ENGLISH Blue-eyed naivete aids the ju enemy

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Several comrades sent me the same email, claiming that in the wake of the recent white nationalist march in Dresden, to commemorate the TRUE holocaust — of innocent Germans in that city in February 1945 (300,000 civilians were roatsted alive by Allied bombs) — the ju-controlled German police were going house-to-house and arresting marchers.

House to house? There were at most 10,000 patriotic Germans in that march, out of a German population of 85 million! How would going house-to-house be an efficient way to pick them up?  They would be in only every eight-thousand-five-hundredth house!

I wrote the comrade who passed along the email containing this malarkey:

* * *

Dear [comrade],

Normally I love and I read every single one of your emails. BUT there is absolutely no evidence of this story being true about the German cops supposedly arresting participants in the Trauermarsch [= “Mourning March”] in Dresden. — I just checked several German WN websites — and I believe it is a total lie. I have also been in contact with a comrade who was there, and he certainly has NOT been arrested by anyone, unless he is using MSN Messenger with me and sending me photos from a jail cell!

There are also no corroborating facts whatsoever associated with this story.

Tbe trust in the word of a psychopath is the death of our race.

Come on — you are being “blue-eyed” (which in many northern European languages means, in its secondary sense, “naive.” This is an especial problem in OUR ranks, where we have a high percentage of real idealists, not cynical political operatives as in the Establishment political parties who lie constantly and know that the world is full of lies, that this System operates primarily by means of LIES.

This tale seems like that b-s story that FBI operative (as I always warned!) Hal Turner spread, so as to create emotional terror and depression, claiming that he or one of his informants had had a conversation with a “Marine Corps gunnery sergeant” out in Nebraska or in that area, in a bar, and this supposed Marine NCO (non-commissioned officer, such as a sergeant) had told him the Marines had been trained to arrest and kill all WN leaders and activists, and had the kill lists all ready to go.

That story had NO corroborating facts associated with it — whatsoever.

R. Lee Ermey, seen in two different History Channel programs, is a REAL gunnery sergeant, promoted to that rank in 2002 by special order of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. He has appeared in sixty movies.

Worse, the “Marine” did not talk like a Marine. Marines are stoic and unemotional, at least on the surface. “Strong and silent” is the basic idea. This guy, however, this E-7 (Enlisted- seventh level of promotion!) was a loud-mouthed, loose-lipped braggart, and he was “revealing” all kinds of top-secret information to a total stranger! — supposedly. No Marine “gunny” would talk this way, not even if drunk, no matter HOW drunk.

The rank of gunnery sergeant (unique to the US Marines) was created in 1899, and originally meant a Marine sergeant who supervised a gun crew on a warship. Marines are part of the Navy, even though they mostly fight on the ground. In the classic scenario, the Navy brings Marines to a beach, which they then storm. (The Army might come later with heavy equipment, such as thousands of tanks.) Marines also are there to suppress mutiny by sailors against the captain of the ship, and to guard the White House and US embassies.

Further, he used US Army terms instead of Marine Corps vocabulary. (For example, he said he was a former “drill sergeant” — a blatant Army term no Marine would EVER use. The Marine boot camp is THREE EXCRUCIATING MONTHS LONG and any real Marine knows, very, very, very well, that our boot camp trainers — who teach discipline, obedience, orderliness and basic combat skills — are called “drill INSTRUCTORS.” They are with us 24 hours a day.

That Marine gunnery sergeant story was bull. And this Dresden marcher arrest story is bull.

All such stories do is help the enemy spread dejection and defeatism.  Spreading ju psyops (psychological operations) helps the ju.

We as Aryans need to really understand clearly that our trusting nature, a direct product of the 20,000-year-long Ice Age, where only the trustworthy and helpful survived, this tendency to honesty, trust, sharing and altruism, is what the ju psychopath uses to confuse us, demoralize us, and destroy us.

Some ju is cackling right now — at how many “blue-eyed” comrades circulated this story. Whether your blue eyes are recessive or dominant, we are the blue-eyed race, we carry the TRUSTING gene, and boy, does it sometimes show.

