British source claims Royal Mail and Jews conspired to destroy votes; monstrous homosexual activities in Jewnited Kingdom

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Voting by mail in Britain for an anti-NWO party? Postman Pat can take care of that….

…..I cannot verify either report below but merely pass them both on, slightly edited for US readers to understand the British details….


New Labour (Tony Blair) came to power largely with financial help from Sainsburies, Tesco and the CWU. The CWU is the British postal union. They donated heavily from members’ pension funds because New Labour wanted to sack 30,000 workers and bring in sorting machines into every office.

A deal was struck between [JdeN paedophile Jew] Peter Mandelson and postman Alan Johnson. The sorting machines in use were programmed to throw out people on the Tory [Conservative] voting list, and a small postal van took boxes of these postal votes down to a sorting office in Dorset where they were kept until well after the election then destroyed.

Jack Sen, then still a UKIP candidate (but soon to be fired for a supposedly antisemitic tweet about MP Luciana Berger),  had a run-in with Alan Johnson, who was rewarded for his services to Blair with becoming Home Secretary, a very powerful position — sort of domestic vice-president — that has no correspondence in the US. When Johnson learned Sen was with UKIP, he just stopped the previously convivial conversation and walked rudely away.


The man behind the programme “Chris Cooper Investigates” tapped the phone of Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s handler, and he claimed that the single remit [expected return favor] for New Labour was, with Bush in the US, to wage war on the people of Iraq for Israel.

Some while after New Labour was in office, Peter Mandelson went back on his word in true Jewish style, and asked for 30,000 postal workers to be sacked on any grounds possible to save on redundancies.

The Royal Mail then trawled through sick records, non-team players, religious men, especially Christians , those nearing retirement, etc., and let them go, often on trumped up charges.

In less than a year postman Alan Johnson was made a minister in the New Labour government, and machine sorting was brought in to postal offices.

No one in history has made such meteoric rises in the Labour party; it was a pay-off.

So for anyone who is thinking about a postal vote, I really wouldn’t. Also, every voting paper has a secret number on it. At the end of voting day it’s an easy thing to see who has not voted on the computers, and then take this vote for whom you want. In the past its been New Labour.

Remember: in the past records were secretly kept of anyone voting for NF or BNP, because the government is a government of anti-white haters and pro-colored racists.


…..Twisted gays

In the 1970s the work I was involved in meant I had to connect closely with the police, and I had inside knowledge of some very sensitive topics.
The majority were good, hard-working coppers. Sure, we would hear of bad apples, but they usually did not last too long.
One day a detective I knew came in with another policeman whom I did not know. The detective looked upset and I asked him what was wrong. I had to press him and he told me the following story.
He said an old lady had phoned her police station that loud moans and silenced screams were coming from the old man’s house next door. She was asked what she knew of the man, and she just said he lived alone and kept himself to himself,but that she was worried about the moaning sounds.
In those days the police used to actually leave their nice, warm police stations and come out, so a police car went round to the house and one policemen went to the front door and one climbed over the fence round the back, while one sat in the car. The policeman who climbed over the back fence radioed to the other two to join him round the back where he could see in the window.
The detective said there were possibly 10 men sitting around a crowded bed, sewing their testicles to the bedsheet.
I laughed and said “Yeah, right. You are pulling my leg.” But I could see the colour had drained from his face, and he was serious.
As he went on, we went in and spoke to the men who were involved in the gay S & M [sadism and masochism] scene. I could think of nothing pleasurable about sewing my testicles to a bedsheet, and replied how strange it was.
He said one of these men was an aspiring politician who asked the policemen if he could speak to them on his own.
Now up until this point the detective I knew said there was little they could charge them with, as it was only themselves they were hurting and seemingly, deriving pleasure from it.
The policeman went on to say that the politician said if they would let him go he would tip them off about some very serious sexual stuff in the homosexual underworld, so the police listened hard.
As a result of the tipoffs two plainclothes officers visited a club in Manchester, one in London, and later a club meeting in a Brighton hotel lounge.

They said at the London club they saw men come in with white gloves hanging over the back pocket. White meant virgins, brown gloves meant excreta


and bum fetishists, and red gloves meant spilt blood.

i thought my brain would explode with what I was hearing, but some famous people would be seen mixing with the men who were all waiting to pair off and go to a dimly lit end of the room which contained settees and soft furnishings. Apparently one of the regulars here was Dennis Nilsen, the man who would become the mass murderer who would later go on to murder and eat several young men. [photo]
It was said at the club that people found this subject as boring as his stories of love of socialism and what he would do if he ran the country. They were just so sick of hearing about him, nevertheless he spent time in the army and the police where his psychotic opinions and behaviour made him an unpopular loner.
 Also filmed coming out was John Vassall, the Admiralty clerk who would be blackmailed over his homosexual antics and betrayed technical secrets of the Royal Navy for the use of the Soviet Navy. [] .
It was said he owned many pairs of handmade shoes and 35 beautiful handmade Savile Row [] three-piece suits, and this on a clerk’s pay is something that never rang any alarm bells?
Savile Row, seen from Burlington Gardens in London
Sean Connery wearing a Savile Row suit
The club in Brighton the police said had some very young boys there with the men who were all filmed as they came out, but he said the Manchester club had the DJ Jimmy Savile with his two regular minders running the evening.
Jimmy Savile was a major show-business star in the UK for decades, a close friend of Prince Charles — and a massive, serial paedophile.
1978 at the Club Double Diamond in Caerphilly, Wales
Savile was a miser and kept bills receipts and diaries from this period. After his death police and Special Branch entered all his homes, interested to find and take away the diaries and paperwork, which may have leads to other abusers, several of which included both show-biz DJs and politicians who have already been named.
The red gloves symbolise “blood sports.” One of the criminal Kray gang was said to be sexually aroused by the sight of blood, hematophilia, and Lord Moran after WW II claimed Winston Churchill had bouts of it.
The healer and osteopath, Stephen Ward, was murdered to conceal what he knew of old Winston and the Royals. It was alleged at the time that the Duke of Edinburgh [Prince Philip] had attended black magicki rituals at the Astor residence, but i cannot verify this.
Black magick always has homosexual sex as part of its ritual.
This is why it was banned in every religion, because it raised negative low vibrations.
The consumption of human bodily organs is an integral part of the Bush meat industry, where meat from rare animals and even people is brought into the UK for the immigrant communities, and a net search shows that some of the missing children were sold through butcher shops in with other meat. It is believed in some communities that eating a child’s organs will give you the youth and health of the child, and some voices in Interpol say that because of the cottage industry of Israel importing in vast amounts of body parts for experimentation and transplants, blood drinking is actually more common than many realise and the Old Testament covers this well.
I was consulted on many past cases as an expert in this fields. [end]

