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This is a very important website for the many new black readers of my blog (as I can see by studying website visitor statistics), and for white nationalists who are letting their anger over black violence blind them to the fact that many blacks are waking up.

They now understand that the traitors and psychopaths in all races are our main enemy (black psychopaths exploiting blacks and white psychopaths exploiting whites). See my key article here:

The most shocking thing I read lately was that some of the Africans who rebelled against slavery on the Amistad may well have became slave owners themselves once back in Africa! Talk about psychopaths! In every race, the worst are our own traitors, but we let our guard down and trust people just because they look like ourselves.

(from— scroll down to the the 18th paragraph)

More than a few of the mission residents were excommunicated for holding slaves, although it is not clear whether any of these were Amistad veterans. Many years after Cinqué’s disappearance, the African convert William Brooks Tucker left the mission and became involved with the slave trade. He was one of Thompson’s star pupils at the time, and it is possible that his story was later incorporated into the Amistad mythos alongside discussions of Cinqué. But it is impossible to know for sure.

And blacks are realizing that the greatest threat of all is from the only psychopathic race, or rather intermarrying gene pool – the inbred, incestuous, conniving, thieving, racist, hateful and, yes, part-neanderthalic Jews,. It is they who enslaved them, brought them here in Jewish slave ships (Jewish-owned, financed, Jewish-captained and Jewish-crewed) on the horrendous “passage,”  and promoted their sale as human chattel with the connivance of the greedy kings and queens of England, who wished to fill the royal treasury. And Muslim Arabs, the semitic cousins of the Jews, played a big role in the tragic black slave trade too.

Here is an exposé of several key facts about the lying Jew Spielberg’s movie Amistad:, which is designed to pit whites against blacks and NEVER blames Jews.

Another, by the white but non-racist historian Michael Hoffmann:


There was a belief in the black community years ago that Hispanics, blacks, Asians and Jews would form a coalition and that the day of the white man would soon be over.

This is falso for two reasons:

1) the Eternal Solutrean movement will represent vigorously the interests of the 180 million gun-owning, angry white Americans; Whites won’t roll over and die any time soon, and between guns to protect them and the Internet to inform them White are waking up, as the “Tea Parties,”  town hall meetings against the Obama health care nonsense, and Obama’s crashing approval ratings have proved;

2) the Jews will pit all the minorities against each other, divide-and-conquer, so they remain top dog — the little dog but the bossy one.

In particular, they will pit Hispanics against blacks, and Hispanics are now TWICE AS NUMEROUS as blacks.  Never believe for one nano-second that there are “only” 40 million Hispanics in America; there are SEVENTY MILLION  Hispanics, almost TWICE the number of blacks!!! And Wall Street has decided Hispanics are a lot less trouble as their low-wage slaves.

Virginia Abernethy, PhD, former statistician at the U.S. Bureau of the Census, and professor emerita at Vanderbilt University, estimated in 2006 that the Census is deliberately undercounting the number of Mexicans by thirty to forty million so as not to scare both whites and blacks about the Mexican tidal wave, and thus make it easier for illegal-alien amnesty and citizenship bills to be passed by Congress.

Mexicans are now in every other small town in America. They’re not just in Calif0rnia and Texas any more; they’re filling up Rhode Island in snowy New England! It’s now 10% Hispanic! Northern Georgia, which used to be just black and white, is now also filling up with Mexicans, and they are taking the chicken-processing jobs blacks had  and every other job.

And WHO is pushing to legalize these tens of millions of illegal aliens?


Bush pushed illegal alien amnesty in 2007 — KNOWING it would prove a disaster for Republicans and for McCain (the GOP lost the White House in 2008 over this and many other serious betrayals of white and black interests) — but his Jew masters wanted it:

Bush morphs into Obama, the coffee-colored Bush, who continues the push in 2009-2010 to give SEVENTY MILLION INVADING MEXICANS AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP:

Neither white nor black, Barry looks out for number one, himself -- and that means serving the interests of his true masters in Israel.
Obama put the SINISTER, maternally half-Jewish Puerto-Rican Sotomayor on the Supreme Court to look out for Hispanics. It's all about destroying first the whites and then the blacks, so the Asians can take over. Jews are from Southwest Asia, and the leader of the All-Asian Invasion (Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Orientals) of America.

