Bogus “car incident” in Charlottesville; Richard Spencer, Secret Agent

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Why would the drive of the infamous Dodge Challenger,  supposedly enraged and trying to hit and kill antifa, step on the brakes? Or was this a botched CGI? 
Devastating indictment of the Alt-Right leader Chris Cantwell as an “operative” and of the Charlottesville “car incident” as an “op” …. sent me by a former Marine officer:
This researcher, named onYouTube as “SonofNewo,” does a superb job.

I now have no doubt that the car incident was carried out by the Deep State (like the USS Maine, the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Charleston “church shooting”).
Among many anomalies:
 Four journalists, including the very important “Ford Fischer” (who has followed and interviewed Alt-Right leaders and followers for months) STOP following the WNs, stop covering the antifa also, and WAIT for three minutes close to the car incident site. (Obviously, they were TOLD to wait there because “something is gong to happen here. Have your cameras ready.”)
Three cars were involved in the pile-up: 1) the sinister Dodge Challenger, 2) a silver Toyota convertible sandwiched in the middle, and 3) a maroon van.
The maroon van pulls up onto the crosswalk,and sits there for five minutes, on the crosswalk, in the middle of the street, with no congestion! And THE DRIVER AND FRONT-RIGHT-SEAT-PASSENGER ARE GONE!
The supposed killer car, the Dodge Challenger, hangs back, just up the hill, for a minute-fifteen before zooming down and “into the people!”
Again, why did this worm “Ford Fischer” stop his filming — a live feed of a very violent day’s events — of the WNs, the group that was his “beat”? He suddenly lets a horde of WNs just pass right by him! Why is he glued to his spot now? Why did a man doing a livestream not at least go cover the nearby antifa rally either (being held with NO permit, btw)… And why did he and three other “journalists” — all “chill” for 180 seconds under the awning of a bank while stuff was happening?
The footage of “Chris Cantwell” is also priceless…. deliberately acting like an unsimpatico jerk, and crying on camera how peaceful he as one second, then boasting and showing off all his guns and knives the next! Why was he made a key person at this rally? To discredit it?
Why is the media giving unlimited coverage to the Bond Villain-like Richard Spencer?
Lyrics to “Goldfinger”:

He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch
A spider’s touch
Such a cold finger
Beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don’t go in
Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
It’s the kiss of death from
Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl beware of this heart of gold
This heart is cold
Spencer’s role is to look sinister! The icy, evil Nazi………………

…..Gayish hand gestures, snitty, offended-hairdress voice


Spencer says many true things to black conservative Republican and ex-NBA star Charles Barkley, but it is how he says it that ensures he will never have any mass following. I finished watching the Richard Spencer-Charles Barkley (retired NBA star) video… Thpenther lost no opportunity to be arrogant, smirk, acting semi-gay, and smile condescendingly — at a Barkley who is a former top, top NBA player (which takes incredible practice, talent, diligence and persistence), a genuine black conservative and Republican of long standing who has blasted Obama and supported Trump. The white public LIKES Barkley, and for good reason. The preppy Hollywood Nazi avoided even the slightest outreach to Barkley or his white admirers, and succeeded in looking unreasonable to any curious outsider who was sizing Spencer up. Assignment: “Look like an arrogant Nazi prick.” Grade from George Soros: “A+”




And, like Jared Taylor (and David Duke, and Winston Churchill, and yes, myself, though a renegade for sure to my class, like also Byron de la Beckwith, RIP) Spencer is a N-o-r-m-a-n, and what were they as a group if not psychopaths of nordic blood who made a devil’s pact with the J-Team! No one ever said with regard to the old Anglo-Saxons or the Kelts of pre-Conquest, pre-1066 Britain “perfidious Albion”! That monicker came about and has also stuck due to the NORMANS.


You might review my essay on the Normans. It was actually Nick Griffin who first got me on this theme, when I once said in an email to him that my ancestors were Normans, and he replied: “I guess we can forgive you that.” 😉 Well, that remark intrigued me, and I recalled reading a book by the Russian author Maxim Gorki where he says that the Normans utterly transformed the character of England.


