Charlie Hebdo “killers” take sweet-ass time; highly suspicious cop car actions

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…..Suspiciously relaxed Kouachi brothers after Charlie Hebdo massacre and wussy, unharmed cops

They sure are 1) taking their sweet-ass time, after supposedly kllling 12 people at Charlie Hebdo in downtown Paris with thundering AK-47 gun fire, then firing at cops 2) whose windshield is not broken, and no one is injured, and 3) who never return any fire — or chase them. The cops’ windshield is never shattered, and they just put the car in reverse and back up. They should have blocked the street by parking the car sideways, dismounted, crouched behind it for cover, and returned fire, while other units arrive at the other end of the street, behind the Kouachis!

All bogus! All theater! All crisis actors!

…..New Red Ice radio show with me on Charlie Hebdo!


I recorded last night with Henrik Palmgren of the prestigious Red Ice radio ( a three-hour show on the Charlie Hebdo supposed massacre…. the false-flagginess of it all….& the “strategic diversion” of 1) instigating mass muslim immigration, 2) funding Al Qaeda and ISIS, then 3) provoking, via massacres and muslim street crime 4) an all-out white-muslim race war so as to trigger 5) martial law and mass roundups of conservative, rightwing and traditional Europeans. And the same people are stirring up the same thing in America…


As I said on Red Ice, I noticed, when I lived myself in France in 2004-05 (and in fact in Aix-en-Provence, in the south [photo of the fountain there], a city where I met many Arab immigrants)….

Aix-en-Provence fountain

….that Charlie Hebdo constantly bashed Christianity and Islam, but rarely Judaism! I can also confirm this detail below.


This was the smash sucess October show I did with Red Ice, which doubled views of my website:


….Brother Nathanael video on Mossad false flag

…..Utterly fake head shots in ISIS video

I am a former Marine Corps NCO. This video is totally fake, as fake as the supposed execution of the cop on the sidewalk in Paris. Where is the body twitch, the blood spatter, or the skulls flying apart from head shots with a very large-caliber pistol?

…..See previous Charlie Hebdo blog

…..Good recovery 😉

…..Defeating magnesium deficiency

Excellent video on magnesium deficiency and symptoms: Margi and I just helped a young comrade with heart palpitations just by getting him on magnesium supplements, which we both take too!

……The Rebel on the Jews

This is The Rebel, btw, in Australia, with his mostly German accent, on the real history of the Jews, a kind of bedtime story with sarcasm 😉


…..Website visitors worldwide

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Karslruhe Zoo
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the teenage Octavius, later Augustus

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14.1.2015 @ 09:31 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
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Birthplace of my New Orelans girlfriend 1989-91 who told me all about Mr. David Duke 😉
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WM 2006 - Fan Fest in Stuttgart
Bavarian PEGIDA demonstration against the muslim takeover of Europe on January 12:

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