Bill Clinton lover Dolly Kyle says he called his wife Hillary only “the warden” & said she had greasy hair & BO

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This article confirms what a comrade from Hawaii told me in a phone call, that he saw himself that Hillary is a man-hating tyrant who totally controls Bill.


The Hawaii comrade told me he was at a shopping center in a swanky area, and saw Hillary and Chelsea go into a shop.

Bill just waited at a table on a patio, and he just walked up to him and greeted him. Bill was a bit upset that his Secret Service agent  had not intercepted the man, throwing up his hands in the air in a token of exasperation but was friendly to the guy. He said it was really something to see a president in the flesh, and it was definitely Bill — tall, with frizzy gray hair, the bulbous nose and the pink face, and “that high-pitched voice”….

He was friendly enough and they chatted a bit.

Then Hillary and Chelsea emerged from the shop and Hillary glared at this comrade, who left the immediate area.

What happened next was she chewed him out over something, and he just sat there, the former President of the United States, and took it like a wet poodle.


He told me :

“It was very obvious that she has some sort of absolute control over him.  She went off on him, and he just sat there and took it, like he was used to it.”



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  1. In the last picture Hillary’s mother looks jewish.

    I always though Hillary was jewish.

    P.S. Many jews have greasy hair and BO.

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