Beautiful speech for traditional marriage in Paris by Marion Maréchal Le Pen

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Unfortunately no subtitles in English are available, but in this short, 5-minute video, it is enough to see true white femininity and beauty, and fighting for our race.

Marion is the granddaughter of the great Jean-Marie Le Pen, whom I have met and interpreted for (Washington DC/1987), and is an elected official in the south of France. What a babe… 🙂


Vive la France! 🙂



14 words: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”



I was at the grocery store and the woman ahead of me had a bill of $88.99. then it was my groceries: $22.33.

So four multiples of 11 in a row, and starting with 88. 😉




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Thank you to a college student in California!



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