Brutal enough to win in Germany, Britain, South Africa and America

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….13-year-old girl is a mean riflewoman

This little girl is ready for anything….. I hate to see it, but girls on the frontier in isolated farmhouses had to handle guns too, between Indians and white or Mexican outlaws…. This is 13-year-old Katelyn Francis and she is one of the top JR 3-gun competitors. There are quite a number of them and the number keeps going up.

…..Farage of UKIP party in Britain besieged by leftist scum

…..George Patton, tough enough to take on the Jews


george-patton-four-stars-helmetGeorge S Patton, killed for knowing too much and being prepared to act on it

What we need is a figure like George S. Patton, a pure soldier who is fiercely loyal to his country and by extension, his people.Patton had zero interest in politics and thought all politicians were lying, sneaky yellow bastards.

Patton was a fiercely Christian man who spoke his mind exactly with no varnish or concern for how his words would be interpreted — he spoke the truth and spoke it plainly and directly.


Eisenhower, Marshall and Truman made a huge mistake when they placed Patton in command of the US occupation zone of Germany (Bavaria) after WWII.

Patton immediately discovered the truth of WWII  that the Germans were (in his own words) “the last decent race left in Europe.”

He also uncovered the truth about the Holocaust — that there were no death camps or mass killings. That much was obvious because there were Jews everywhere, picking over the corpse of Germany to steal whatever they could.

Patton wanted to round them all up as the criminals they were, because he couldn’t stand to see what they were doing to the poor German people.

Patton finally said that he wasn’t going to allow them to retire him when his duty in Germany was over.

Patton statue at West Point

Patton_Monument_2010-west-pointInstead he was going to resign so that they couldn’t muzzle him. He intended to return to the US and completely destroy the myth of the evil Germans and the angelic Jews, debunk WWII and the Holocaust, and bring down the evil bankers and their political puppets who had created the whole mess.

George Patton had balls the size of Texas, and he didn’t make idle threats. He was simply stating his plan of attack against an enemy he had discovered, and when Patton attacked, he always won. That’s why they murdered him, because he had discovered the truth and it had pissed him off to such an extent he was going to do something about it, and a pissed-off George S. Patton is like the wrath of God.

Patton believed, btw, very openly that reincarnation was a FACT and that he himself had been a Roman warrior (scroll down halfway to “….ANOTHER NEW AGE LIBERAL HIPPIE ;-) WHO BELIEVED FIRMLY IN REINCARNATION (DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN’S FACE?)”


I tell you that I am just as much a naturally warlike person.



Castle Nugent, or Delvin Castle, in County Westmeath, Ireland… Needs some roof work but otherwise she’s ready to go. ;-)


Laval, Count Nugent ( to whom I bear a very strong resemblance.


Two old friends, a 9-mm Russian Makarov and a German laser Walther. I shot “expert” with the US Army .45 pistol as part of winning “Guardsperson of the Year” in my infantry company of the Virginia Army National Guard in 1980. (The other part was coming in first — along with a black National Guardsman — over the finish line as the fastest enlisted man in a 600-man battalion march ….and I achieved this after pulling an all-night guard duty. Yes, I came in first after an all-nighter. Thank you also, I must say, caffeine from coffee beans. ;-) )

Five rapid-fire shots in pouring rain (hence the wavy paper target) at 25 feet, four shots fired one-handed, all landing in the inner ring, and the last, fired both-handed, achieving a bull’s-eye

Only a small percentage of the White race understands the brutal fact that the Jews are waging a war of genocide against them, which is no more clearly stated than in the infamous Talmudic statement of the “revered founder of the Kabbalah,” Rabbi Simon Bar Yochai, around 100 AD:

“Even the best gentiles must die.”

In a war, and we are in a war, no soldier is permitted to desert his post. The penalty for desertion in time of war is death, a rule in every military on earth.

Hitler with a smile that was both friendly and brutal.

Hitler’s nickname was “Wolf,” and if you understand the scientifically proven reality of reincarnation (as per the link already given above:, we all arise from the higher animals, and carry over key animal characteristics, some of which are advantageous, such as having been a predator, or an alpha male wolf.

