Black Christian Arizona cop is shocked — and Alex Jones furious — over violence, hate and language of anti-Trump BLM

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Quite interesting: black Arizona cop, a Christian who occasionally  talks about “the Lord,” open-minded and incognito in his civilian clothes, enters a Trump rally


He rips but good into BLM [“Black Lives Matter”] and antifa — This shows Trump is def. going to get some black (and mex and even gay) support (gays fearing Islam).

He points out the leftists were incredibly obnoxious, f-wording in front of little kids, and one spat on a Trump supporter — and got decked. But the crowd basically obeyed instructions to let the security personnel deal with the protesters, whom he described as “evil.”

“Most of them were African-Americans acting like a fool….I gained a lot of respect for Donald Trump.” — Officer Tatum

As for Alex Jones, he says George Soros is funding and training these BLM banshees — and claims at around 20:00 that Trump will come out with 9/11 truth (whatever that means…. the Saudi connection, which is very real but just part of the equations, or will he go full-Hitler on the Jews?).

And Jonesy (who has interviewed T) says Trump knows EVERYTHING about the NWO….


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