…..(Warning — gross and horrible) Anal sex is central to mind control…  DIFFICULT TO READ ARTICLE ON WHY ANAL RAPE (YUCK) IS SO IMPORTANT TO SATANISTS

….but read it anyway (just as you made yourself watch “Hellstorm”! Take your cod liver oil! 😉 )

Here is a really harrowing article.  Except for some foolish nazi-bashing (Mengele nonsense) in it, I found most of it credible. It explained some things I never, ever understood. Not a fun read…. but knowledge is POWER.


Hollywood Buttsex – Anal Vampirism – Dog Priests Ritually “Illuminate” (Anally Rape) 3-Year-Olds – Kundalini Serpent (Spinal Cord) Activation: From Brown Eye to Third Eye – Blood Oaths and Ritual Buggery – Elitist Parasitic “Ruling Class” Inverts and Counterfeits – MK-ULTRA Sodomy-Based Programming – Sexual Trauma and Amnesiac Barriers – Masonic Predators Attempting to Normalize Pedophilia

Don’t Go West [Preview B] – The Celtic Rebel 

A preview of Celtic Rebel’s epic documentary about what goes on “behind” the scenes in Hollywood.

“Because of the nature of the subject, there’s no real delicate way to handle it. Without being unnecessarily crude, on the one hand, or avoiding the reality of the situation, on the other, I’m going to share what the Lord is impressing upon me.” –Bob Schlenker (The Open Scroll Blog)

Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man, Sodomy Is the Key

Interview with Marion Knox, by Elana Freeland

The doctors of the law, too, who had come down from Jerusalem, said, ‘He is possessed by Beelzebub’, and ‘He drives out devils by the prince of devils.’ So he called them to come forward, and spoke to them in parables: ‘How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand; if a household is divided against itself, that house will never stand; and if Satan is in rebellion against himself, he is divided and cannot stand; and that is the end of him.

‘On the other hand, no one can break into a strong man’s house and make off with his goods unless he has first tied the strong man up; then he can ransack the house.’ (Mark 3:22-27, NEB)

Marion Knox is a farmer, gospel singer, and counselor from Lebanon, Oregon, who has been called upon to do the work of deliverance, not deprogramming. Although some may think of his methodology as unorthodox, it appears to be effective in eliminating highly-structured dissociation in many of the people he’s worked with. Mr. Knox would like to emphasize that some of his opinions are speculation or conjecture and need to be objectively verified and validated by independent sources. [Note: There have been some serious allegations that, in his zeal, Marion Knox has, in certain cases, gotten carried away and perceived evidence of ritual abuse when none was present (i.e. that he “implanted false memories”, according to accusers). It is up to the reader to assess how much of Knox’s explanation below is accurate or credible, and how much may be exaggerated or off-base. This is indeed an important subject that requires keen discernment.]

CAUTION: “If you’re a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered, or you’re easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on.”

E: Marion, where I want to start is with your statement that the presence of Elohim spirits usually indicates Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy. Does that ring a bell?

M: Yes, it does, and I would like to broaden that a little bit. Ron Patton once did an article on Monarch programming. Based on what you might call research or what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years – I’m just guessing because I don’t keep records – this is my impression: the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable, there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.

E: What is it about sodomy that does that?

M: It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will, as near as I can tell. In other words, I would state it this way: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.

Gene Kelly Singin’ (Sodomizin’) in the Rain (1952)

E: For all multiple personality disorders?

M: As far as I know. It’s not commonly told this way, because sodomy puts in a deaf and dumb spirit and causes memory loss, so that some people may remember occult rituals but won’t remember the sodomy. But sodomy is the foundation of the whole thing. It is called “the key of David” [1] by the Rothschild Illuminati.

E: When you say Rothschild Illuminati, you’re not talking about just the Rothschild family?

M: No, I’m talking about all of the occult people all over the world. This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye.

E: Are you saying that back in Egypt in 3000 B.C.E., when the priesthood was at its peak, they were using sodomy for their initiations?

M: As far as I know, sodomy is always used in the occult, going clear back before the Flood. Sodomy is Satan’s sex or Satan’s new birth of the child. I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated, because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age.

E: The third eye meaning the pineal gland between the eyes?

M: Yes. I have traced migraine headaches from anal sex. It comes up the spine, over the back of the head right into the forehead.

E: All migraines, or –

M: No, I’m not saying all migraine headaches are from sodomy, because I had one once that was put on me by a retired chiropractor and he did not sodomize me. But I think he was a sodomite. Basically, Satan cannot sodomize someone on his own, but he can influence somebody to sodomize someone else, and then it’s like having Satan sodomize them and put the sodomy power within them. Sodomy is spiritual. I get intense about this because it is so clear, and the Bible is the best source for discovering this.

E: Regarding Illuminati and Rothschild –

M: Let’s leave Rothschild out of this. Not everybody is Rothschild unless you are using Rothschild as a loose term like Illuminati. With Illuminati referring to the wider spectrum, there is a Rothschild element and a Masonic element, but probably as sinister as any is the Jesuit element. I cannot prove this – I wish I could – but I believe that to become a full-fledged Jesuit, you would have had to have been sodomized by the time you were three years of age. I believe they’re all sodomites.

E: The entire Society of Jesus?

M: I don’t think you can become powerful in the Society of Jesus without being involved in sodomy at some point in time.

Jesuit Christogram, inverted

E: Marion, when you say the third eye, I think of the ability to see visions, to see things we normally can’t. Is that what you’re talking about?

M: To make a mystic with those capabilities requires sodomy, because sodomy changes the way the mind works; it opens the mind up to the spirit world.