AH on reincarnation (from Table Talk, p38,, spoken on the 23rd of September, 1941, in the evening:

“The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to REINCARNATE itself.”


ah-pensive- alert-wary-caring-everything-in-brown-shirt-at-ss-parade


Intense and focused almost every second



The alpha male leads the wolf pack and the hunt.



As Arthur Schopenhauer, the great nineteenth-century German philosopher who was Hitler’s favorite philosopher, once observed, 

“Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life.” 

Now here is where the ability to be intelligently brutal came in with Hitler:

In Germany, the risk of a total collapse of the Eastern Front after Stalingrad (300,000 German troops destroyed or captured; only 10,000 ever returned to Germany alive 12 years later) caused Hitler and Himmler to institute the Feldgendarmerie, the “field police,”�

whose sole purpose was to hang any individual found fleeing the battlefield.

You had to get past these guys and you could not. Their sole job was to catch you. (The sign says: “Partisan danger. All vehicles halt.” In reality, it was also “Hear ye, hear ye! All unauthorized individuals heading away from the fighting, know that no ‘verbal order’ or ‘I got separated from my unit’ excuse will save your neck from the rope. If lost, you should have headed toward the sound of German artillery, tanks, rifles and machine guns (Soviet weapons sound different) to find your or another friendly unit and KEEP FIGHTING.”

These men would definitely hang you.

By some estimates, 10,000 deserting German soldiers and officers were hanged by the Feldgendarmerie and SS.

Don’t mess with these guys….

In his Campaign in Russia, which I have read twice, in French and in English translation, Waffen-SS officer Léon Degrelle says that every bridge in eastern Germany in the spring of 1945 featured a hanged German soldier — who had deserted — swinging from a noose.

Degrelle, a Walloon (that is, a French-speaking Belgian), was the most highly decorated of the 400,000 non-Germans who fought in the Waffen-SS, spending nearly four years in HELL on the Eastern Front!

Margi and I translated his entire memoirs “Hitler for a Thousand Years” into English for The Barnes Review magazine, under the renamed title “My Revolutionary Life.”



TBR-sept-oct-2005-degrelle-my-revolutionary-lifeMy Revolutionary Life:

Chapter One

Muzzling the Vanquished

By Leon Degrelle

With an introduction by John de Nugent

For those of us who escaped in 1945 from the Eastern Front’s final hell, torn up by wounds, overcome by sorrows, devoured by pain, what rights do we still have? We are dead men. Dead men with legs, arms, and breath, but dead.

To pronounce a word of truth in public or write a dozen lines without lies after having fought pistol in hand against the Soviet machine,above all, to have been a leader called “fascist” — this is immediately seen by the “democrats” as a “provocation.”

[Read the entire article as PDF at]


The SS strung up this German major (yes, an officer!) on April 8, 1945 with a sign hanging from him: “I cut a deal with the bolsheviks.” (Other signs on hanged soldiers said: “I ran while German women were raped.”)


This deserter was hanged with a sign bearing the message: “I would not fight like a man, so I died like a deserter.”

GIs cut down a hanged German deserter; hundreds of thousands of German soldiers fought and died in 1944-45 on the crumbling eastern front — no longer for a German victory, but just to slow the advance of Soviet forces so that German women and children could survive. This coward, however, was thinking only of his own sorry arse –and what kind of a man is that?

The SS and Feldgendarmerie strung up any despicable individual, whether a private or a major, heading to the rear without papers. This stern measure prevented a total German collapse and thus ensured the survival of millions of East German civilians. The underlying value was this: Women bear life, and men are born to protect that life. We die so women, the bearers of new life, and children, who are this new life, will go on.

This harsh war measure alone (which btw George Washington also had to employ, and Stonewall Jackson shortly after he took command) prevented Stalin from going all the ways to Paris, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, or even all the way to London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

German civilians also were hanged, such as mayors, clergy and other community leaders who urged German soldiers and civilians to stop fighting and surrender like pathetic little girls. The placards around their necks saying “Ich bin ein Feigling” mean “I am a coward.”


