Big reason why Vikings (my ancestors) raided Europe: polygamy and female materialism

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There were several factors that triggered the Viking Age…..


One was heathen vengeance for Christian atrocities against Odinists…..such as when Charlemagne had thousands of Saxon nobles beheaded at Verden for refusing to accept Christianity… basically exterminating much of the bravest, toughest, smartest people in the nordic ruling class of that country, bolshevik-style. If you want to know why most Germans do NOT look very nordic,  this is one of the reasons, along with other horrible wars (Wars of Religion, the Thirty Years War, WWI & WWII) that killed off the best by the millions.


And then there was the shocking chopping-down by Catholics of their sacred oak trees.


An oak-lined road in Bavaria


Germanic heathens found Christians ineffably hypocritical to talk on the one hand of peace and love, and on the other lop heads off of those who disliked this imported Middle Eastern religion — an offshoot of Judaism, and the whole ancient world knew the Jews were lying, arrogant crooks.

But this article from the Daily Mail plausibly adds that polygamy and female materialism (women insisting their mate must be rich) in Scandinavia were also factors:

I ask you: Would Melania Knavs (who never seems very happy, nor does her son Barron) have married Donald Trump – she was then 35 and he 59- if he were not filthy rich? How many women scorn a kind and decent man who has little — for an arrogant, bragging a—hole? Then the a-hole propagates his genes, and the decent guy does not!

Trivia: He is 6’2” and she is 5’11. Her family name is of German origin, btw, Knauss (in Slovenian, ”Knavs”.)


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