East.
Say No to Integration – Say Yes to Extermination!!
88/14 Words!
(I replied:)

Hi, comrade, 

Well, as for your “extermination,” Dylann Roof, a Manchurian Candidate if there ever was one, has caused the Dixie flag to be taken down all over America. 



Violence must be morally justified, legitimate and thought out. Blowing away black church ladies studying the Bible is both utterly wrong and the worst PR flop EVER, and was the one and the only thing that would permit white Southerners, who usually are Christians, to acquiesce in the taking down of their battle flag. Roof was desecrating a house of worship. 

No counterprodutive violence, comrade!

The day may come soon to do righteous deeds that HELP our race. But that time is not here. This Marine will let you you when the jew-controlled terror regime forces us to take action.

NO psycho violence against the innocent! There are plenty of GUILTY to be executed when the proper time comes!

Furthermore, about 1/3rd of blacks are good folks and hate the Jews as much or more than we do.

And to be brutally honest, only half the whites today are good folks.

The other half are selfish, cowardly, treacherous fools — even if their skin is white as snow.


…..Black New York cabdriver wears swastika and defends National Socialism

May 17, 2014

Describing himself as a ‘National Socialist,’ New York City cab driver Gabriel Diaz talks with CBS 2’s Lou Young about the Nazi armband he was seen wearing in his cab.

I like how he insists on the correct term, “national socialist,” not “Nazi,” and raises how “gays” and muslims can flaunt their thing.

I would have said: “Lou, face it, you at WCBS work for the Jews. they are your boss, they control the media, they control and own your station — and YOU ARE THEIR WHORE.”

….Yet another BLACK man sounds off on the J-Team and the Holocaust FRAUD


…..Great Warren Beatty comedy, “Bullworthy,” about why blacks and whites should NOT go at it, and instead figure out who the real “Man” is! (Warren does cop out and sez it’s “the corporations” — but who owns them?)

…..Quotes from one black man I would like to travel back in time and meet


On truth and justice


On judgement and ignorance


The power of the media


How to create understanding and unity


On sincerity and its value


About his pursuit of knowledge



His credentials are his sincerity

malcolm+x qoute

Being an American doesn’t just mean being in America


The need to stand up for what’s right


and the struggles of oppressed people of all kinds


The importance of education


Understanding how to fight the system properly


Again, on the importance of education


And learning from our mistakes


Why freedom is so important, even more so than faith


The need for self defense in the face of injustice


The influence the media holds in American Society


How the one book changed his life


The difference between patriotism and justice


…..Most evil man — sez WHO? Not THIS black minister!

A young white Slovakian and college student who totally supports my bold outreach to the African-American community, to all Blacks around the world, and to all peoples of all races who suffering under Zionism, created this video for me. The translation is his into Slovakian.

Black minister Dr. Ray Hagins of Saint Louis, Missouri rips into the “illegitimate people” and praises Adolf Hitler


During WWII, German submariners rescue Africans from a sunken fishing boat



…..Tony Sotomayor on who the true enemy is, the psychopathic billionairocracy

..and on how many millions of White people are now as dirt-poor as many Blacks are.

……Furious African-Americans in Chicago denounce Obama for favoring Latino illegals

Chicago Inner-City Black Residents: Obama “Worst President” Ever

Chicago Inner-City Black Residents: Obama "Worst President" Ever

by INFOWARS.COM | JULY 14, 2014


“With the president setting aside all these funds for immigrants and forsaking the African-American community and African-American families, I think that’s a disgrace and Barack is from the heart of 55th in the City of Chicago,” one resident said.  He will probably go down as the worst president ever elected. (Bill Clinton was the first black president. 😉 )



Thank you all for your birthday greetings, over two hundred of them! 🙂

I was wished a long life. My goal is not a long but a full life, and then to reincarnate again to fight on. :-) Ihave no intention of existing for one year or one month as a slave under Obama or martial law, hate-speech laws and gun confiscation. I do not wish to awaken in the night to hear the screams of our women being raped or our men being burned alive with gasoline or our men being arrested by black police on bogus charges and gang-raped in jail, AS IS HAPPENING IN SOUTH AFRICA RIGHT NOW. Victory or death, and then reincarnate. Wish me only to fulfill my dharma, my mission. 🙂

Reincarnation Evidence [edit] “The Highwayman” by Willy Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash Lyrics: I was a highwayman. Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her…
John D. Nugent's photo.

Gunned up after predictions of a false-flag “terror” attack by ZOG against the American people on this Independence Day. Hi-Point (MADE IN THE USA/Ohio), .40 caliber, 50 rounds centerfire pistol cartridges.

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  • John D. Nugent If it goes through a telephone pole it will go real good through softer things, or knock them down, even with kevlar and a steel plate, for the head shot. 😉
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  • John D. Nugent Aww, does that hurt someone’s feelings? Well, Mr, Steroid Bully with a Badge and a swagger to compensate for your small dick and bratty wife and kids, don’t come by my house to arrest me “without incident” (LOL) for exercising my rights as an American.
    Gee, you only wanted to put me in a black-infested prison to be gang raped. But you see, surrender is against my religion. ;-) 
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