Black muslim Senegalese riot near Barcelona, Spain

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WTF are they DOING in Spain and WHY do they imagine they have a RIGHT to be there??? Answer from a German comrade: The billionaire Jew George Soros is funding smugglers in black Africa, who are telling them they have
1) a right to a better life in Europe,
2) Muslims have supreme rights anyway over infidels, who worship idols,
3) Europe is an economic and welfare paradise,
4) hot young white women want to sleep with black men since they know black men are fantastic in bed — and anyway, most white men now are homosexuals because they are degenerate, love gayness and other degeneracy, and reject Islam.
So these black muslims are furious when they get to Europe and find out the stories are 95% not true. There are no jobs, and most white women loathe them.
Further point — The kind of total turkey who believes the smugglers’ b-s promises is a delusional and psyopathic fool to believe he has the right to invade another country and take their women, or that Europe is a paradise for utter parasites with no skills or education (except in a few useless sayings of the nauseating Koran about Allahu Akbar and how Allah is is merciful, LMAO). Europe is thus getting a negative selection: the very worst of the muslims and of the blacks: the fools who will believe anything, and the psychopaths who feel ENTITLED to everything.
Brain scan of a psychopath
Psychopathic brain blue

“they’re mistreating us” well better start destroying shit so they can treat us better.

+Jaime Hernandez 65 IQs. I’m not even joking. That’s the average in much of Africa—legally retarded.

+Balls McGee Just looked it up and I am shocked. Some of this is due to the way the IQ is measured but well, it’s not too surprising given the fact that those regions of Africa are the only ones worldwide that never developed a high culture, written language, science etc.
Thank God it’s not in Europe… Wait a minute!…

+b3rs It’s still not too late. We can still shoot them all, it’s only few thousand that came to each country. I’ve seen that in germany they already started burning their houses and attacking them. Good job Germans, keep up the good work 😀
its not just here, also in sweden, austria and england, the european defence league is growing with every immigrant that rape steal or destroy here
+b3rs Spanish people are fucking morons that they gave permission to their government to let these animals into Spain.
yeah the people can choose what the government do… that would be democratic… lol that simply does not exist, not in europe, not in china, not in amerika…
+Soliusz I have visit Spain a couple of times on vacation, a beautiful country, but people like this try to sell you things everywhere. Even when you’re dining at an restaurant they come to your table and disrupt you.
+Savage Pete Spanish are missing a golden opportunity to call-up the reserves and round-up all these miscreants and ship them back over the Straits of Gibraltar and simply dump them back on the shore.  It would only hurt for a few days, but OH the RELIEF !
why blacks have to destroy everything i hate them so much …the way that ape was swinging too bad nobody knocked him the fuck out

+Romanov Its just a stupid excuse! Thats a kind of street justice. I dont think you would write the same if a group spainards destroy a refugee camp if one “refugee” would have raped a spanish woman. AND that the police killed him isnst  proven yet at all! And even if so, think of my example above. So it’s the blacks thinking “one of us” and go against the Spanish people in that rage but you are telling me that’s not about race?! Man, you are so full of shit and double standards it is disgusting!
+Romanov you’re totally brain-washed by the mudslim media, dawg

+Gieszkanne Double standards? Here is a SINGLE and clear standard for you. I am an open and total believer that the races are different. It is pitiful that you are blind to reality. When they rape your mother and your sister, as they do in the US every day, then you will wake up, but not to your credit because then it will be by force, not logic or using the brain and eyeballs God gave you.

Who are the stupid idiots that support mass immigration? Europe must become nationalistic to survive.
+Christopher Lien Hey, I’m not even European. Hell, I am a Canadian born into an Indian family and I can tell you that you are completely correct, man. I can understand existing families calling relatives and what not, but mass immigration from the third world just doesn’t work. It turns communities into dumps and endorses crime.
+Christopher Lien the EUssr made laws to accept them
Kill ’em all. Go back to your shitty country. Do not make our countries shitty. Otherwise we will shoot, kill, murder and burn you. Stay away from Poland, from Rzeczypospolita.
+Xtrems “Otherwise we will shoot, kill, murder and burn you” oh yeah.
Shhh, i will be the president Adolf of the north someday ;-;
Why they even come to Europe, if Europe is so bad for them? I’m so  happy they don’t come to my country. All West Europe you can take refuge in Poland, when those retards already take over you countries.
Europe is basically going to  experience The Camp of the Saints in slow motion. I predict within a generation or two both neoliberal global capitalism and multiculturalism will be thrown into the proverbial “dustbin of history”. These scenes are surreal, and seem to be happening with startling frequency. Something is going to happen, and possibly sooner than we think. By the way, this shit would never happen under Franco.

