BritainFirst threatens Masonic pedophilocracy in Derby

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This man makes me proud of my British ancestors! While Americans, despite free speech and guns under our Constitution, sit and type more whining on Facebook, Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and BF are out on the street, showing the flag and protesting the outrages!



Note the bearded muslim who had attacked Golding, calling Jayda Fransen (at 4:47, and twice) a “whore”, shielded by the pedophilic, Freemasonic, traitorous British police, which likes to molest little children (see Rotherham).
Result: Police issue an order that the white Christian VICTIM, Paul Golding, may not march and give any speeches with his own organization, BritainFirst!
Why can the thugcops do this? Because Britons are disarmed!
The police, the town councillors, the Child Protective Services people, and their darling muslim friends can rape 1600 English kids in a small town, Rotherham, but they do not fear the British people, who are literally disarmed!
We have guns and free speech; we can talk openly about race; we can use the J-word; but we sit here and type more shit on Facebook! The Brits have no rights left, but out they go onto the streets!

….The problem is not with the leaders but with the followers!

We need a religion that will fire our people up and resurrect the fighting spirit our ancestors had!

……Eternal Solutreanism

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I am sick and tired of our inaction! If Obama gets us in to WWIII  with the Russians, it will not be to have a nuclear war, but to round YOU up!



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