Canadian mom has her kids seized for being a WN; the neo-Canadian false identity is being anti-white-American

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Dara Graham — Winnipeg police seized her kids in 2009 for white nationalism

….White Winnipeg mom loses kids


…Neo-Canada: Ahh, how proud we Canadians are, not to be stupid like these WHITE Americans….


I commented underneath (and doubtless Jewtube will cloak it):

This is bullshit. Canadians are just as stupid. And yes, I have been to Canada, five times, I dated a Montreal gal, and my stepmother is Canadian.

But racism against WHITE Americans is official Canadian policy. The entire Canadian identity since Pierre Trudeau is based on anti-white-american-ism when in every single important issue the Canadian federal gov’t has the same policies as the US federal gov’t, and Canadians are just as wilfully ignorant of reality and cowardly as white Americans are. Thus, democracy does not work, except for the jews, in any country.



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