Blast from the past — the royal wedding of two Khazars, William and Kate; Muhammad Ali against race-mixing

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I am very proud myself of my almost pure British ancestry, and I intend this movement, Virtus, to spread to Great Britain. My family came to New England from Olde Englande in 1635.

I have known Nick Griffin since 1985, and was a BNP member for a while, and have met David Irving on several occasions, but I am sure we can do better than our previous luminaries in the English-speaking white nations….and now all true white men and women worldwide must come together around a fresh new idea, and dynamic leadership — or every white nation, one by one, will become extinct.

I also corresponded with and sent funds to both Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle when the Jewmerican government held them for nearly a year in California.


I hope to launch very soon…and I will then need your support to create a disciplined Aryan Internationale.



As my essay on the Normans points out — rather reluctantly, because these Normans were my own ancestors via both the paternal Nugent and maternal Angell sides — it was the conquering Normans of 1066 who brought in the Jews.

They came from Rouen, Normandy, in France (where the Norman-Brits later infamously burned the valiant warrior girl and Christian mystic Joan of Arc — claiming farfetchedly that if a woman wears man’s clothing, such as armor, that makes her a witch………).

A Norman knight on his horse…….ruthless, warlike, organized and determined to win. England was transformed, for better and for worse, by getting a new, imported ruling class after 1066. With its new Viking ruling class (the Normans were just Vikings who had learned French), agricultural England — which Tolkien portrayed as the nation of the innocent Hobbits — became seafaring, martial Britain, the “sceptered isle.”

These Jews became their tax farmers, and also began ritual murder of English children, and added a horrible edge of brutality, greed and ruthlessness to post-Conquest British history. If you want to know why Britain is the way it is, then read my Normans essay.

I came across a shocking quote from drunken “Winnie,” himself a Norman aristocrat, to a Baron Boothby, and this led me today to pursue the topic of the TOTAL merging of the Jews and the British aristocracy:

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war,” Churchill said,” was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”

(Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War 2001, orig. 1938)

What the Destroyer of the British Empire meant by that was that Germany under Hitler had began bartering with Romania, Mexico and many other nations, exchanging German machines for oil, wheat, etc.

Germany was no longer using the City of London as the middleman any more…….or using any money or currency at all, just a swap of German goods for other countries’ goods. Nobody was converting their reichsmarks into pounds, and asking a British Jew to then send the funds to the other country….. The Rothschildian City of London (a financial district where even the QUEEN has to knock three times and beg to enter!!!) had been cut OUT.

Well, who was this Baron Boothby?

I’ll let Wikipedia, certainly not antisemitic, since a Jew named Jimmy Wales runs it…..


Nice sloping forehead, J-ew-y Wales…..a neanderthalic beauty (

…..tell the story and YOU tell ME if this kako-aristocrat was not simply, by looks and kinky-sex actions, a slimy crypto-Jew……


He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill from 1926 to 1929…..

Personal life

Boothby had a colourful, if reasonably discreet, private life, mainly because the press refused to print what they knew of him, or were prevented from doing so. Woodrow Wyatt  whose reliability has been questioned[4][5][6]  claimed after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother that she had confided to him in a 1991 interview that “The press knew all about it”, referring to Boothby’s affairs, and that she described him as “a bounder but not a cad”.[7]

He was married twice: in 1935 to Diana Cavendish (marriage dissolved in 1937) and in 1967 to Wanda Sanna, a Sardinian woman, 33 years his junior. The writer and broadcaster Sir Ludovic Kennedy has asserted that Boothby fathered at least three children by the wives of other men[8] (two by one woman, one by another).”

From 1930 he had a long affair with Dorothy Macmillan, wife of the Conservative politician and laterPrime Minister Harold Macmillan.[7] Boothby is thought by many to have been the father of Sarah Macmillan, who was raised by the Macmillans as their own daughter.[7][9] This connection to Macmillan, via his wife, has been seen as one of the reasons why the police didn’t investigate the death of Edward Cavendish, 10th Duke of Devonshire, who died in the presence of suspected serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams.[7] The duke was Lady Dorothy’s brother, and it is thought the police were wary of drawing press attention to her while she was being unfaithful.[7]