The Norman Conquest gives the English to the Talmud

I am profoundly convinced that the most dangerous and most underestimated weapon the jews have is their trauma-based mind-controlled agents. I am convinced Spencer is one, and Duke (so they both are likely sincere white nationalists, and not even aware they are mind-control subjects), and without any question myself as well…. but I revolted at age ten, ran away from home and from then on I have memories, and almost nothing before.

f you really go down the rabbit hole, this is about giving us “Judas Goat” leaders who do not even realize they are mind-controlled, and they lead us into disaster. Charlottesville has now led to MORE statue desecrations and attacks on all white male heroes, even Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson, who were hardly Confederate generals! 😉


…..Alt-Right’s Richard Spencer handled by Deep-State family

Three Americans were in Budapest, Hungary organizing an international conference for the white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute: the contentious white supremacist and progenitor of the term “alt-right”, Richard Spencer, the refined, cosmopolitan, Ivy League-educated editor of the white nationalist publication American Renaissance, Jared Taylor and enigmatic publishing heir, William Regnery II.

Spencer, Taylor (and Peter Brimelow)

Taylor, a Yale graduate (as in the Skull & Bones university) has fathered several children out of wedlock with a militant leftist Jewess named Evelyn Rich, who was the key figure in a 1992 “Frontline” documentary BLASTING white nationalists: . (Rich comes on around 0:31:00)

Hungarian authorities believed the meeting to have been orchestrated by the CIA in an attempt to embarrass Hungary’s newly-elected right-wing government of Viktor Orban and the three Americans were swiftly intercepted and spirited out of the country.


“The government thought that it was a CIA plot,” a source with inside knowledge of Hungarian counterintelligence said in an interview. “They are completely paranoid, and when this conference was announced, they were convinced that this was an American action,” the source said. “They guessed that US intelligence services set up this conference so they can say Hungary is a home for right-wing extremist activists and then blackmail them in the international media.”[1]

Everyone else scoffed at the idea that these three American stooges were part of a CIA plot. The idea that any of these clueless oafs is even remotely connected to the CIA is absurd… right?

The Regnery Connection

The National Policy Institute was founded as a “racial realist” and “white nationalist” think tank and lobbying effort in 2005 by William Regnery II, who has used his family money to fund the rapid growth of numerous hard-right white nationalist and “anti-Semitic” groups such as the Charles Martel Society, another think tank founded by Regnery II in 2001 which publishes The Occidental Quarterly and runs the Occidental Observer website, with which Dr. Kevin Macdonald is closely associated.



Lawyer Sam Dickson (left, in red tie) gazes at MacDonald (in a blue pinstripe shirt and black tie) 

Immediately after founding the Martel Society, Regnery II came out swinging, advocating for a radical reconfiguring of the United States and its internal borders based on racial, religious and cultural lines.[2]

At some point, Regnery discovered the heedless agitator Richard Spencer, with whom he fostered an intimate relationship and in 2011 installed as the frontman and nominal head of the NPI, which established the NPI as the chief staging ground for the blossoming, rabidly pro-Trump “alternative right” movement.


It is characterized by an authoritarian, European-style, right-wing populist ideology (in contrast to the North America-exclusive libertarian ideology of, say, Ron Paul).


While Spencer is technically the chairman of the NPI, it is still run behind the scenes by Regnery. Richard Spencer referred to him as the chairman of the organization as recently as 2014, five years after Regnery supposedly stepped down from the position.

Despite this, Regnery (who is known for his extreme secretiveness and reclusiveness) is conspicuously lacking in any kind of publicity – his name is scarcely mentioned at all on the NPI’s website and at NPI conferences, he goes almost entirely unmentioned and very rarely speaks.


When he does speak, he is almost never recorded. It appears as though this reticent character handles the colorful front man Spencer, who speaks to and consults with Regnery almost daily.


According to Spencer himself, Regnery has played a “vitally important and indispensable” role in bolstering the alt-right movement and that he “wouldn’t do a big thing without consulting him.”[3] [4]

So just exactly who is this mysterious alt-right power broker, William Regnery II? A deep dive into his family’s background perhaps validates the Hungarian government’s understanding of Spencer and Regnery’s Central European misadventure as a potential CIA ploy.

Regnery’s family has been deeply connected to the right-wing power structure and intelligence community since the early 20th century. Regnery II’s grandfather and originator of the family’s wealth and political influence was William Henry Regnery, a wealthy Chicago textile manufacturer. William Henry was a founding member of the American Security Council, which throughout the postwar era has sat at the center of the right-wing defense establishment and seeks to influence American foreign policy through the doctrine of “peace through strength.”

Nina Byzantina, Richard Spencer and….. Laura Bush?? Who in the blue hell is Regnery II going around introducing Richard Spencer to?