E: So it’s the same effect on male or female children?

M: Absolutely, and you never know what the effect is going to be. One might be one way and one another, but to be able to become a mystic, whether it’s a Catholic mystic or any other kind of mystic, that is the route to go. I call that the Legion mindset.

E: Let’s go back to the Elohim and Legion. What are the differences?

M: The Legion mindset has the Strong Man spirit in it. It’s like the House of the Strong Man: its foundation can develop into a mystic, or into multiple personalities. The Legion mindset would be what Alice in Wonderland is all about. The Elohim spirit is just one small item.

E: But they’re inserted through sodomy, as well?

M: Yes. I think the spirit called Elohim in people who have gone through Masonic ceremonies enters with sodomy.

E: But the word Elohim in the Old Testament is actually a good word –

M: Not always, because the word means “spirit.” I think if you check the original, when Samuel came up, the witch of Endor said she saw the Elohim coming up. So she saw the spirit coming up, not God Almighty. In the occult world, they have many Elohim. Why do you think that Wicca’s magic circle has the name Elohim and Adonai? Do you think that’s God Almighty? I don’t think so.

E: So they may have spirits that are stand-ins for other –

M: Basically, the sodomy spirits would call themselves the I AM spirits. When you have someone who has a sodomy spirit, that sodomy spirit claims to be God. So then it’s just the next step to use the names that we associate with God. Mormonism says that Elohim had sex with Mary to birth Jesus. Do you think that was Almighty God? I don’t think so. Joseph Smith was a peepstone gazer; he had the third eye open. He was a molester, had been a Mason and copied Masonic ceremonies for the Temple ceremonies.

Scottish Rite Freemasonry logo (degree 33)

E: From what you have learned from the people you have deprogrammed – you don’t like that word, do you?

M: You can use the word deprogramming, but it is used in circles that are not Christian, and basically a lot of what they call deprogramming is reprogramming. I like to think of it as changing a mindset. But go ahead and ask your question.

E: I’m trying to establish a relationship between the Illuminati and Freemasons.

M: Okay. In the true sense of the word, Illuminati is a class of people that have illumination in common. In the political sense, you might have people who have joined an organization called the Illuminati – like being a Democrat or a Republican. But in the true sense of the word, the Illuminati refers to enlightened or illuminated ones.

E: And they can be from any brotherhood or organization?

M: Yes.

E: And they have gone through some sort of initiation for that?

M: In a spiritual sense, they have been illuminated or initiated into the illumination of Lucifer. The initiation into the light of Lucifer is achieved by sodomy of the three-year-old. However, if that person does not follow through, he can become a dud – he doesn’t go anywhere, so he hasn’t really risen to any rank within the movement of the body of the Illuminati. They have certain degrees associated with being a high-level Illuminati – you wouldn’t get there simply by being initiated as a three-year-old. The initiation of the three-year-old is the beginning requirement of someday rising up into the ranks of a group that is considered to be the Illuminati. A lot of people think of the Illuminati as being a political group of people, but in another sense it’s a brotherhood of sodomites that’s like family.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980)

E: When you say “like family,” are some blood-related and most not?

M: I’m saying sodomites feel a family bond, whether related or not.

E: Sodomites – Illuminati or otherwise. Is sodomy ritually continued after three years old?

M: Let me try to explain it this way. Who is the Bride of Christ or who is the Church? Everybody who is truly born again is in the kingdom or family of God, right?

E: Uh-huh.

M: That is THE Church, right? But then you’ve got Methodists, Baptists, Nazarenes, and all these different groups. The Illuminati is Lucifer’s church, the mystical body of Satan.

E: Is sodomy like communion for them?

M: No, sodomy is like being born again.

E: Do they do it over and over?

M: Yes, but especially in intense programming, like Monarch or mind control programming, sodomy is used over and over and over. Those who have programmers or keepers, they’re using sodomy all the time to keep the person in line.

Eric Gill sculpture at BBC Broadcasting House, London
Vester Flanagan, gay black fired broadcaster, shot three whites, killing two, on live TV in Virginia
Aerial view of the GCHQ “Doughnut” in Cheltenham, near London




E: Is sodomy a threat or is it pleasurable to the sodomized?

M: Those who have been programmed have a locked-in three-year-old mindset which is the core of the programming. Say they’re eighteen or twenty years old, and somebody comes up and knows the signal or says the code word to call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program in, and when that person wakes up, they probably don’t even remember that anything happened. Basically, a person reverts back to the three-year-old to be a total victim to the sodomy.

There are many ramifications of this. If you read the book by Cathy O’Brien, she says that a high-level politician gave her messages to take to the King of Saudi Arabia. The politician would access her sex alter, repeat the message, bring her out of that sex alter, ship her overseas, and when she got there, the King would access her sex alter and get the message word for word from the high-level politician and return an answer. That basically is a picture – she didn’t say it was sodomy, but that’s what they do. Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it. They might even get them so highly programmed that they can just say the word or repeat the code.

E: Can you use sodomy for programming after childhood?

M: You can program a 50-year-old person with sodomy.

E: But would you have had to have done it at least once when they were small?

M: To get a mind control slave, yes. You can’t take a 20-year-old person and make a mind control slave out of them by waiting until they’re 20 years old to do it. To program them like TV and movies do – you could not make a Monarch programmed person if you hadn’t started with them as a child.

E: Have victims actually used the word Monarch to describe their programming?

M: One of the people I worked with came up with the idea that the wings of the monarch butterfly are actually the pelvic skeletal shape. Then if you add sodomy, you add the abdomen of the butterfly. The other thing about Monarch would be that these people are told they are royalty or “chosen ones,” given that a lot of bloodline families in power in the United States claim to be descendants of European royalty or descendants of monarchs. You could look at it that way. I say that Monarch programming is basically sodomy programming.

Some people are being kept in bondage by sodomizing themselves – [Here the telephone turns into static that takes several minutes to rectify.] – sodomy is used to re-boot the computer and reactivate the programming.

E: Do you think this is at all behind the big push to accept homosexuality as normal?

M: Of course.

E: Do you think all homosexuals are sodomized early?