And so I pledge:


If you promote defeatism or desertion, you deserve to die, because your ideas KILL our people.

When the Red Army broke through the German lines, the women were pitilessly raped and often killed, the men were often tortured to death and even castrated before death.

So why not FIGHT LIKE THE 300 SPARTANS TO THE DEATH, and leave behind an immortal legend of courage to inspire the next generation?

The great German field marshal Ferdinand Sch�rner ( was especially ruthless in hanging both soldiers and civilians who refused to fight any longer.

Bearer of Germany’s highest decoration for bravery in WWI, the Pour le M�rite (called by Anglo-Americans “the Blue Max”, it is the blue medal seen dangling underneath his Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross;

His troops fought in the Czech Republic area so as to save German civilians for four long days AFTER the general German surrender which General Jodl signed at Reims, France on May 7th. That is, Schörner’s troops fought on until May 11th, 1945.


And it was the noose and firing squad that put backbone back in the weak!


In his Political Testament of late April 1945, Adolf Hitler already had appointed Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner as the final head of the Wehrmacht. Schörner died in 1972, and is buried in beautiful Mittenwald (two photos below) in Upper Bavaria.



Schörner’s “Blue Max” – this bravest of men had the moral right to demand bravery of others, especially for the salvation of innocent women and children.

And so by thousands of hangings, stern punishments which solidified the shaky German front, Stalin was thwarted in his goal of conquering and enslaving all of Continental Europe.

Stalin was still able to kill many White nationalists, the German national socialists, in Eastern Europe, and he did this even to SS women.

SS female guards hanged in July 1946 in Poland. Hanging is a nasty way to die; unless the neck is broken by the drop from a gallows, the strangulation that occurs when a chair is merely kicked away takes about a minute. These poor SS women are swinging because at the moment this photo was taken, they are kicking, even with tied legs, against the air.


Now, had Stalin (photo) seized the vast economic power of Western Europe, he would have controlled 75% of the White race, and thus the entire industrial might of Europe, and then he might have conquered the world.

stalinAnd through the treason of the Jew Oppenheimer, Stalin had The Bomb by 1946. So America could not have stopped him with just “the Bomb.”

Therefore, it was theFeldgendarmerie that saved Western Europe, by hanging deserters.

The noose saved the white race.

The other important factor was the fanatic, ferocious armored and infantry divisions of the Waffen-SS, which fought like Spartans to the very end, and in those cases where they did surrender, it was because they had literally fired their very last bullet.

A salute to the Waffen-SS:

War is war. And I am not a Boy Scout. I was a Marine, in interrogation, military intelligence and in the Army I was in machine gunnery…….The good old M-60 is what I “humped” (carried in the field), a 26-pound weapon with its 7.62 ammunition, firing 500 rounds a minute. It is considered a lot of weight for a 5’10” man such as myself, but I carried it easily, and became Guardsman of the Year in my company. It is actually just a slight modification of the German MG-(19)42.

The US M-60 machine gun
The German MG-42 — Allied training films recommended advancing against it ONLY while the Germans were changing out its hot barrel — and that was just a seven-second task.

…….and I was slotted to become a Marine officer like my father, a USMC captain in Korea, when my racial views were discovered in the spring of 1979.


My only responsibility is to win, and it will require unparalleled ruthlessness to do so.

I will end with these facts:

1) The only option is to win. There will be no second chance. As my spiritual video number eight PROVED:

Spiritual video 8: Betrayal of the American fighting man; white Americans now a minority in the USA; the Jews and INCEST

……we Whites are now a minority in the United States, and no, this will not happen ten years from now, but we are a minority NOW, and we have a 1) Black commander-in-chief 2) WITH A JEWISH MOTHER who 3) hates Whites.
We are entering a South Africa-LIKE post-apartheid situation. THIS IS WHAT THAT MEANS:
2) The Bolsheviks won by unparalleled brutality. The young officer Zhukov, later the main Soviet battle commander in WWII, poison-gassed whole forests to kill the resistance fighters in them.
But the most effective technique was seizing and executing tens of thousands of civilian hostages: women, children and old people. This effective technique, playing on the decency and love of resistance fighters, induced them foolishly to surrender their weapons and come out with their hands up. Years later, they all were rounded up anyway. Stalin killed at least 20 million AFTER the bolshevik victory..No one knows these facts better than I, because I (with help from Roy Armstrong-Godenau) translated this material into English:

