Celebrating SMASHING WHITE VICTORY AND COOPERATION on September 11 — in 1683; what peaceful Buddhists do to rabid muslims; London’s muslim mayor Khan says “get used to terrorism”

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Even gentle Buddhists know: Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog. And rabid dogs can only be destroyed.


(Adapted from an email I received from a comrade “RR”)

Folks, in case you were wondering what September 11 means, it was when the Muslims were turned back from Europe. They had besieged Vienna on wha is my birthday, July 14 of the year 1683, and on September 11 the crisis came.

The Turks were going to turn Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome into a mosque, but a Polish military genius and king, plus the Austro-German emperor, defeated them…. a smashing victory of white valor and white cooperation (Germano-Polish even!) that resounds into the 21st century.

The great Polish King John III Sobieski meets up with the Austro-German emperor Leopold I at Schwechat, outside Vienna. There can be no question that in this case, Poland saved the West from devastation, enslavement and racial death.


Even hundreds of camels were captured! 😉

Sobieski appeals for God’s blessing before a gigantic and victorious cavalry charge – the biggest in history –  done to the cheers of the infantry regiments of the Germanic Saxons, Bavarians and Austrians. After the victory Sobieski paraphrased Julius Caesar’s famous quotation (Veni, vidi, vici) by saying “Veni, vidi, Deus vicit”–“I came, I saw, God conquered.”


Polish cavalry armor; due to the weight of the steel armor, cavalrymen (carried by horses) were the main ones wearing full-body armor. Often the horses wore some armor as well.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Battle_of_Vienna

The Turkish (“Ottoman”) empire was huge and had conquered all the Balkans and the Black Sea area. After the lass of Vienna, all of Germany — all of Continental EUROPE — might have fallen. And the harem system of the sultans and other forms of muslim polygamy would have meant huge numbers of white women getting impregnated by force by swarthy Turks, thus ending the white race.

Barbarically, the sultan, as per Turkish custom, had his commanding general strangled with a silk rope for losing.

ottoman-empire-1683-muslim-turkThe Dar al Islam (“House of Islam”) is truly vast.


TODAY we see Muslims burning French cities.
Burmese, on the other hand, burn Muslim cities.
Who-burns-whom determines who will be running-the-show in 100 years’.
French sit idly by while Muslims burn their buildings and worship centers. Where can the French flee?

The U.N. and the fruity “snivel rights” organizations don’t condemn the Muslims in Europe, but the Europeans, for “provoking” and “oppressing” the Europeans. Europeans feel deeply hurt, and remorseful, for forcing the Muslims to loot, steal, rape, and destroy.

The do-good’er Western Moralist poofs also condemn the Burmese. But Burmese don’t care. Buddhists don’t care what non-Buddhists say, or think. Buddhists are not to lie, it’s part of The Fourth Precept that all Buddhists must follow. But, it only applies to other Buddhists. What vile and repugnant miscreants non-Buddhists are. They worship lies, so lie to them, no problem at all.

Here is how Buddhists deal with invaders, would-be-colonizers and wanna-be-oppressors:
https://drkokogyi.wordpress.co m/2013/03/22/photos-of-killed- muslims-with-armed-terrorist-b uddhists-in-meiktila-myanmar/

Like Muslims, Hillary? Then you’ll LOVE the Rohingya (whom even gentle Buddhists hate)

Sorry, but it’s either them, or you.
Christianity says to walk cheerfully to your own Crucifixion, do not “take this cup from my lips”.
The Buddha was to be assassinated on several occasions, but was a “no show”.
Sacrifice and martyr-DUMB are not part of Buddhism.

When it’s either them, or you, Christianity says to “sacrifice” for “them”, Buddhism doesn’t. Buddhism says it’s better if it happens to “them”, not you. Let them crucify themselves. Crucifixion is vile, revolting. It has no value or meaning in Buddhism, it is naked and disgusting suffering in its most onerous incarnation. Crucifixion? No, thank you.

The West was infected by a disease, only now are its symptoms showing their full spectrum of psychological pathology. The West is cheerfully walking to Golgatha, carrying its own Cross.

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“Terror is part and parcel of big-city life”


To a Jesus-will-stop-the-globalists Christian


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