M: I don’t think that very many homosexuals become homosexual without being sexually abused early. They may not all have been sodomized, but a large portion were.

As far as religions go, Catholics and Masons are at the top of the list. It’s possible that the Catholic hierarchy may even have an unofficial doctrine to sodomize three-year-olds so as to bind them to the Church. They say, “Give us a child until he’s five and he’ll always be Catholic,” but they don’t start any religious training with the children until they’re five. I recently freed a guy who was sodomized by a priest when he was probably three, and then at thirteen was put in Boys Town in Nebraska, and the priest there would take him into a room, lock the doors, and make him do whatever he wanted him to do. A first-hand witness of the corruption at Boys Town.

E: What about Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key – fraternities of elite sons – do you suppose they’re using sodomy as well, to make deep bonds for the sake of money and power in the families?

M: I can’t imagine they haven’t. What is Skull and Bones anyway but the order of death? Why are they doing things connected with the dead? Sodomy is the biggest occult power source there is, so how did they get their power without it? I was not there, I was never invited to go there, I could not have gone there because I was never a victim of sodomy as a child. Now, the Masons do recruit people who are innocent bystanders, just for the image and the dues. But the real driving force of the Masons are the sodomites; just check the DeMolay thing.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (or is it Men?)

E: Tell me a little more about the deep bond that forms among men because of sodomy.

M: Let me tell you a little story. I have been trying to help a woman for the last five years to get free of the bondage and victimization that began when she was a child. She was married to a guy who’s wealthy and works for Nike, and is also a cross-dresser. I even met with the cross-dresser and uncovered that his grandpa was a Mason who treated him like a little girl and sodomized him. This was from his mind, not mine – but he didn’t want to believe it and get right. They have four children, and she’s been sitting there with the damage to the children.

She’d been trying to get something to pin on him, like his pornography on the internet, but he always lied his way out of everything. I called her out of the blue the other day, and she had filed for divorce but still didn’t have anything on him. So I said, “Do you suppose you might have a spirit of his, like the Strong Man?” So I checked it out, and the answer that came from her mind was that the spirit of her husband had entered her on her wedding night by sodomy. All she can remember is that the wedding night was a bad night. I cast it out. She had a bright red rash on her when we were talking about this, but when I cast out the Strong Man spirit with her husband’s name, put in with sodomy, within minutes the rash was completely gone.

Within the week, she happened to be at her husband’s new house where the daughter was, and the daughter said, “Let me show you something.” They went into a big walk-in closet where there was a suitcase with another locked suitcase in it. The daughter got the key, opened up the little suitcase, and there were women’s paraphernalia, lingerie, even the tool to sodomize himself. She could not find any evidence on that guy until I got rid of that spirit of sodomy from him. Her eyes and the daughter’s eyes were opened.

Sodomy has a spiritual component in it that is far more sinister than anybody recognizes. It is the most underrated evil power to the general public. But to the people who are in the know, they know that this is the ultimate rebellion against God Himself. This is what they hope to use to gain the whole human race for their side and defeat God Himself.

E: I’m convinced you’re right that for both mind control and male bonds of power, sodomy is somehow key. What about another brotherhood, the Special Forces – Navy SEALs, Green Berets – elite cadres?

M: From what I can gather, I believe they are chosen because the men start out as victims as three-year-olds. I worked to help get a guy free whose mother ran a topless bar down in California, and he had a tremendous internal rage. He didn’t do very well in school, and he had his problems with drugs, but a guy came along and got him a full ride of four years at West Point. He should never have gotten in there. He went in on a football scholarship, but when they got him in there, they switched him to a boxing scholarship because when he got into boxing, the rage could be turned on. He heard that some of the initiations coming up in the second West Point year included sodomy. I don’t know that they subjected him to sodomy, but he quit before he went more than one year.

Just like in war, where traumatic things happen that soldiers can’t remember, this is what sodomy does to the child. The denial system that kicks in produces, at least in some people, the ability to compartmentalize. When you compartmentalize, you can be in a certain compartment of your mind without detracting from other compartments of your mind. If you’re in the pure rage compartment, you don’t have any kindness or love diluting it.

“Hive mind”

E: So in the profiling that the military might use in order to find a man who fits the untapped rage pattern –

M: I could make a profile! I could take a few victims that are healed and sit them down beside me and we could bring the people through an interview and we could profile them.

E: Why do I think this programming through sodomy acts so much more powerfully on males than on females?

M: It doesn’t, but males and females are different. Females are best for becoming programmed computers or human recorders. Most women are more capable of creating multiple personality systems because of the way their minds work.

But the fact is that men are more aggressive, so the percentage of women who are sodomized and become perpetrators is far lower than the percentage of men who become perpetrators. They’re all victims to start with, but women just go on being victims; they don’t tend to turn into perpetrators themselves.

I’ve worked with men who did not become perpetrators and remained victims, just like the women; and I’ve seen evidence of women who became perpetrators. Witches are perpetrators, and just like men, they’re molesters. I’ve worked with people who had women sodomizing them with objects, molesting children. But the percentage is lower with women than it is men. A higher percentage of men will transition from victim to perpetrator. And I’m convinced that there are some men who compartmentalize in such a way that they do not, on the average, remember acts of molesting; they will only remember if they get into that compartment. Otherwise, they have amnesiac barriers between the different compartments of their minds. Women are that way, too. A perpetrator with an amnesiac barrier is a sad, sad case, because they can switch into that compartment and go out and molest, then switch out and not remember. This is the kind of person they use in Special Forces for their assassination teams, because they can activate the hidden compartment that has been programmed for assassination and send them out on a mission. A man who claimed to have been in the South African Special Forces told me of two cases where he was sent to assassinate, one in a national park in South Africa, and another in London.

Holy Cross (In hoc signo vinces) by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1967

E: So sodomy doesn’t need to be used; the trigger word can just be used to activate that compartment.

M: I don’t know. I think that they could use sodomy and make them forget the whole thing. People have been sodomized and they couldn’t remember for three or six months after it had happened. We didn’t know what was wrong with them, and then later found out somebody took them out and sodomized them.

