Bert Kaempfert, superstar; part-Jews who loved Hitler and fought for the Reich

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…..WONDERFUL music by Bert Kaempfert

Kaempfert was a German who was in the German Navy band in WWII and then became a superstar in the 1960s around the world. (

….Bernhardine Nienau

David Irving and the German version of Wikipedia have good info, though the latter is of course slanted.
I would add to this that she and AH shared the same birthday, April 20th, which of course he did not know when he first picked her out of the crowd, and she was 12 when the security police said her visits might become a problem: rumors that might disturb comrades, or worse…. Theoretically she could even spy for the Jews or poison him.
Irving surmises she died in a Jew-merican terror bombing of Munich, but Wiki claims she died of polio.
Here are some nice pix:
AH, Bernhardine and Eva Braun
This was a half-Jewess who was, UNLIKE a TRAITOROUS COUSIN BY MARRIAGE,  a kind of Hanna Reitsch and fought for the Reich until the Jew-mericans shot her down in April  1945.
Pls scroll down 2/3rds here:

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