Russia and the Jews


This information was so sickening, so appalling, so depressing, that it took me months to translate it. The Jews’ killing apparatus just got better and better, tighter and tighter, more hideous and more inescapable every year, from 1917 to 1957, when the gulag was finally closed. To be in the clutches of a systematic, sadistic Jew is the very definition of hell.

3) The Boers also were crushed, not on the battlefield, but by ten thousand women and children being starved to death in British concentration camps run by Lord Kitchener for the Rothschild empire, falsely called the British Empire.

Lizzie Van Zyl


All that matters is the power to win. All that matters is victory.And do not turn and become my enemy, even surreptitiously through spreading lethal gossip, and then feign surprise when� lightning strikes.

I will do my job, and then you who have WISELY and FAIRLY held your tongue and awaited the results I will deliver, will be glad you did not betray my friendship and trust.

I see and remember everything. That is why as as a summer camper at� Camp Tokhomeupog in East Conway, New Hampshire, 1961-64 child my nickname was “UNIVAC,” after a once famous 1960s military computer.

A computer is cold. It sees everything in a binary way: zero or one.

And no one faces more personal danger than do I, after three visits by the JTTF, and with death threats from both leftists and “minorities,” who now are the majority.

As I said to a New York City comrade, who told me that if the dollar collapses New Yorkers will start killing for food and even practicing cannibalism “within three days”:

So many dorks think that buying silver or gold and hoarding food alone will save them. Roosevelt confiscated the gold as his first act! And when your neighbors are starving and you are still fat and jolly, do you not realize that they will come with guns into your house to kill you and take your food? What will you do then? Throw silver coins at them?

No, the crisis that is coming is the golden moment for a proactive white-power movement, not retreating into some private fortress that the government or a hungry mob will storm.

The downfall of our race is this “every-man-for-himself” thinking.

And the day will come when “looking out for number one” will be considered treason.

No, every white man MUST fight for his whole people, and not just for himself. In a race war, which not we but instead the NWO itself is preparing, “your skin will be your uniform,” as Rockwell prophesied.

RockwellAnd in this race war desired by ZOG, the pasty-faced white blob-brains will die and the Aryans will win, the noble ones who stand together in unshakable commitment to total victory, and who aresuperior in ruthlessness.

My Machete video:

Finally, I had this Skype conversation with a Swiss-German supporter:

If you look in my bio in German, 3/4 down to the pix of AH and me, this lays out the logical groundwork for the coming moment:
[08:59:29] John de Nugent: the moment where we feel hope again
[08:59:42] John de Nugent: and believe again in ourselves, and that Gott mit uns

We will feel again as in these films:



…..JUST A FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS after the staggering military victories of 1939-40

Black minister Ray Hagins in St. Louis, Missouri rips into the “illegitimate people” and praises Adolf Hitler





Screenshot of 2011 ADL survey on antisemitism (


Next to foreign-born Hispanics at 42%, African-Americans at 29% are the most antisemitic demographic group in the U.S. (White non-Hispanics, being pathetically naive as a racial trait, come in at 9%. The adjective “blue-eyed “is a synonym for naive in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.)




From the same 2011 ADL survey — 57% agree that….


Which of my static webpages/essays do you think gets the most viewership?
It is “Neanderthals and Semites”:






a demon seed…. to portray this simply and clearly………as being Good against Evil — all very binary, my friend.