Sodomy is a spiritual thing. Let’s say Ben sodomizes either a man or woman. When he does that, that person has a spirit by the name of Ben that changes the way that person relates to things. This can even be as an adult. You can’t put the Legion mindset in when they’re 40 years old, but you can put Ben in when they’re 40 years old and it will change the way that person thinks. I’ve had different women who separated from abusive husbands and for some reason couldn’t break loose of the soul tie to their husband, but when we cast out the sodomy spirit by their husband’s name, their feelings about their ex-husbands changed. The most classic example is the lady who had slept with her husband before they were married, committed adultery at 40 years of age, and when I commanded the Strong Man to give its name, it was her husband’s name that entered at 40 when he sodomized her. That spirit of sodomy was more damaging to her than the spirit of adultery or fornication.

E: What is the relationship between sodomy and the House of the Strong Man?

M: If a person is sodomized, the Strong Man spirit that Jesus spoke of will be the spirit of the sodomy. It’s actually an unclean spirit and a familiar spirit with the name of the person who did the sodomy. So when you sodomize a three-year-old, you build the doll house with the three-year-old trapped inside, and every time that person is sodomized from that point on, a Strong Man enters. So let’s just say Joseph sodomized the child – now Joseph and the three-year-old child are in the house locked in the core of the mind. Along comes Jack and sodomizes the girl later – now, there’s Joseph, the child, and Jack. Then comes Ben later, then comes Sterling, then comes Red, then comes this guy and that guy – you’ve got a whole legion of sodomites and every one of them has a name, which means that you’ve got many spirits of the sodomites in the House of Joseph the Strong Man, the original sodomizer.

E: You’re being literal when you say spirit – that the dissociation that creates multiples is the entry of one spirit after another.

M: Well, some people would like to say that multiple personalities are not spirits. I would like to say that the whole multiple mindset is a demonic mindset, basically a Legion-style mindset of many, the same as the man in Mark 5 said: “My name is Legion, for we are many,” and Jesus released them all at once. For the benefit of anybody who was looking on, two thousand pigs went crazy and drowned while the man was again clothed and in his right mind. So basically all of his legion of spirits, multiple personalities, or anything you want to call them, all were gone and his mind was right. The whole multiple mindset is a wrong mindset. It’s a fantasy world mindset.

E: But it’s not necessarily possession by demonic spirits?

M: If you got rid of every demon that multiple personality people have, they would no longer be multiple.

E: So therapists who allow certain helpers or child alters to remain, they’re not doing a service to the person?

M: The person can’t get free as long as they have any of that left, because their mind is not working like God intended it to work.

E: So with each sodomy, the House of the Strong Man gets stronger and stronger?

M: That’s right.

E: With a believer who can accept that Jesus Christ can deliver them all at once, you have been able to free people from the House of the Strong Man?

M: I’ve had it happen on quite a number of occasions, not every time. There’s some times that I never did get them to leave.

E: With non-believers or believers as well?

M: Well, people who said they were believers. But it’s possible to have a compartment of your mind that’s a believer and another compartment that is a sodomite. So what are you? A lot of people do not believe me when I say that you can cast out the Strong Man, the child, and all of the multiple system at once. But I’ve done it, by the grace of God – Jesus did it, and others have done it. So why would I spend my time with some lesser kind of benefit if I already know that the ultimate goal is to achieve what I just described?

I had a man once who was crazy. He had worked for twelve years to try to get free, but was ready to kill his wife. He couldn’t work, his marriage was on the rocks, he was at the point of being committed. Somebody told him about me, and I finally found a spot for him to come. I didn’t know anything about him. I met with him one day, uncovered that Joseph was the Strong Man, that he was Rothschild bloodline and they had used him as a male prostitute, sodomized him as a boy in rituals to get the power of the bloodline. I cast the whole thing out in one day. He didn’t talk to me again for two years. He got well, he’s still well. Two years later, he and his wife came and told me the good things that had happened. He went to his 6,000-member church to give his testimony of getting well, and they wouldn’t even let him use my name, because they had believed negative propaganda about me. He could give his testimony, but all he could say was he met with a man – couldn’t use my name. I asked him, “What’d I do different from the rest?” He said, “They went after the stronghold, you went after the Strong Man.”


E: Sodomy stands behind multiplicity –

M: I haven’t found anybody who was just sexually fondled and became multiple, and I’ve never found anybody who went through occult rituals without sodomy. So I can’t tell you whether being put through a sacrifice ritual without sodomy makes a multiple. People are trying to say that would be the case – that the ritual murders and sacrifices are traumatic enough to produce MPD – but I’ve never found a case out there that only had sacrifice. They’ve always had the sodomy. They don’t always remember it, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got the symptoms. The occult groups know – and they think all Christians are stupid and can’t catch on – they know that sodomy is required to achieve what they want to achieve.

If you check this thing out, you’ll find that all the idolatry going clear back to the days of the children of Israel in Egypt have sodomy in it. Jesus said:

And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot: they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. (Luke 17:26-30, KJV)

Nothing wrong with marrying, buying, and selling; every civilization does it. What’s the common denominator of these three times? We have more sodomy now out in the open than we’ve ever had. Lot was in Sodom – that’s where the word sodomy comes from. It meant anal sex, or as they’re calling it now, anal intercourse. What other kind of sex do you think they could produce on those angels that they tried to break the door down to get to? They wanted to get their supernatural power. The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer, and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy.

By the way, I’ve found that a lot of people’s hemorrhoid problems came from their sodomy.

E: So sodomy is a lot more common than people give it credit for.

M: Now they’re putting sodomy pornography on the internet. I met a lady who had a web cam set up in her home for the internet, and would sodomize herself in the nude for the guys out there to watch. She had been a church secretary.

E: Is sodomy the connecting link between satanism, Freemasonry, and other groups, including Jesuits?

M: You remember Aleister Crowley. He was a 33rd degree Mason. I talked to Bill Schnoebelen one time and asked him, “Where did the Masons get the sodomy?” and he said, “It came by Aleister Crowley from black magic Hinduism.” Well, that isn’t the only place it came from.

Aleister Crowley: dickhead and ass

E: Have you run across more satanic stuff now? It seems rife, or has it always been around about the same amount?

