Blocked again on Faceberg (until June 19); the trap for the NWO if it rejects WHITE TRIBAL RESERVATIONS

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I wrote Zuckerbook:


I consider my seven-day suspension (June 12-19) to be absolutely unfair, and so do others. I merely posted the word “tranny,” for transgender, which I do not consider derogatory, merely slang, like saying “Brit” for Briton, or “Yank” for American. I do not use the epithets which FB proscribes, and feel this 7-day suspension was unfair. In the end, FB will provoke a mass emigration away from its site and over to if these actions continue.

Facebook and IsraHell formalize censorship — using private firms to undercut the First Amendment; USE VK.COM

Obama supposedly will do alien “disclosure” before his term ends; join me on Russian instead of Zuckerbook

My speech “The Necessity of Struggle” in 1984 to the National Alliance; switching to the Russian instead of Facebook; the Putin clan

The new heavy-censorship Facebook is about getting white Americans USED to European/Canadian-style hate-speech laws


There need to be formal, legal white reservations as with the Indians. Anything short of that full legal status as a white tribe will be legally challenged under federal anti-discrimination and “fair-housing” laws. The Amerindian TRIBES right now can and do keep others out, but whites right now may not do so. If you build a white village, the feds will send in blacks and mexicans, and you cannot legally keep them out, saying “we only rent or sell to whites.”

It is on this solid legal basis that harkens back to the year 1973 that I will be demanding of President Trump, who was elected with almost 60% of the white vote, that WHITE…
My mission is to create a white religion, leading to a SEPARATE WHITE TRIBE and DEMAND, under the 1973 federal Endangered Species Act, for many white reservations all across the USA. Then let them refuse us these needed reservations, and let them statebaldly and openly that the federal agenda is white genocide. Let them admit that the Endangered Species Act does not apply if the species dying out is the WHITES. Let the feds, the media and the Khazar Empire make it crystal-clear that white genocide is what they desire. That is my goal, for them, by refusing, to PROVOKE the whites. AND NO, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WHITE RESERVATIONS IN LOUSY AREAS –SWAMPS, BADLANDS OR NORTHERN ALASKA EITHER. We demand choice land, the best land, because it is WE WHITES who built this entire country!
John de Nugent

(ESA; 16 U.S.C. § 1531 et seq.) is one of the few dozens of US environmental laws passed in the 1970s, and serves…

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This is not white “supremacy.” This is whites wishing to be LEFT ALONE. Let (((them))) refuse us this elementary right — while saying the Jews have the right to a homeland! I hope they DO!
And they WILL refuse it, and walk into my trap, because any white reservation (with no vaccines, no gay agenda, no sex ed, no crime, and restoring good schools, free speech, full gun rights, prayer in schools, and JOBS and MONEY for the working- and middle-class white people) would become an instant magnet for whites to move there by the TENS OF MILLIONS!
(((They))) cannot allow us what they grant the Indians! Because whites would desert the United Snakes and its race-mixing, drug-infested, filthy-tv hell on earth in droves!
And then, once the white reservations are refused, a man will arise in America who will state the mission, and it will no longer be that the WHITES must leave.


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  1. With your reputation as a White NS, your every move on FB is no doubt being watched like a hawk!

    PS I like your ideas about reservations!

    Would be great for White Americans.

    If Trump doesn’t stop mass immigration and fix the economy, I see White America taking up arms in the near future! Americans are armed to the teeth and getting more pissed every day!

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