Blonde, white Mississippi girl burned alive by Blacks — my take on the whole situation

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The Stormer had a horrific story it carried from the Cof CC, and I commented on it:

I posted a response specifically to someone who said 1) “the Stormer” was useful in firing up the already converted and 2) added that books were what turned him around.

I wrote:


I agree with the writer tlk244182. In my case, it was definitely reading full-length books that converted me. Even though as a child already I had pro-white and anti-Jewish leanings, I underwent the same libtard programming as everyone else and it had some effect.

In my case, it actually was “Mein Kampf,” because I was majoring in German at Georgetown in 1978 and had to read a few paragraphs. What Hitler was saying about the Jew takeover of the Weimar Republic read like a carbon copy of what 50 years later was happening to America under Jimmy Carter: trusting, naive, patriotic goys being preyed on by Jews, using all their moral, economic, media, military, police and political pressure to carve up and ruin the unsuspecting host country.

AH amidst smiling group of German girls
AH amidst smiling group of German girls

I wish to add that I have known Blacks for fifty years as a Marine, a teacher, and otherwise, and not just from Jared Taylor books (I know Taylor) or WN blogs, and the vast majority of Blacks would never do what those two men did…. BUT a significant minority (25%) would.

My essay on South Africa shows I am well aware of this:

And do read about what white Poles, Russians and Czechs did up-close-and-personal to German civilians 1945-46, and believe me, it was truly just as bad. I am talking unbelievably twisted, gory and even sexual crimes — sexual torture, not just rape — and it was all white-on-white.

It is all a question of agitators working on the worst elements in any society, on its segment that is psychopathic trash (, and inflaming an already bad interethnic situation — and deliberately making it even worse.


Psychopathic brain blue
Brain scan of a psychopath



I am well-known for advocating a black-white alliance against the Jews, and here are some powerful reasons why it can happen:

Surprising video from that essay. and yes, such Blacks ARE a minority, but so are noble whites a minority!

Black minister Dr. Ray Hagins of Saint Louis, Missouri rips into the “illegitimate people” and praises Adolf Hitler (link:

Now HERE is the real enemy once again, and it always is the Jew:

Once we solve the Jew problem we can solve our issues with Black folks, whose ancestors were dragged here against their will BY JEWS, and most of them, like most Whites, just want to be left alone and do their own thing, have a wife, kids and a little enjoyment out of life.



  1. Lets rid earth of nigger scum forever! they make more trouble than anyone…filthy GD savages is all they are. now they roam America, no wonder cops shoot them, they are worthless welfare-taking bastards like Mexicans are.

    • I fully understand your rage.

      In my very extensive experience with American black people, especially as a Marine and as a teacher, about 1/3 of them are good folks, and often they are the sincere church-going types that take their religion and the Commandments seriously, try to discipline their kids, etc…. But then again, the truth is that only 1/2 of Whites these days are good folks. The worst suffering I have experienced, myself, as a victm of pedophiles as a child, has been at the hands of white scum, some of it educated and wealthy. Others have behaved as true trailer-park trash and meth heads, and the final group, the middle-class types, often are selfish, lying, materialistic cowards and the more university-educated they are, the more ludicrous brainwashing they have 1) ingested and then 2) really made their own in order to conform and rise in the business world.

      This essay might contain some surprising facts for you about blacks:

      A lot of blacks are fed up with the Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and the Farrakhans, and they use the n- word themselves when angry to imply that they see many blacks as being lazy, untrustworthy and treacherous. As long as they do not get a raw deal, they just want to get on with their lives.

      Most of all, many of them are very antisemitic, and can be potentially valuable allies on the street, where it counts, if things get hairy.

      My goal, comrade, is to win in the real world of power, not be a purist.

      We can be pure all we want AFTER we win.

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