[09:06:14] John de Nugent: zero or one
09:06:29] John de Nugent: no gray areas
[09:06:46] John de Nugent: We are either for the psychopaths or for the altruists
[09:06:53] John de Nugent: for Satan or God



[09:06:56] John de Nugent: for evil or good
[09:07:05] John de Nugent: for hate or for love



[09:07:12] John de Nugent: for lies or for truth
[09:07:56] John de Nugent: We are either for the crooks or for the heroes.
[09:08:10] French comrade: Very important to keep the message simple.
[09:08:15 John de Nugent: I will keep it simple because it IS simple. I thank God when for once in our life, there is something that is not murky but crystal-clear:

We ARE on the side of the angels. We are fighting against a monstrous brood of prehistoric, neanderthalic killers. It is us or them. Only one can win. And it will be us.

LOL — I found this online and, well, I’ll take it. ;-)



The question the ADL asked in its antisemitism survey : DO YOU AGREE THAT

Jews stick together more than other Americans.
Jews always like to be at the head of things.
Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.
Stage at 2014 AIPAC convention

Jews have too much power in the U.S. today.

Jews have too much control and influence on Wall Street.

Jews have too much power in the business world.

Jews have a lot of irritating faults.

Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want.

Jewish business people are so shrewd that others don t have a fair chance at competition.

Jews don t care what happens to anyone but their own kind.

Jews are not just as honest as other business people.



…..Would you like to donate to the real deal?

I need your financial help to  finish MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Both must be done. Race is something, but it is not everything. Most of the scum-bags I know today are WHITE. How ’bout you?

“And so he [the Jew] advances on his fatal road until another force comes forth to oppose him, and in a mighty struggle hurls the heaven-stormer back to Lucifer. Germany is today the next great war aim of Bolshevism. It requires all the force of a young missionary idea to raise our people up again, to free them from the snares of this international serpent…

Due to his own original special nature, the Jew cannot possess a religious institution, if for no other reason because he lacks idealism in any form, and hence belief in a hereafter is absolutely foreign to him. And a religion in the Aryan sense cannot be imagined which lacks the conviction of survival after death in some form. Indeed, the Talmud is not a book to prepare a man for the hereafter, but only for a practical and profitable life in this world. -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

jdn-facing-left-profile-b-w-sarver-garage-2011Others have been making big sacrifices. See my donations log:




A young European comrade wrote:

You do great work with all your God videos, all these blogs. It is a huge amount of information you produce and all fantastic; your work is really valuable . But I think you should concentrate your powers on other things now. You are writing too much; you already have produced a mountain of important messages and truths.

Now is the time to orient your goals to things like this: Do some public speaking in your house or at some other place before an audience, and find a way how to attract people there and speak to them because this writing has no big impact, I think. Even I am always surprised how high the quality of your articles is…. but who reads?

But you know best what to do,  just you can’t deny you have invested a lot of time to this … And you have such good abilities , so they must flow in the right direction . As you said ”Value your time” . I would personally like it if you continue writing and posting new blogs, but you best know how humanimals are today. ;-)

I replied:

Thanks. The blog also keeps me alive and money coming in. A whistleblower who has no folllowing will be murdered, by a car “accident,”
The $100,000 Volkswagen Phaeton of Austrian state governor Jörg Haider in 2008 suddenly accelerated to 132 miles an hour as he drove alone to visit his mother three weeks after he won a huge re-election by denouncing the “banksters”!
Jörg Haider had charisma and huge popularity, He was the governor for several terms of the southernmost province of Austria, Carinthia. Here he and other Carinthians sing a gorgeous alpine yodeling song. ;-) I love his rich baritone voice, but yet the jewsmedia SAY he was a “fag”…. I love it when trolls  who have not had a woman since the last time they were on, call a stud like Jörg Haider a queer. ;-)