Blue plaque in Eaton Square, London

[edit] Sexuality and the Kray twins

Boothby was a promiscuous bisexual,[7] in a time when male homosexual activity was a criminal offence. While an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, Boothby earned the nickname “the Palladium“, because “he was twice nightly”.[10] He later spoke about the role of a speculated homosexual relationship in the drowning of his friend Michael Llewelyn Davies (one of the models for Peter Pan) and fellow OxonianRupert Buxton.[11][12][13] He did not start to have physical relationships with women until the age of 25.[10]From 1954 he campaigned publicly for homosexual law reform.[14]

In 1963 Boothby began an illicit affair with East End cat burglar Leslie Holt (d. 1979), a younger man he met at a gambling club. Holt introduced him to the gangster Ronald Kray, the younger Kray twin, who supplied Boothby with young men and arranged orgies in Cedra Court, receiving personal favours from Boothby in return.[10]

Ronnie Kray and Baron Boothby……such lovely English faces…..


When Boothby’s underworld associations came to the attention of the Sunday Express, the Conservative-supporting paper opted not to publish the damaging story.[15][16] The matter was eventually reported in 1964 in the Labour-supporting Sunday Mirror tabloid, and the parties subsequently named by the German magazine Stern.[17]

Boothby denied the story and threatened to sue the Mirror, and because his close homosexual friend, Tom Driberg, a senior Labour MP, was also involved in the criminal ring, neither of the major political parties had an interest in publicity, and the paper’s owner, Cecil King, came under pressure from the Labour leadership to drop the matter, to protect Driberg.[10] The Mirror backed down, sacked its editor, apologised, and paid Boothby 40,000 in an out-of-court settlement. Consequently other newspapers became less willing to cover the Krays’ criminal activities, which continued unchecked for three more years.[10] The police investigation received no support from Scotland Yard, while Boothby embarrassed his fellow peers by campaigning on behalf of the Krays in the Lords, until their increasing violence made association impossible.[10] Journalists who investigated Boothby himself were reportedly subjected to break-ins and other harassment, directed by Arnold Goodman.[18]

[end of Wiki article]

* * *

Here is what this Baron Boothby stated, in a letter (screenshot below), after he himself met with Adolf Hitler:

“[]…..but as a people [the Germans] are tremendously formidable still, and I don’t blame the French for being frightened.

In Berlin I saw both Brüning and Hitler [so this letter must be from around 1930-32, when Brüning was still a somebody], and enclose an article which I wrote for the Evening Standard, in case it should interest you.

At the end of my talk with Hitler, I asked him what he was going to do to the Jews, and there was a grand scene […]. Eventually he said he would veto ‘pogroms,’ which wasn’t altogether reassuring.

I told him that if he beat them up, it wouldn’t go down at all well in England, where we encouraged them to govern us.” [etc.]


And now leaving this Jewish queer and pseudo-aristocrat behind, on to the upcoming “Royal Wedding,” where I found these LOVELY pictures of “Prince” William — the crypto-Jew — in this touristy book being sold in the Walmarts across Jewmerica.

Look at the nose, folks, look at the nose……and how it later grows….. young William, named after William the Bastard who in 1066 first brought the Jews in…..and mowed down the Yorkshire population (my grandfather’s people) in the “Harrowing of the North”………

Now a helicopter pilot, and the royal shnozz has evolved further…..

You can see that proboscis any day in Tel Aviv..

Rabbi William (below) and a real British boy, Prince Harry (below), the biological son, most say, of Diana’s riding instructor, Major Hewitt (another Norman name, btw)…..



Prince Harry: in vino veritas.….

Prince Charles and Camilla open a Jewish community center in Krakow, Poland. Pictures worth 10,000 words!
Photo shows Prince C. holding a hammer (commoner’s tool) for the first time with his Yid Lid on his head. He doesn’t know which end goes forward.
Look who he’s standing beside. What a topper!

This Jew masquerading as an Aryan was circumcised by a rabbi!!! No charge, Your Majesty, I work for tips!
11 pictures of Prince C. looking liked an escaped mental hospital patient (no insult to the mentally ill meant)

Crown Prince Charles Circumcised by a London MohelLondon (JTA) – Crown Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and heir to the British throne, was circumcised in Buckingham Palace by Rev. Jacob Snowman, official Mohel of the London Jewish community, the Mizrachi News Bureau reported. Rev. Snowman, who is a noted Jewish scholar specializing in the poetry of Bialik, has been ritual circumciser in London for many years. He has published several volumes on leading Hebrew writers.…sraelitish.htm

Queen Victoria believed her family descended from King David (of the Biblical Old Testament) and sanctioned circumcision. Prince Charles was circumcised by a mohel (a rabbi who specializes in circumcision). Princess Diana decided that Princes William and Harry would go uncircumcised.

