Beautiful murals by my daughter Erika

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My younger daughter, Erika Atzl Nugent (since 2014 Erika McNutt, married to a Johns Hopkins PhD), graduated from the University of Virginia with a nice, practical double major — 1) nursing and 2) her true love, the fine arts.

This is she on the left, middle, at age two in the blue winter jacket with white fur hood, and then being held by her older sister Ingrid, top-right.


Erika a few years back at Bobby’s Restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida, visiting my father, her paternal grandfather. 


(Her mother, Gerda Atzl from Tyrol, makes crystal glass engravings after completing the Kramsach / Tirol glass school. Here is an article in 1978 from the Washington Post about her (and me, her husband 1976-89):

Her studio in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington DC

Location: The Torpedo Factory Art Center (This artist mall was actually a real torpedo factory in both world wars. After 1945, many tons of confiscated archives of the Third Reich were stored there.)

Erika’s grandmother, my mother, was an art student and ballet dancer at the respected Rhode Island School of Design in my home town of Providence, which my ancestor helped to found in 1636.


Now, from her YouTube channel “Erika Atzl,” here are some of her beautiful, realistic (not abstract!) murals for peoples’ homes, especially for children.






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