M: As far as American society is concerned, it’s increasing. As far as Masonry and a certain element they call Black Masonry, it’s been around all the time. I don’t use the term Satanism quite as much, because the Masons would be more Luciferian rather than Satanist.

E: What is the difference between Satan and Lucifer?

M: Same person, but Jesus said Satan comes either as an angel of light or as a roaring lion. Satanism is the roaring lion principle, Luciferianism is the angel of light principle. Basically, in Masonry, the white and black checkered floor is the light and dark balancing factor.

In the Bible, sodomy is translated as “uncleanness.” In Job 36:13-14, it says that hypocrites in heart die young and live among the unclean. If you take what’s in the margin of the King James or New King James and re-read the verse, it would read like this: The hypocrites in heart, their souls die and they live amongst the sodomites. Sodomy kills the soul, destroys the soul. Romans 1 describes the route to having a reprobate mind. It’s a progression:

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves…

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

Without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (Rom. 1:24, 28-32, KJV)

So all kinds of things happen when they go into perversion.

E: People talk about aliens. What is their relationship with demons?

M: I had a guy working for me whose brother-in-law works at Area 51. Top secret, can’t talk. This guy who worked for me asked his brother-in-law, “What about the alien thing?” He said, “The Stealth Bomber is our most advanced technology that the American public is aware of, and it was developed 30 years ago. What do you think they have now?”

I think the alien thing is a cover scheme made up by these Area 51 people. The second thing I notice is that most of the people who believe in aliens say that their first abduction occurred around three years of age. There are so many similarities to occult ritual abuse that – Whenever you put together sodomy and ritual abuse, the demons are going to be layered in. They give you a new mindset at three years of age, the fantasy world. This is what the whole alien thing is all about. There’s no such thing as aliens from other planets. There’s demons.

Aleister Crowley drawing of Lam

E: How do you picture where demons live?

M: The demon is a figment of your mind; it lives in your mind.

E: Is its origin in your mind as well?

M: You take a three-year-old child, untouched. Somebody sodomizes the child; the guy’s name is Joe. Now, all of a sudden, the child has a sodomy demon called Joseph riding with him. That thing was conceived or reproduced from the Joseph demon that the man had who sodomized that child. Where’d it come from? It was birthed in the child’s mind by the act. It didn’t have to come from anywhere; it just was birthed, reproduced right there. The child was given a copy. Joe is like a copy machine that can reproduce another copy. I don’t feel all demons are that way, but that kind are. They don’t live in the bloodstream, they don’t live in the genes; they live in the mind.


E: Is sodomy worse than incest?

M: A lot of the incest that’s occurring is sodomy. I’ve heard that in Mexico, [some] Mexican fathers sodomize their daughters to be able to control them and bond them to the family, but they don’t give them vaginal sex, so they can preserve them as virgins for their husbands. What a crock of bull! I’m convinced that [radicalized] Muslim hatred for non-Muslims comes from sodomy. Their rage has to come from sodomy.

E: I’ve heard that sodomy is rampant among Muslims, but I thought it was because of the laws that support revenge against men who make advances on women – that this Muslim law is what makes them turn to boys. But you think it’s more than that?

M: Of course. Why would any normal man turn to boys? Even with those laws, I wouldn’t turn to boys.

E: So men are conditioned because they’re sodomized as children?

M: I think so. One guy I know knew a Saudi who said that, over there, women are for children and men are for love. The violence and hatred in that kind of stuff is produced by sodomy; it produces the internal rage.

The massive buildup of Star Wars-type technology, way beyond anything that they’re using for international policing, is being developed in order to defeat Jesus Christ, so the sodomites can take over the world. Satan can’t do it, so he’s using men to come up with the idea to try and do it. I know that what I’m saying is tremendously radical, but in the end, the Lord Jesus Christ will win (Revelations 19 and 20).


[1] Key of David: The Illuminati claim sodomy is the Key of David, and they use this scripture to prove it: “I will lay the key of the house of David on his shoulder; what he opens no man shall shut, and what he shuts no man shall open. He shall be a seat of honour for his father’s family; I will fasten him firmly in place like a peg. On him shall hang all the weight of the family, down to the lowest dregs – all the little vessels, both bowls and pots. On that day, says the Lord of Hosts, the peg which was firmly fastened in its place shall be removed; it shall be hacked out and shall fall, and the load of things hanging on it shall be destroyed. The Lord has spoken.” (Isaiah 22:22-25)

Physical Body Door: The First Chakra

Since it rules our first-dimensional self that is unable to reflect upon itself, perceptions from our root chakra are usually unconscious. This first-dimensional portion of us can only be aware of a “hive or species consciousness”. Even though the first chakra has many masculine qualities, it is also the “seat of the Goddess Kundalini”, and is therefore often associated with our relationship with our mothers and with Mother Earth. Our relationships with our mother set up our attitude toward home, security, and money. If we are cut off from our roots, we feel cut off from the earth as well.

The first chakra rules our survival consciousness, and represents our deepest unconscious and most primitive self. This chakra represents the reptilian portion of our brain, which is our brainstem – our center for life support. The brainstem and the area immediately above it are called the reptilian brain, because all creatures from reptiles to humans possess it. For reptiles, this area is their entire brain; but for humans, it is the base or stem of their brain.

The first chakra represents birth to two years of age. This is the time before we have completed our process of individuation, and still perceive ourselves as a part of our parents. This chakra represents our struggle to come to terms with our physical life and physical body….

Each chakra feeds prana into a different endocrine gland. Just as there are seven chakras, there are seven endocrine glands. Both the chakras and the endocrine glands are located along the spinal cord. The endocrine glands manufacture hormones and supply them to the bloodstream. These glands are called “ductless”, because there is not a duct to any specific part of the body. Instead, hormones are released into the bloodstream, where they are carried by the blood to every organ and tissue to exert their influence on all functions of the physical body….

The endocrine gland for the first chakra is the adrenal glands. There are actually two adrenal glands, located with one on top of each of the two kidneys. The adrenal glands are the body’s call to battle. When adrenaline is released into the system, our perceptions become clearer, we have added vigor and feel more courageous. The release of adrenaline activates the fight/flight syndrome, which prepares us for battle or flight. Release of adrenaline and activation of fight/flight is brought on by real or imagined danger. Therefore, our emotions can activate a release of adrenaline when we feel extreme fear or even chronic anxiety….