The tabloid press recently reported that Prince William was circumcised at his request at a private surgical clinic in London.


This is the smoking gun (or missing foreskin…) Yid Primer on Breaking Glass at the end of the wedding (read this and you’ll know what to expect at the end of the Heb-Royal wedding)

* * *

….and now on to almost black-eyed, black-haired Kate Middleton…..

Kate was born in Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, as the first of three children to Carole Elizabeth

(née Goldsmith);

…..born 31 January 1955), an air hostess, and Michael Francis Middleton (born 23 June 1949), a flight dispatcher for British Airways.


Unlike the majority of royal brides, and in contrast to every previous queen-in-waiting for over 350 years, Middleton does not come from a royal or aristocratic background.

Now read THIS………….

Royal Wedding

Faith: Kate Middleton has been confirmed into the Church of England

Kate Middleton has been confirmed into the Church of England in a secret service conducted by the Bishop of London.

She chose to have the Rt Rev Richard Chartres – who confirmed Prince William when he was 14 – perform the service in front of her family at St James’s Palace.

* * *

……and read THIS…..

“With the opening of the twentieth century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception.

In nearly all of them the strain was more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still English and the tradition that of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled in countries where the gentry had not yet suffered or enjoyed this mixture.”

(H. Belloc, The Jews)

* * *


…and THIS…..

Although this young lady does not have royal blood running through her veins, she was brought up with an education fit for a royal princess. The daughter of self-made millionaires…….

(Scroll to the bottom:)


Great Grandfather – Stephen Charles Goldsmith

Believed to be Kate Middleton’s connection to the Jewish faith. Stephen Goldsmith fought in WWI and developed emphysema which led to his death.

* * *


…and THIS……

Mazal Tov! Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Jewish Wedding

Posted: Mar 22nd, 2011 11:39 AM


LONDON – As far as Royal Weddings go, Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton are apparently all about bending the rules.

The happy couple, who recently released their wedding itinerary, decided not only that Middleton will not arrive at her wedding in a carriage but in the limousine attacked by students during riots in London three months ago, but that they will also celebrate with a traditional Jewish custom.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Prince William will end the Anglican ceremony with the traditional glass-breaking custom known to end Jewish weddings.

Buckingham Palace spokesperson Esther Calthorpe-Watts said in a statement “They want everyone to feel a part of the wedding. And while, religiously, the ceremony will be completely Anglican in nature, they felt it appropriate to include these small gestures towards other faiths. “

“If the congregation at the Abbey wants to wish the happy couple ‘mazeltov’ we will be very happy but this will be totally optional,” she said.

* * *

A comrade wrote me that Goldsmith CAN be a good English name also…..

I responded:

* * *

Everything about her — multiple factors — and 32 years of experience, and my eyeballs, tell me she is part-Jewish, like her fiancé.

I am of nearly pure British stock (though I look northern German or Norwegian, which makes sense in view of my Norman ancestry), and I grew up in a nearly pure British family in New England, and I know a REAL native-British face when I see one, and a British nose, and British hair and eye colors.

My maternal grandparents, pure British in blood, John Thomas Colwell and Elizabeth née Angell, in front of their New England home built in 1790…..

My pure-British mother, Constance née Colwell: strong chin, unhooked nose with a tiny bulb on it, upright forehead, and narrow face….utterly British, utterly unsemitic.



IMO, raven-haired, raven-eyed Kate Middleton is part-Jewish enough to be part of the J-Team in her heart, just as with the part-Jew Roosevelt. Jewish enough……

I am convinced the Jewish sayanim sidle up to these part-Jews when young, impressionable and “on the make” (upwardly striving) and offer them assistance, mentoring and advice. Then when they pass certain tests of loyalty, they go up the ladder, while posing as “one of us” white Gentiles. In their hearts, they are no longer. They are now on the J-Team.

The great Queen Isabella of Spain instituted the Spanish Inquisition to ferret out crypto-Jews, who were taking over the Church, the Army, and banking, and giving military secrets to the Arabs and the Turks. The purpose of the Inquisition was to identify TRAITORS, not heretics!


Margaret knew a blue-grass musician in Virginia who was part-Jewish (and yet very antizionist and posted many good things against Israeli atrocities online), and the recording-industry Jews openly offered to help him — a part-Jew raised Christian — with anything he needed. (He refused.)