His widow and daughters listen to Jörg’s life being praised at the funeral after his “accident.” As soon as he was dead, the jewsmedia said he was a homosexual, as they do with me! ;-)
Here is a detail of the death car. There is a mysterious circular hole right over where the driver sat. A former Austrian commando said that a motorcycle hitman approached the governor’s car — as it stood at a red light — and slapped a shaped charge (cone-shaped bomb) with a suction cup quickly on the roof, which the driver could not see, then the motorcyclist quickly sped off.  The driver, Governor Jörg Haider, was killed as the bomb exploded downward (as shaped charges do, going all in one direction). Then the all-computerized Phaeton luxury car, with now a dead driver in it, was accelerated to crash. The police report admitted Haider had “massive head injuries” despite an airbag.
The media then said Haider was drunk (he had drunk half of one glass of wine, as was his custom) and that he was “queer” (so then “My-god,-it-must-be-true-if-the-newspaper-says-it!” ;-)and “Well, if our governor was a queer [forget his wife and his daughters wh o look just like him!] , then who cares?”). Young souls believe and drink in anything the Jew shovels at them, like a cow gulping down whatever falls in her trough. Now the modern media is normally pro-“gay” but not in this case. With Haider, being “gay” (which he was not!) suddenly reverts to being a “terrible scandal.” ;-) What does one do with naive, golly-jee-whilickers sheeple like this?  This is why democracy (rule of the masses) is a ludicrous delusion which our Founding Fathers rejected!
Uwe Leichsenring was a fast-rising German WN politician who was in the Thuringia, Germany legislature, a guy with leadership potential.  This is what they hate. Suddenly, his car too accelerated and flew head-first into a tractor-trailer truck with no brake marks found on the highway. Leichsenring owned and operated a driving school — but the police said he “must have fallen asleep at the wheel and STOMPED ON THE GAS.”
Bundesvorstand National Demokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD)
Uwe was a natural politician and good with people.
Collision scene; flat ground on both sides and plenty of room to leave the road if you have to.
The huge truck was flipped over by the Mercedes flying at it.
His grave today
The hard left gloats…. as Uwe and three other rising German WN politicians in 2005-06 all die within one year in car wrecks.
They snickeringly joke with approval as to  how these “accidents” do not seem very accidental….. WNs need to understand that leftists, unlike sincere liberals, are pure psychopaths, who love hatred, suffering and death and openly advocate murder of WNs in their publications and websites.
Another death threat to me from the Jew “Gangsta Bolshevik” Andrew White (alias “Jakub Israel” who says I should be thrown in a van and “feel the wrath of Israel”)
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Author : Andrew White (IP: ,
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John you chicken shit motherfucker, you God damn pedophile motherfucker, you’re fucking dead!! Sleep with one eye open you mother fucker, because you’re going to die. 187, 8:19

Approve it:
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My answer ;-) Let’s die together, Andrew!
Smile wait for flash
Besides staged car wrecks, the NWO loves poisoning of a lone whistle-blower’s food (and at 58 I could have a “heart attack” or a “stroke”…)
Hey, look at those grays ;-) Time for his stroke!
Naah, he still looks healthy in most pix… And if a SWAT team kills him he will die a martyr like Robert Mathews. :-( Keep on calling him a homosexual wife-beater ;-) Someone will believe it, like that William Johnson, founder of the American Freedom Party ;-) (A comrade in West Virginia told me “He heard you are a pedophile”! Well, then, gee, if someone said it, it must be true! ;-))
Another nifty way to bump a feared dissident off is through a street “robbery” with a stabbing or shooting — but no money is even stolen…Strange “robbery”…..  The FBI pays n illegal alien to do it and when he demands his money they murder him and –there is no record of the illegal alien — just another Mexican — and they just bury Pedro in the forest. ;-)
A comrade did this jocular impression of my little travails ;-)
But, comrade, I will put your opinion up on my blog today; I understand your viewpoint but you have to understand mine too. To drop off the radar for a month is to ask to be murdered.
The comrade suggested I “hold meetings.”
I replied:
The problem is that they do not allow any meetings, and have not for five years now.
The leftists call death threats into the homes of hotel employees. They visit the hotel and get the names of the hotel manager, assistant manager, and various staffers. Then they call them at their home:
“We will kill you and your children if the Nazis hold their meeting.”
I saw this in 2008, right after Obama was elected in November 2008. There was a WN meeting, and I and Margi spoke at it.
This disgusting fat, black, New York City communist-trained, Philadelphia-based homosexual, Lamont Jenkins,� and his minions, threatened by PHONE the pathetic staff at several Memphis hotels with DEATH.
And then a nearby Mississippi county, in emergency session, passed an unconstitutional ordinance claiming that no “meetings are allowed in this county”!!!!
(This was because a FARMER agreed to host the meeting at his FARM! Then black US Army helicopters passed over his farm!)
They even did this to a hotel in downtown Washington DC where we had always previously been able to hold meetings, just six blocks from the US Capitol building. The FBI did NOTHING as terrorist threats in the “Nation’s Capital” were committed.
More recently, nearby here in Pennsylvania, the Klan tried to hold a meeting in a building a Klan member personally owned.
Then the “building inspector” came and said “this building is unsafe and dangerous!” and closed it two hours before the Klan meeting!
People think my job is easy.. Hold meetings! Give speeches! March down the street!
What, with cowards (both WN and local ) and NWO zombie cops at the ready? Sure! ;-)
This is why the situation is untenable, and an Aryan heroic religion is the sine qua non (Latin = “WITHOUT WHICH NOTHING”) is essential.



