Boy with cancer dies in Santa’s arms

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”Santa” Eric Schmitt-Matzen …. The troubling sign that Christianity does not ”cut it” is the grief that happened afterward. In reality, the boy had a peaceful release from his pain, he was surrounded by love, and literally hugged by Santa Claus, and the boy’s soul then went on, up into the tunnel of light and likely to a very nice place. (Most people go at least temporarily to a very nice processing center.) But most ”Christians” actually suspect the afterlife is really just a comforting myth, whereas it is completely real. However, if there is no God or afterlife, then, as Dostoyevsky warned, ”everything is permitted.” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion urge Jews to push the goyim into becoming atheists, afraid of death, and driven into short-term, selfish, hedonistic thinking. Why is everybody grieving at the end of this story, which should have been wonderful?

Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Gets His Last Christmas Wish Before Dying in Santa’s Arms

Lindsay Kimble,People 1 hour 41 minutes ago


……Life goes on after you die! Why is everyone crying their eyes out!

My WN friend Bob Hoy was a US civilian worker in Vietnam during the war there, and saw a number of battlefields. He reported that the Vietnamese, as Buddhists and believers in rebirth, were very serene about death.

But the American GIs, white and black, moaned, cried, wailed and (yes, literally) called out for their momma. They were terrified to die. 

Virtus is the coming Aryan religion that will make us unafraid to die or do whatever is necessary for the survival of our race and a future for white children.

All my videos on life after death (Virtus 1-9) are down because I lack $212 for the hosting bill.

One third down here are the videos on the Big Issues of Life and the reality that we are judged after death by higher beings on how we led our life:

Can you help in this Christmas season?

Why do you think the Jews are hacking my site now for the last 95 days? 🙂

They want us to be atheists and fear death in battle!


We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief. If this gives birth to the atheists whom we see to-day, it will not, being only a transitional stage, interfere with our views [….]

(In the end, the goyim will worship the jews and the jewish world king, and they in turn will worship Yahweh.)


Skype chat with an extremely close friend:

[4:39:32 PM] John de Nugent: If people only WATCHED that ”Miracles from Heaven” movie….
[4:39:44 PM] John de Nugent: They grieve so much over death, and unnecessarily!
[4:39:49 PM] H: I’ve got it now – will watch it.
[4:40:07 PM] John de Nugent: Great! Maybe do me a film review! 🙂
[4:40:41 PM |] John de Nugent: Actually, Brian Ruhe could interview you and me on evidence of life after death, like when your late father’s papers did that weird thing on the porch for you to make you notice them….
[4:41:34 PM] John de Nugent: It is actually great when unchurched people report these things.
[4:41:50 PM] John de Nugent: In the ”Miracles” movie, the mother actually loses all faith in God, and begins to loathe the churchgoers, both the judgmental ones and the scoffers. 

Superb NDE (Near-Death) film “Miracles from Heaven,” based on 100% true miracle in Boston at a Harvard-affiliated hospital

After five years of severe pain, the girl tells her mother she wants to die to escape the torment.


And that is not the only tragedy, and it brings the mom almost to the cracking point.







……contact and support

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


[4:53:47 PM] M: 90% don’t really believe they will survive and are in quiet desperation.
[4:54:29 PM] John de Nugent: Henry David Thoreau: ”Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
[4:54:47 PM] M: Yeah, that writer was who I was thinking of with that.
[4:54:52 PM] John de Nugent: A more proletarian version I have seen on bumper stickers being:
[4:55:01 PM] M: “Life sucks, then you die”
[4:55:03 PM] John de Nugent: ”Life’s a bitch. then ya die.” 🙂

[4:55:49 PM] John de Nugent: Right – so just be a selfish prick, but hide it well; pretend to be buds and friends with everyone you think you may need someday to get something from…..
[4:57:36 PM] M: With downward reincarnation, though, that does in a way present a kind of ‘death’ to fear, in that you can become nothing like you were before, and presumably just be literally unable to reincarnate as a human – even if you wanted to – due to being incompatible.
[4:58:02 PM] John de Nugent: Well, even animals can be kind, and thus deserve to rise again.
I had a wonderful male cat. He would come and sleep on my shoulder at night, and lick my face in the morning. A vet said that is a sign the cat really loves you. 🙂

[4:58:55 PM] M: So there is no hippie-like afterlife where there are no real consequences of being evil.
[4:59:04 PM] John de Nugent: Right. For most the processing center after death is nice.

But they cannot stay there. That would be like staying at a party forever. 🙂

[4:59:13 PM] M: “Do more evil and there will just be more to forgive you for”
[4:59:15 PM] John de Nugent: Yeah, right, Sabbataeanism.
[4:59:38 PM] M: Is the kind of insidious thought that that brings up, yeah.
[4:59:41 PM] John de Nugent: or ”Frankism” in its later version
[5:00:35 PM] John de Nugent: The whole Pauline-Christian notion that you get to stay in heaven forever, and even without any internal changes, is so childish.

Why would God want to hang out with jerks just ‘cuz they ”believe in Jesus”?

But God DOES get lonely, which is why He made us, and he likes all who really, really try to be better.

The Norse (my Viking ancestors) saw correctly that we live in a multiverse, not a universe.

The never-finished 1914 Tolkien novel called The Silmarillion goes into this also — that there is not just ”heaven” and ‘hell” but many worlds we go to to leanr more, or we come right back here!

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