Below all radar — Euro-ARABIC Union January 1, 2010

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Europe's looming demise

Pamela Geller


"The Europe as you know it from visiting, from your parents or friends is on the verge of collapsing," Geert Wilders said in a speech in the United States last year.

The leader of the Netherlands' populist Party for Freedom added: "We are now witnessing profound changes that will forever alter Europe's destiny and might send the Continent in what Ronald Reagan called 'a thousand years of darkness.' " And not just Europe, but America as well.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders speaks to Columbia University students, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 at Columbia University in New York. Wilders told the students he wanted to discuss freedom of speech and the expanding threat of Islamisation of our Western societies. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

Been to Europe lately? Thought it was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet. The passage of the Lisbon Treaty, hailed by President Obama, nailed the coffin shut on national sovereignty in Europe. The people of Europe fought it, but were overwhelmed by their political elites and the lack of American leadership in this age of our rather Marxist, collectivist U.S. president.

Come Jan. 1, 2010, a disastrous and suicidal pact called the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Europe/Mediterranean) goes into effect with little fanfare or examination. It boggles the mind that such a consequential and seismic cultural shift could be mandated and put into play without so much as a murmur from the mainstream media.

Why should Americans care about this? Americans have to care because this global gobbledygook is coming to our shores, thanks to our globalist president.

The European human rights group called Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE) has been working tirelessly to expose the mass Muslim immigration plan of the Euro-Med Partnership.

A statement on the SIOE Web site criticizes the secrecy of the process: "It was shocking to hear about the plans and at the same time knowing that Danish politicians and a [cowardly] Danish press - who is otherwise proud to be critical - has told nothing to the Danish people about this project which begins in January.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership to brown out the white mother continent

This also showed clearly at the conference. Only very few politicians showed up and no media. Those politicians who showed up had obviously never heard about the Euro-Mediterranean project.

The goal of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation is to create a new Greater European Union encompassing both Europe and North Africa, with the Mediterranean Sea becoming a domestic Eurabian sea. The goal is to establish a "comprehensive political partnership," including a "free trade area and economic integration"; "considerably more money for the partners" (that is, more European money flowing into North Africa); and "cultural partnership" - that is, importation of Islamic culture into post-Christian Europe.

According to the SIOE, in the Euro-Med plan "Europe is to be islamized. Democracy, Christianity, European culture and Europeans are to be driven out of Europe. Fifty million North Africans from Muslim countries are to be imported into the EU."

Skeptical? It's already happening. The British newspaper the Daily Express reported in October 2008 on "a controversial taxpayer-funded 'job centre' " that opened in Mali at that time as "just the first step towards promoting 'free movement of people in Africa and the EU.' Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU states will 'need' 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the 'demographic decline' due to falling birthrates and rising death rates across Europe."



From the official web site, "The new realities and challenges of the 21st century make it necessary to update the Barcelona Declaration and create a new Action Plan (based on the good results of the Valencia Action Plan), encompassing four fundamental areas":

  • Peace, Security, Stability, Good Government, and Democracy [blah-blah-blah]
  • Sustainable Economic Development and Reform [blah-blah-blah]
  • Education and Cultural Exchange [blah-blah-blah]
  • Justice, Security, Migration, and Social Integration
France's crypto-Jewish president of Hungarian and Greek-Jewish descent, Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been married to two Jewesses. His current wife is infamous for posing for nude shots.

The loudest backer of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership has been the neo-con Sarkozy, who has been open only about his wife's body.

This is the First lady of France, the crypto-Jewess (she admits it actually) Carla Bruni.

The First lady of the French Republic, Carla Bruni, Italian Jewess


To offset this decline, a "blue card" system is to be created that will allow card holders to travel freely within the European Union and have full rights to work - as well as the full right to collect welfare benefits.

A Muslim population from Africa moving freely into Europe threatens America. On Christmas Day, a Nigerian Muslim flew from Amsterdam to Detroit and tried to explode a bomb on the plane - after he was allowed to board the plane without a passport. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership will make jihad attacks like this one all the easier.

And once in Europe, Muslims have already begun demanding special privileges and accommodations. IslamOnline reported on Dec. 21 that

"Muslims activists from 26 European countries have come together to launch the first rights council to enlighten European Muslims about their rights, monitor rising Islamophobia and defend Muslim rights in European courts of law."

Ali Abu Shwaima, a Muslim leader in Italy, explained:

"We think European human rights groups are not doing enough to defend the rights of Muslims. Therefore we thought that we need this new council, especially that all laws and constitutions in Europe respect freedom of religion and oppose all forms of discrimination and racism."

"Islamophobia," "discrimination" and "racism" are all terms Muslims in Europe and America use to confuse people into thinking that the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism are the real victims. And it is working: Mr. Wilders is going on trial in the Netherlands, instead of all the Islamic hate sponsors he is fighting against. It has to be this way, to increase harmony among the Muslim and non-Muslim member states of the Euro-Med Partnership.

This internationalism is already destroying what has made Europe free and great. And now Mr. Obama seems to want to do the same to America.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs Web site. She is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book "The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America" (Simon and Schuster, July 2010).


My comment:

David Miliband, son of Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband

This hideous Jew in the British Cabinet, David Miliband (grandson of one of Leon Trotsky's lieutenants who with Trotsky/alias Bronstein attacked Poland and tried to Bolshevize it in 1920 --which Poland bravely defeated with the help of a French officer named Charles de Gaulle) ARRESTED, DETAINED AND EXPELLED Geert Wilders on his arrival at an English airport to give a speech to Englishmen about the rising tide of Islam in Europe.

However, is Wilders a good guy? NO. That is why the Jewess Pamela Gellar is supporting him. He has been to Israel 40 times, was friends with Ariel Sharon and boasts of his ties to the Mossad.

Here's the Jews' game:

1) Change immigration laws and enact hatye-speech laws so it is illegal to oppose Muslims coming into Europe;

2) encourage Islamic terrorism so you can enact police-state laws throughout Europe;

3) promote Eu

ro-Muslim intermarriage so Aryans are bred out of existence;

4) take over and run the anti-Islamic movements so they do not turn against the Jews.

Therefore, Eternal Solutrea, Arise.

===========FLAG IDEA

One recent design submitted for the Solutreans, with Solutrean spears and Saxon hack swords:

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  1. Hail comrade,
    In my nation: Spain, the immigrant invasion was sold as something good for the economy: now 15% of the population is immigrant, we have an economic crisis, national income is falling, and unemployment and criminality are increasing (33% of prison population is immigrant: 1st from Morocco, 2-Colombia, 3-Romania, 4-Algeria).

    For I believe in God and free speech, I have no problem with Islam, especially with me being all religions and sharing many worldviews with them, though I don´t want my country invaded by Northafricans any more than by Christian Ecuador people. Not even if in Spain, Spaniards had priority on the foreigners or Non-unioneuropeans.

    As you see, we face the same problems in Spain as in the USA, because the prevailing mentality which comes from the USA is determined by a clique of Zionist-Jewish politicians and media moguls.

    My government must support our fellow countrywomen to have a baby, and abolish abortion.

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