+Annabel Pfeiffer Thats funny, you are the one who has been spewing out angry comments since 17th of august. Judging by your standard, your must be really miserable.
+Drinko76 I have been responding to the vile insults made by cowardly, dysfunctional, racist social misfits like you who run around the internet spewing their hate anonymously…One follower? HA HA…run along psycho and take your self hatred with you.

Dzicz. No education = no job = rage. These idiots thought that in Europe they give everything for free?

+Readme .txt They are educated that Europeans are weak.
+Piotr Stobnicki They think that Germany for example is the land of milk and honey where you get everything for free, and they are too dumb to ask themselves where we get the money for a lil apartment, maybe a car and if we are lucky, a vacation per year from. They don’t consider that Europeans work for the little bit they are content with and our excellent infrastructures and social care system from the moment we enter school to the moment we retire comes from work.
+phangirlable They exploit weakness (tolerance towards muslims) and naiveté. Europe of the nineteenth century was respected. Islam is a violent and dangerous ideology — fits perfectly into these primates.
+Readme .txt Spanish are missing a golden opportunity to call-up the reserves and round-up all these miscreants and ship them back over the Straits of Gibraltar and simply dump them back on the shore.  It would only hurt for a few days, but OH the RELIEF !
They weren’t rioting, they were just decorating the town so it looks more like the towns they came from in Africa.

+Ibos Meta They only want to feel like home again. You won’t even notice when they will start walking around the city with ak47’s and rpg’s. Just be careful, when they scream “Allahu Akbar” or something like that there’s a big boom that comes after that so run away.
+Savage Pete And they will start raping 10 years old girls. Or even younger.
Shoot that fucking dirty shit.
I simply can’t believe that’s actually happening… The spanish are pussy cowards. H
How is that even possible that they just let those apes destroy everything IN FRONT OF THE POLICEMEN?!?!?!

+Stanley Pelkins Anti riot units looked like a bunch of pussies. All the armor, shields, weapons and all they do is hide. There should be rubber bullets flying and teargas clouds everywhere. If that doesn’t help go for live ammo and fire at will.
+Stanley Pelkins I totally agree with you. Fucking pussies, 100-200 nacionalists would be enough to take care of these animals, where are they?
+Soliusz I hope there’ll be more of them/us but even if there’s enough of them/us to smash that muslim filth all over Europe, the EU government will do everything to stop “nationalists” (who are actually heroes, the only protectors of White Culture and of what is called CIVILIZATION) from defending Europe from that ape dirt. Today they said in the news that Germany welcomes all immigrants (95% of them are mud-slims) and Slovakia says they’re only accepting Christians, which shows where GErman government will lead us all. It’s the stupid EU commission that does all crap like that to us. All we need to do is unite together and stand against that mud decease. I so hope that one day there’ll be very enough of us to stand up and fight for our saint lands, for which our grandpas once fought.
+Stanley Pelkins We need to take lessons from Hungary and Czech Republic, who builds walls alongside their borders and organize anti-multikulti demonstrations.
+Savage Pete The cops can hardly do things they don’t have the permission to do (yet). And well, if some nationalist come and kill a couple of the rioters they’d go to prison. It’s not that easy.

Lately some of Syrians migrated to Poland, and after some time they say “I would prefer to be ripped apart by a bomb in Syria than live here.” Why is that? There is no social care, haha, do nothing/get paid nothing, not like in western europe.  They dont want to live amongst us;M they want to take over us.

When will the average people stand up and stop governments from destroying their countries and societies? This is white genocide. You can’t touch black guy who just destroyed your life worth possessions because they will call you racist, they come to Europe and spread terror to get what they want for free. Stop letting them in. Instead of sending troops to secure borders with Russia etc. send them to Italy, Greece, Portugal, France and Spain to turn back whoever wants to cross the sea illegally. IT IS TIME TO END POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OR WE WILL END !

is this the “Cultural enrichment” i’ve heard so much about?
time to open the Nigger-Hunting-Season

+Ibos Meta Kaempfen fur deine Heimat! For god sake wtf are you European men doing??? You going to allow your mothers and sisters to be raped by these congoloids in the streets? You see a small fire and instead of putting it out you watch it burn down the entire neighborhood. Disgraceful. Grow a pair a balls and start committing violence.
+Ryan Drake your damn right man . if i still had my MG42 and the Feldstecher …
Sink the fucking boats. Culturally enrich the bottom of the ocean. Deport the apes asap. Also, why can’t the cops just fucking destroy the degenerates. Show some god damn “brutality” for once. (SJW terminology for justified retaliation)
Europe has no need of such primitive animals.

…..Syrian “refugee” in Serbia gets a thousand euros from Saudi-Arabia

Photo of the whole page, then the zoom




Attack on the White Nations by dm_51bd85682612c

… donate so white men gets a religion where he relearns to fight!

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