Bush proposed citizenship for illegal Mexicans, John McCain sponsored it in the Senate, and Barack Obamam is endorsing it now!

The Latino Challenge to Black America

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Middle Passage. 232 pp. $19.95
Friday, January 11, 2008

Chapter One

Rising Latino Numbers, Rising Black Fears

In October 2005, one month after Katrina ripped through New Orleans, a plainly agitated New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin told a town hall audience, “I can plainly see in your eyes that you want to know, ‘How do I take advantage of this incredible opportunity?’ How do I make sure New Orleans is not overrun with Mexicans?” He referred to the fear of many blacks that contractors, with the federal government’s connivance, would skirt labor laws, snub needy black workers and recruit thousands of unskilled, Mexican workers to do the clean up and reconstruction work in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

The remark was insensitive and insulting. And within days an enraged United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce denounced Nagin, “The Chamber will not allow inappropriate and offensive comments made by Mayor Nagin to deter the hardworking spirit of our community.”

The Chamber’s denunciation was more than a mere slap at him. It conjured up the positive image of Latinos as productive, taxpaying, law abiding and above all else, hard working. For years, the Chamber and nearly every major Latino business, political, educational, and civil rights group had lobbied hard to sell that image to millions of doubting and skeptical American born whites and blacks. And now with one mindless crack, Nagin had tarred that image. But observers at the town hall meeting also noted that the mostly black audience applauded his remarks. Their applause, Nagin’s quip, and the Chamber’s swift outrage, told much about the fear, hostility, misconceptions, and ambivalence that haunts black and Latino relations in America. [JdN: which the Jews want: divide-and-conquer]

The rising tension that underlay the Chamber’s protest of Nagin was probably inevitable after the Census Bureau in 2002 publicly trumpeted that Latinos were now the top minority in the U.S. The news hit black America like a thunderbolt.

Sensing that the Census announcement and the press’s seemingly too eager rush to play the news up could ruffle racial feathers, and could be exploited by some to intensify racial friction and the ill-feelings of blacks toward Latinos, dozens of Latino academics, writers, and activists signed an “Open to Letter African-Americans from Latinos.” They passionately assured blacks that they would “combat the competitiveness” and “opportunism” of many that would seek to pit Latinos against blacks while minimizing the historic suffering of blacks and displacing them from the front running spot they still occupied in the struggle for justice and equality for justice. Writer Richard Rodriguez went even further and blasted federal demographers for malice and stupidity for blaring out that Latinos were now the number one minority. He saw this as a virtual conspiracy by the feds to further “trivialize” blacks and equally bad, to marginalize Latinos as a permanent minority.

The criticism from Rodriguez and assurances from the Latino letter signers was a welcomed effort. But it went largely unreported and unnoticed by blacks. Many blacks still complained that they would be shoved even further to the economic and political margin among minorities in the country. The Census report also showed that Latinos were widening their population growth gap on blacks. That gap will grow even wider in the coming years due to the higher birth rate of Latinos and the continued flood of new immigrants, both legal and illegal, from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia and other Latin American countries.

The reality that blacks will lose even more ground in the numbers comparison to Latinos as fresh waves of immigrants come to America will likely stir more complaints from many blacks. Those complaints rose to a high pitch during the immigration debate in Congress and the mass immigrant rights marches in the streets in March 2006. Though polls showed that blacks were generally more favorable toward illegal immigrants than whites, the polls seemed wildly at odds with the sentiments that many blacks privately expressed on immigration. At the peak of the immigration debate, legions of blacks flooded black talk radio stations and posted angry notes on Internet sites bashing illegal immigrants. The attacks were often little more than a thinly disguised attack on Latinos. […]

* * *

The Jews’ plan: destroy the whites, then the blacks, so Asians rule the world.

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  1. Hail comrade,
    From my fatherland Spain, we face the same alien invasion. The white Spain is suffering a Hispanic surge, white and mestizo, especially from Colombia and Ecuador. They get more rights than us, the native, and talk evil about the Spanish occupation of the then no-man land in America to boot.

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