The more blue eyes — the naiver.



Comrade Roy Armstrong-Godenau sent me this report by an eyewitness from Germany.

* * *

We went to Dresden on Saturday. When we arrived, the streets to the meeting place were closed by the police. A friend that lives in Dresden told us to go another way, but there, also, police stopped the cars and we had to wait for about 15 minutes. We finally got to the home of our friend, left the car at her door and went to town by streetcar.

Normally it was planned that the peaceful commemorating march should start at the main station. But officials had banned us from the main rail station and ordered the march to start from Neustädter station. One has to know that this city district is widely known as a communist and leftist neighbourhood. So it is clear that politicians wanted to provoke fights between the violent ‘Antifa’ and the patriotic comrades who came from all over Europe. Police cars with mounted cameras and photo-Journalists eagerly were waiting to take pictures of violent patriots, but our people were very disciplined AND DIDN’T GIVE THEM ANY MATERIAL FOR PROPAGANDA DISTORTIONS.

When we arrived at the station at about half past noon, only about 2000 people had gathered and were waiting. Communists had blocked all streets, demolished cars, burned garbage cans and the police did nothing to stop their illegal blockade.Thousands of comrades stood with their cars and busses in the suburbs. Most of them left their vehicles to march by foot many kilometers to the meeting place. Therefore, it took a while before more and more people arrived at the Neustädter station and by three o’clock the place was packed with people. The police several times announced requests to move forward to make more room for those still coming.

Frank Rennicke greeted the comrades, held a speech about the Dresden bombing and sang three of his songs. Two young people recitated a poem of the horror of the bombing night but could hardly be understood because several police helicopters flew intentionally over the place, making horriffic loud noise. Another speech was held by a lawyer, Dr. Clement, who pointed out the injustice of this political system and he reminded of Horst Mahler, who was condemned to twelve years in prison just because he publicly spoke out his opinion on history.

Time passed and the police didn’t give permission to start marching under the pretext they allegedly couldn’t guarantee to be able to protect us. This is incredible. There were about six thousand trained policemen in town; they had weapons, helmets, shields, water cannons, helicopters and couldn’t force some leftists to leave the streets? Of course they were told not to do so. As the leaders of the JLO insisted on our right to start the march, police told them, a shorter route would be possible. But even this was not granted. So the crowd started to shout: “The law is on our side” and “We want to march” and also “Shame, shame, shame”. By this time, some leftists had reached the barrier and threw chunks of ice and firecrackers at us. I feared that the situation might escalate, as some boys threw snowballs back at them. But they only laughed at the communists and stood very disciplined.  So the meeting ended without a march. At the end, the national anthem “Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles” was sung.

In town, the leftists had injured at least 27 persons, 15 of them being policemen, and they had demolished a bus. Leftist extremists had erected at least five main barricades along the planned parade route, including burning debris. Nevertheless the mainstream-media talked about a “peaceful” counter-demonstration and celebrated their triumph over the “nazis” that were – in violation of the law – held from marching for peace and remembrance of those 350,000+ Germans who died horribly in a genocidal Allied War Crime. Can you imagine what the System media would have written, if Jews had been prevented from commemorating their dead?

Anna Schmidt

Aged German civilians dig for survivors in Dresden. The entire city stank from hundreds of thousands of corpses. Anglo-American bombers at ju orders dropped explosive bombs, fire bombs, and white phosphorus, a liquid that roasts right through the skin to the bone, and dropped ‘air mines’ that rupture lungs. Fighter planes roared up and down the Elbe river, machine-gunning terrified women and children huddling on the river bank. The ju-run Left is terrified that the Germans or other Aryans could learn and fuly internalize the horrible truth about the true Holocaust at Dresden, ordered by Churchill and Roosevelt.  We white nationalists believe 100% in the Holocaust — and it was committed by order of government-controlling juze using white men against their own white German brothers and sisters 1939-1948 and against the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, and other tragic victims, 1917-57. (See more here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/holocaust

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