Best song about the Confederates

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“MR. CONFEDERATE MAN,” A song by the band “Rebel Son.”


I was just a little boy in elementary school
English and Math and Science class
Learning the golden rule
I learned how to add and how to subtract
How to multiply and divide
I learned about bugs and I learned about plants
And I learned how to read and write
But my most favorite class of all was my last class of the day
When my history teacher would tell us tales of old times long gone away
I was amazed at the way she knew all the people and their names and the places and the dates
Cuz when I first learned about General Lee and his 13 rebel states.

One day she came to school with a big brown grocery bag
She opened it up we all helped her hold her up
This great big X-shaped flag
She said “Class, now only a fool would tell you this flag is a symbol of hate
It represents the men who fought and died with pride for our Confederate states
Your assignment tonight, I want you to write, I want you to pretend
That one of these brave men came back to life,
What would you say to him.

Well, the school bell rang, and I thought and I thought as the bus carried me across town
I got out my pencil and my notebook pad and this is what I wrote down

I wrote

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

The next day in history class, I put my paper on the teacher’s desk
Then she called me up in front of everyone, because she said she liked mine the best
As I walked up to the head of the class, my teacher smiled and she nodded at me
Then I saw a tear roll down her cheek as I began to read.

I read

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

I was at home reading through the news, just the other day
When I ran across my old teacher’s name and I saw that she had passed away
With a bitter-sweet smile I looked up at my wall, a wrinkled paper and an old wood frame
Where underneath penciled words almost faded away, she had marked a great big red A

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

I wrote




…..My little email to the band

Dear “Rebel Son”:

A Texan just sent me “Mr Confederate Man,” and I loved it. Just magical, esp. the simple words, and it keeps playing in my head.

Best song about the Confederates – John de Nugent

I love the South, except for the hot’n sticky part *;) winking, and lived there for 20 years: VA, GA, LA, TN, and also NC & SC in the Marines. My lady since 2005 is from Asheville, NC.

I am about the most Copperheaded Yankee in the whole North. *;) winking  Never forget how many of us up here agree with you, and events have proved the South right!

Best wishes,

John de Nugent



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Dylann Storm Roof and the removal of everything Confederate in New Orleans and elsewhere



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