The first chakra is located near the sacral plexus – the nerve center which rules the skeleton, legs, feet, eliminatory system, male reproductive organs, and the prostate….

The first chakra rules our first- and second-dimensional selves. Our first-dimensional self represents the genetic coding, cells, and minerals of our bodies. It also represents our most primitive “animal self”, which is represented by the fight/flight response that serves to assure the survival of the species. The root chakra also rules the male sex glands and the testosterone that they secrete. This testosterone drives the males in our society, and the male polarity of our psyche, to perpetuate and protect humanity.

The Muldahara chakra is the foundation for the whole chakra system. Its function is to respond to any issues concerning survival: eating, sleeping, exercising, recovering from illness, making a living, or simply feeling safe and secure. If our survival needs are properly taken care of, then we can safely focus on other levels such as learning, creativity, or relationships. If there is some damage to this chakra, then we find ourselves repeatedly coping with threats to our survival, which keeps us from accomplishing other things.

Chakras: Tools for Transformation, by Anita Slott, Alternative Culture Magazine

The chakras are the ancient depositories of all the divine energy given to humanity at the beginning of time. They are “the seven Spirits” guiding us on our path of transformation, our initiation into the mysteries of life. The knowledge and use of chakras as a means to spiritual awakening has been recognised through the ages in all the great religions, in one form or another….

The Sanskrit name of the first chakra is Mooladhara. It means root and support. It is situated, in males, midway between the anus and the genitals, at the perineum; and in the female, at the cervix, where the vagina and the uterus join. Mooladhara is the lowest chakra in human beings, but the highest in animals. It is the chakra of group consciousness, in which animals live; and also of humans who identify themselves only by family, nationality, race, and religion, not yet able to detach from the group-soul and embrace their own individuality and independence. It is an energy which, in its most negative aspect, is heavily at work in all ethnic wars.

… The first chakra is depicted in Hindu teachings as a four-petalled deep-red lotus flower. Its colour is red, the colour of passion and emotional love, and its number is four. Four is the number of manifestation, of matter, so we deal here with the energy of the material world. In fact, its element is earth. When the energy in this chakra is not activated and purified, when our consciousness has not developed beyond the three bottom chakras, we are unconscious of ourselves as individuals. We relate to the world out of our particular tribe, to the exclusion of everything else. We are almost entirely self-centred and concerned with issues of survival in the material world; and the energy manifests in its negative aspects in anger, greed, revenge, collective hatred, lust for power and control – all passions of our lower nature. The need for material security and control is the dominant energy.

… From Mooladhara, three energy channels – called “nadis” in Sanskrit – make their ascent to Ajna (the sixth chakra [third eye]), entwining around the spine, crossing each other at every chakra. Ida is the mental energy, related to the breath flow in the left nostril and to the parasympathetic nervous system. Pingala is the vital energy, related to the right nostril and to the sympathetic nervous system. The Chinese concept of Yin and Yang corresponds exactly to Ida and Pingala. The main channel, which flows through a central canal in the spinal cord, is called Sushumna and is responsible for spiritual awareness. Sushumna rises up to the crown chakra. Through this canal, Kundalini rises – the divine creative energy in us which, when awakened, transforms us from unconscious into conscious human beings and gives us full control of our body, mind, and soul…. Because Mooladhara is directly connected with Ajna through Ida and Pingala, awakening of Mooladhara awakens also Ajna, the centre of spiritual intuition and spiritual vision; and vice versa.

“The Illuminati believe that they can suck the life spirit out of a person through intercourse with what they call the Eye of Horus (the anus). This is why the leaders of this World Order (such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and tens of thousands of others) are into sodomy: they are trying to vampirize all the years of life out of the victim, to gain a longer life. Some of the sad child victims, who have been kept exclusively for this purpose, do look like the life force has been sucked out of them. Sodomy has its own secret chamber on the cabalistic tree of life.“ (Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula, by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler) [Note: In The Master Plan of the Illuminated Rothschilds, an interview with Ron Patton, Marion Knox claims that Fritz Springmeier is a double agent working for the Illuminati; others have made similar claims about Springmeier.]

“The enlightening initiation provides them with what is their token, a counterfeit to the holy spirit.“ –Bob Schlenker (The Open Scroll Blog)

“The entire reason governments are created is so that members of pederast cults can protect themselves from us, aka the people.” –Alex Poulos (Celtic Rebel)

Don’t Go West [Preview A] – The Celtic Rebel

The Losers – Dangerous Stuff 

Secrets of Occult Symbolism – Rothschild Sodomy

Dieudonné mocks the “Illuminists” (“Above, it’s the sun”)

Kay Griggs FULL Interview 1998

The Rebel Path (The Celtic Rebel)

Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway (The Open Scroll)

Freemasonry’s Best Kept Secret: Ritual Sodomy (Henry Makow website)

“Devil horns” hand sign
Russell Crowe celebrates colonically in The Water Diviner (2014)

Truth at any cost

mandag den 27. december 2010

The sign of sodomy or the KEY of illuminati 

This is the best way to spot all the agents of the illuminati, politicians, deceivers in media, agents of intelligence services, infiltrators in truth movements, and all professional liars. Permanent puffy eye bags cannot be the result of sleep disorder or so many party nights; this is a fact.

George Soros (born “Schwartz”, announcing he will “invest” $500 million to “help refugees” (to loiter, glare, beat white pensioners and rape more white women?)


A useful article to enjoy:

Maureen’s Plight, At the Hands of the Paedomasons

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Paedophilia: Cameron shifts blame, warns of ”witch hunt” against gay people

WITCH-HUNT (David Cameron)

Cameron’s ‘gay witch hunt’ & his re-aligning sodomy with paedophilia 

…..Former Speaker of the House of Representatives goes down as child molester

Exclusive: Alleged Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse Victim Is Named By Family

Good Morning America

PHOTO: Dennis Hastert, top right, and Steve Reinboldt, bottom right, shown in the 1970 Yorkville High School yearbook …

In Steve Reinboldt’s 1970 high school yearbook, wrestling coach Dennis Hastert wrote that Steve was his “great, right hand man” as the student equipment manager of the Yorkville, Illinois wrestling team.But Steve was also a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Hastert, Steve’s sister said today in an interview with ABC News. It is the first time an alleged Hastert victim has been identified by name since his indictment for lying to the FBIand violating federal banking laws to cover-up past misconduct. Hastert, due in court next week, has not responded to the allegations.