2/6 @ 10:44 : Pordenone, IT
2/6 @ 10:43 : Karlsruhe, DE
2/6 @ 10:43 : Pottstown, Pennsylvania, US
2/6 @ 10:42 : San Miguel, AR
2/6 @ 10:40 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
2/6 @ 10:40 : Hanau, DE
2/6 @ 10:39 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
2/6 @ 10:39 : Germany, DE
2/6 @ 10:39 : Lübz, DE
2/6 @ 10:38 : Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB
2/6 @ 10:38 : Dubai, AE
2/6 @ 10:37 : Bern, CH [SWITZERLAND]
2/6 @ 10:37 : Poway, California, US
2/6 @ 10:37 : Bangkok, TH
2/6 @ 10:35 : Poway, California, US
2/6 @ 10:35 : Chicago, Illinois, US
2/6 @ 05:23 : Canberra, AU[STRALIA]
Parliament House
2/6 @ 05:21 : Gschwend, DE
2/6  @ 05:18 : Iceland, IS
2/6  @ 05:18 : Switzerland, CH
2/6  @ 05:16 : Uxbridge, GB
2/6  @ 05:16 : Mountain View, California, US
2/6  @ 05:15 : Lenggries, DE

2/6  @ 05:10 : Paris, FR[ANCE]

2/6 @ 05:07 : Gschwend, DE
2/6  @ 05:07 : Menifee, California, US
2/6  @ 05:05 : Brooklyn, New York, US
2/6  @ 05:05 : Mountain View, California, US
2/6  @ 05:03 : Clearwater, Florida, US
2/6  @ 04:54 : Dublin, IE
2/6  @ 04:54 : Boulder, Colorado, US

2/6  @ 04:50 : Thelwall, GB [England]

Wiki: “At Thelwall derive many stories of ghosts, since many of the old buildings still remain in the area: sightings are relayed from the local pub, “The Little Manor”. However, there are stories of witches at the well of the “Old White House”[12] too, on the outskirts of Thelwall.”
2/6  @ 04:48 : Ronneby, SE [SWEDEN]
2/6  @ 04:46 : Reading, Pennsylvania, US
2/6  @ 04:46 :� Darmstadt, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
2/6  @ 04:39 : Carberry, CA
2/6  @ 04:39 : Kirkland, Washington, US

2/6  @ 04:34 : Germany, DE

2/6  @ 04:33 : Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, US
2/6  @ 04:31 : Great Falls, Montana, US
2/6  @ 04:31 : Munich, DE
2/6  @ 04:31 : Strausberg, DE
2/6  @ 04:29 : Unna, DE
2/6  @ 04:26 : Hagerstown, Maryland, US
2/6  @ 04:26 : Tampa, Florida, US
2/6  @ 04:24 : Bochum, DE
2/6  @ 04:19 : Natick, Massachusetts, US
2/6  @ 04:16 : Budapest, HU[NGARY]
2/6  @ 04:14 : Reno, Nevada, US

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