Historical membership of the ASC reads like a who’s who of the intelligence and national security establishments –

–CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton;

–founding CIA member and Iran-Contra orchestrator John Singlaub,

–neoconservative Reagan-era diplomat Jeane Kirkpatrick;

–former Deputy National Security Advisor and Nixon Secretary of State Alexander Haig;

–inventor of the hydrogen bomb and SDI [Star Wars] architect Edward Teller;

–DoD scientist and presidential advisor John S. Foster, Jr.;

–lead Manhattan Project physicist Eugene Wigner, father of the neutron bomb;

–RAND Corporation think tanker Samuel T. Cohen:

….and dozens of others highly connected to the military, CIA, FBI, corporate America, etc. The ASC’s spin-off think tank, the “Center for Security Policy,” is similarly connected, featuring former CIA director and supreme neoconservative-Zionist James Woolsey; Dick Cheney [photo, right]; neoconservative former chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle; former director of the CIA and Secretary of State James Schlesinger; and Paul Wolfowitz as members.

Throughout its reign as the cream of defense establishment think tanks, the ASC and its members covertly backed Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, coordinated anti-Communist witch hunts with the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles, lobbied for anti-détente foreign policies throughout the ’60s and ’70s, almost single-handedly crafted Reagan’s foreign policy, was highly involved in Iran-Contra and CIA drug running out of Southeast Asia and factored strongly in the design of the Strategic Defense Initiative.[5] [6]

In 1978 the ASCF created the “National Strategy for Peace through Strength,” and has been cited numerous times with providing the overall foreign affairs theme for the administration of former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan personally gave the ASCF credit for this on several occasions and said America won the Cold War based upon the ASCF’s “National Strategy for Peace through Strength” doctrine.[7]

After William Henry Regnery died, his son Henry Regnery (Regnery II’s uncle), replaced him at the American Security Council and in powerful conservative political circles, but Henry’s knack was for propaganda, not defense policy. Henry’s publishing company, Regnery Publishing, which for many decades was the most prominent conservative publishing house in the US, was funded by the CIA according to intelligence officer and Watergate mastermind E. Howard Hunt.[8]


It was the first major publishing outfit to release writings of the John Birch Society and later went on to publish preeminent conservative figures William Buckley, Russell Kirk, Whittaker Chambers, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Oliver North, Dinesh D’Souza and William Casey among others.

Henry Regnery’s son, Al Regnery (Regnery II’s cousin), became president of Regnery Publishing in the ’80s after a stint in the Reagan Justice Department and in 2003 became editor-in-chief of the elite conservative American Spectator magazine, a position he held until 2012.


Al is additionally the chairman of the William F. Buckley-founded Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a Young Republicans-esque college recruitment organization of which Regnery II was a member in his college years.


Through the ISI, both Regnerys became good friends with Reagan attorney general and advisor Edwin Meese, who was involved in the SDI, Iran-Contra and the bizarre Inslaw/PROMIS scandal.[4] More recently, Meese founded the Reagan Alumni Advisory Council for Trump-Pence, which is composed of over 200 Reagan administration alumni. Among its ranks are pro-Trump CNN pundit Jeffrey Lord, “mega-lobbyist” Haley Barbour, elite GOP political consultant Ed Rollins, radical Christian Israel-booster Gary Bauer, and former Bush drug czar William Bennett. Meese’s Advisory Council promotes massive tax cuts and a rebirth of the Reagan administration’s “peace through strength” foreign policy.[9]

Who Regnery II’s parents were is unclear, but what is sure is that one of his parents was one of Regnery I’s five children other than Henry and that Regnery II was close to his Deep-State family, judging by the fact that he was chosen to succeed his grandfather in running the family textile empire before it went under in the ’80s.

So, to summarize, Richard Spencer’s closest advisor’s grandfather and uncle were both central members of one of the most entrenched postwar Deep-State think tanks, with CIA funding they ran the paramount conservative publishing house for decades, they helped thrust neo-con Ronald Reagan into the White House, and later they were part of the guild which crafted his foreign policy.

Regnery II, through Richard Spencer in a 21st century digital fashion, aided deep state auxiliary Donald Trump in seizing the Oval Office and has seeded and funded a network of organizations propagating a trendy, new, populist, right-wing ideology as his ancestor’s tired Reaganesque policies and rhetorics grow tired and old.












……..Richard Spencer: the gay thing


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