The whole career of Eisenhower, labeled the “Swedish Jew” at West Point, a man who never served for one single second in combat…….

As he wrote to his wife, Mamie, “God, I hate the Germans…” — SAC Eisenhower in 1945, after incinerating 300,000 Germans from the air at Dresden… what a sweet, humble look in his eyes…..just another Kansas farmboy….

………….and yet he was appointed Supreme Commander by Franklin Delano (Sephardic name; drug-dealer, opium-peddling ancestors) Roosevelt (a Dutch name adapted from the Sephardic “Rosso Campo,” meaning “red field”). FDR jumped Eisenhower over his own superior officer, the antisemite and heroic, proven, brilliant combat commander, General Patton. “Ike” is a major example of a part-Jew to whom, as the French expression goes, they “send back down the elevator” …..Ike the part-kike.

Look at the glitter in his eyes, after he had been rewarded with the presidency…..

In Hervé Ryssen’s Histoire de l’antisémitisme he refers over and over to European mobs tearing Jews limb from limb as a result of BOTH their many crimes — such as financial blood-sucking and ritual murders of kids — AND ALSO their “insupportable insolence et arrogance”…..

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff to the loser Obongo — and now mayor of Chicago…..Note the expression.


Yes, I stand by what I wrote.


Another comrade wrote and objected:

Excellent find on Kate Middleton! BUT –with regard to Prince William, simply having a big nose is not an indication of Jewishness. I’m not convinced. Many Italians have big noses. I have a decent-sized nose and having done extensive family genealogy, I know that I have no Jewish ancestry. Many Nazis had big noses and non-ideal Aryan appearance. Gawd, look at Heydrich! Note the swollen lower lip also. I’m sure you know that John Baker attributes the stereotype “Jewish” appearance to the infusion of Armenian blood into the Jews centuries ago. There are tons of Israelis who don’t fit the stereotype Jewish look, but they’re still Jews.


I answered:

Yes, but I am looking at the whole overall picture here, including what Hillaire Belloc wrote, and though I am aware of the disappointing features on MANY Germans, Croats, and Frenchies, I stand by what I wrote.

The British Isles — in northern Europe — just never used to produce such noses……………nor did ancient Britain have a significant neanderthalic population, which is the origin of semitic features. Many Europeans have neanderthalic features, but not directly from Jews at all, who are not SLIGHTLY neanderthalic, but HEAVILY neanderthalic.

Britain was repopulated AFTER the Ice Age, by Old Mediterraneans (NOT neanderthalic), KELTS and TEUTONS.

Besides, I grew up on Yorkshire pudding from my grandfather, and Chiver’s Old English marmelade (his other favorite)! If Britain wants a real King, I am still available ;-), but I would do, first-thing, a Longshankson the Jews….and free the Scots, if they still wanted to leave the new, judenrein Great Britain!



* * * Late addition! A sharp-eyed comrade sent this in:

Kate Middleton family ( I guess pics shows the real bloodlines) (ignore the centerpiece pic, click on lower right as well as lower left)

and pics of her sister (She definitely looks Asiatic)

I am convinced Kate Middleton is a Jew. Take a look at her biological sister Pippa Middleton’s Asiatic Khazar features. Does she look like a pure Anglo-Saxon/Celtic to you? She clearly looks Asiatic an anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Kate is mixed race and so is Prince William. Kate just didn’t inherit as many of her fathers alien genes besides the mongol broader face with high cheek bones.

Everything about Kate’s sister reeks of mongol. The darker skin tone. The Asiatic eyebrows. Flatter nose, face and broader lips. The single eye lid. I’ve seen Eurasians look more white than her.

None of us should really be surprised by this. The royal families blood line was infiltrated by Jew blood well over 200 years ago. Hence their corroboration with the Jews in destroying Britain and white genes all over the world.

pics of her parents – simply Google images

I do note her ma’s Jewish-looking nose.


A Canadian who watched the wedding wrote me:

* * *

On your blog you show a picture or two of Kate Middleton’s sister but yesterday when I watched the royal wedding, I noticed they did not show her face once.

They showed her from behind and once as the camera was focusing on her, she turned to the side so her face was not visible.

The brother did a superb job of his reading of which he has much of it memorized. He spoke beautifully and seriously.

I replied:

Prince Harry is the one who should be king! THAT is the real British blood!

Pippa and James Middleton, crypto-Jews (look, will you, at HIS mug on the right!) sandwich Prince Harry, a real Aryan Briton





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