In an emotional interview, Steve Reinboldt’s sister Jolene said she first learned of her late brother’s purported years-long sexual abuse at the hands of the future Speaker of the House back in 1979 when her brother revealed to her that he was gay and had been out of high school for eight years.

“I asked him, when was your first same sex experience. He looked at me and said, ‘It was with Dennis Hastert,’” Jolene said. “I was stunned.”

Jolene said she asked her brother why he never told anyone. “And he just turned around and kind of looked at me and said, ‘Who is ever going to believe me?’”

Do you have information about this or another story? CLICK HERE to send your confidential tip in to Brian Ross and the ABC News Investigative Unit.

PHOTO: Dennis Hastert, right of middle, led a group of high school students in the Explorer’s Club on a trip to …

What We Know About the Dennis Hastert Scandal

Jolene said that Steve told her the abuse lasted throughout Steve’s four years of high school as he served as team student manager. “Mr. Hastert had plenty of opportunities to be alone with Steve, because he was there before the meets,” she said. “He was there after everything because he did the laundry, the uniforms. So he was there by himself with him,” she added.

Her brother also spent time with Hastert as a member of an Explorers troop, which Hastert ran. Photos taken by her brother show Hastert with a group of boys on a diving trip to the Bahamas.

Reinboldt’s sister says she has no doubts about the veracity of what her brother told her 36 years ago.

View gallery


PHOTO: Dennis Hastert's note to Steve Reinboldt in Reinboldt's 1970 high school yearbook.

PHOTO: Dennis Hastert’s note to Steve Reinboldt in Reinboldt’s 1970 high school yearbook.

Jolene said she believes the abuse ended when Steve moved away after his high school graduation in 1971. Reinboldt died of AIDS in 1995. She believes Hastert’s alleged actions irrevocably changed Steve’s life for the worse.

“He took his belief in himself and his kind of right to be a normal person,” Jolene said. “Here was the mentor, the man who was, you know, basically his friend and stepped into that parental role, who was the one who was abusing him… He damaged Steve I think more than any of us will ever know.”

View gallery


PHOTO: Steve Reinboldt seen here on the beaches of the Bahamas.

PHOTO: Steve Reinboldt seen here on the beaches of the Bahamas.

“I was just there just trying to bite my tongue thinking that blood was coming out because I was just… So after he had gone through the line I followed him out into the parking lot of the funeral home,” Jolene said. “I said, ‘I want to know why you did what you did to my brother.’ And he just stood there and stared at me. He didn’t say, ‘What are you talking about?’ you know, [or], ‘What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He just stood there and stared at me.

“Then I just continued to say, ‘I want you to know your secret didn’t die in there with my brother. And I want you to remember that I’m out here and that I know.’ And again, he just stood there and he did not say a word.”

Hastert got in his car and drove away. Jolene said Hastert’s non-response “said everything.”

In the two decades after Steve’s death, Jolene said that she tried to expose Hastert, even writing to ABC News and another news organization as well as some advocacy groups in 2006 after another congressman, Rep. Mark Foley, was discovered havingsexually explicit message exchanges with an underage male page.

At the time ABC News could not corroborate Jolene’s allegation and Hastert denied the claim.

View gallery


PHOTO: President George W. Bush, center, is applauded by Vice President Dick Cheney, left, and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, right, during Bush...

PHOTO: President George W. Bush, center, is applauded by Vice President Dick Cheney, left, and Speaker of the House …

So for years, Jolene watched helplessly as Hastert basked in fame and power, seated to the left of the president for years in the early 2000s for the nationally-televised State of the Union address.

“I would just watch for a while and then I would just have to get up and leave the room and just, you know, either cry or scream,” Jolene said. “I can’t believe the audacity of that man and how he thinks he will get away with it.”

She said she struggled with the decision to try and put it all behind her.

“I finally got to a point where I needed – I just had to lay it down,” she said. “And right before this last Christmas, I had – I have a couple of bins and things, boxes that have a lot of his [Steve’s] stuff in it – and I just remember sitting on the floor, packing it all up and just saying, ‘Steve, I did the best I could. And I know you’re okay.’”

Then just two weeks ago, Jolene said she got a message from the FBI. They wanted to talk about Hastert.

“That’s when I just kind of lost it and said, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe – I never thought I was going to get this phone call… I thought it was over,’” she said.

A few days after that Jolene and her husband watched on television as it was reported Hastert had been indicted on charges of bank fraud relating to large payments to someone that Hastert undertook to conceal “prior misconduct.”

“There are no words to describe what it felt like, to, you, know, it’s just like Stevie had done it. It’s gonna happen, we got him,” she recalls thinking when the news broke.

Sources knowledgeable of the case told ABC News Hastert was paying a man — still unidentified except as “Individual A” — hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide that Hastert had engaged in sexual misconduct with him while Hastert was the high school wrestling coach.

Jolene never asked for money from Hastert, but his sister believes that “Individual A” is familiar with what happened with her brother. She does not know who Individual A is, but she said she’s thankful that Hastert’s alleged misconduct is coming to light.

“I feel vindicated and that Steve’s vindicated, that Mr. Hastert can’t pull this wool over everybody’s eyes,” she said. “Finally the truth comes out.”

Jolene said she wanted to speak publicly on behalf of her family about her brother’s ordeal because she believes there may be other victims and she wanted them to know they’re not alone, “that when they were kids, at that point in their life when they were going through this, it wasn’t talked about like it is now.”

“But now there’s people that are going to believe them,” Jolene said. “I just think it’s really important that these kids get a chance to work through this because I think it’s going to give them a lot of relief… Please, come forward.”

Hastert, now 73, is scheduled to make his first court appearance regarding the fraud charges next week. Hastert and his representatives have repeatedly declined to comment on the allegations, including to ABC News for this report.

The FBI declined to comment for this report.

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