Beautiful blonde Australian yoga teacher shot dead by Somali muslim cop in Minneapolis; bodycam & dashcam off, and no 9/11 call released; wicked (((Mark Dayton))), governor of Minnesota

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Somali-African muslim cop in Minneapolis shot blond, blue-eyed Australian female veterinary-medicine student and yoga & meditation teacher to death as she dialed 9/11 to REPORT a burglary. The black cop violated policy & turned off bodycams AND dashcams — and the Minneapolis PD still has not released the recording of the 9/11 call…..

It is the Islamic religion that makes Somalis do this, and not just the African race. The Ethiopians right next to the Somalis are Christians and do not act anywhere on earth in the same manner. The white race needs a new warlike religion to expel them all — Muslims, Freemasons and supremacist Jews! That is my mission.


“She’s not the type to provoke somebody. She would’ve maybe stepped in and helped somebody,” Coune told The Washington Post. “It’s quite unbelievable. … She was sweet. She was beautiful. She was kind. She had a bright light about her. Everybody wanted to be her friend, and this happened to her? In a very low-crime-rate neighborhood? Nobody understands.”

John de Nugent OMG, I KNEW it!!!!!! 😡 (Thanks, Neil A. Bucklew.)


Neil A. Bucklew wyte genocide is a myth, my man

Reply58 mins


John de Nugent Another one of these Somalians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  African muslims armed by governor (((Dayton))) and carrying guns around white women.

Brian Avran I am so angry I want to vomit. I feel helpless.

John de Nugent Gee, I wonder if white lives matter too?
Brian Avran nope…/minnesota-gov-mark-dayton-b…Minnesota governor (((Dayton))) slanders whites as “B+ citizens” and says “get out of the state” if you don’t like Muslim Somalis coming in

I’m sure the police will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong…
How come they did not shoot her dog too, or any random dog in the neighborhood while they were out there?
Neil A. Bucklew Such a beauty, and blood that will not be passed on.
John de Nugent Yes, well, she was 40 and still childless, going to college. Who knows…
Brian Avran and, no outrage, no protests, and white women will continue to date nogs and muds.
John de Nugent Upper Midwest map (and where I live — white dot — in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)… .The region is both blessed and cursed by immigration 1848-1910 by ultra-liberal Germans, Finns and Scandinavians, who falsely project THEIR values (hard work, quiet, honesty, decency and tolerance) to violent, low-IQ parasites.


Brian Avran f*ck this. Nuke the world. its done for.
John de Nugent Be careful what you wish for, Brian.
Brian Avran John, I’ll call u later. This is f*cked. I’ve had it. the incident itself isn’t the problem. it’s that no one cares, and, not only that, beautiful white blondes continue to f*ck kneegrows no matter how many horrible things they do to the white race.
They take pleasure in hurting white men, seeing the white race suffer, wither away and die, while their beloved negroes prosper and excel
Marcus John Why the hell an Aussie would leave our shores has got me stuffed…I see Amerika as an out-of-control terrorist nation, and there ain’t a lot of good left in it until you have a civil war and wipe out 80% of your population.
John de Nugent It was just a few months ago that another beautiful, blonde Aussie was killed at London Bridge, also by muslims, nanny Sara Zelenak

Marcus John Yeah..Europe is hope for it without a few hundred million dead…I believe from my heart that all BaptDUH Christians need to be laid down and shot in the back of the head…this Lion of Judah sect of Christianity via the likes of Hagee etc, 120 million in Amerika alone is the only thing holding up Israel. They are the idiots that attack you when you say something anti-Self-Choosenite

John de Nugent Last week an incompetent African-American officer trespassed in a back yard and shot two quiet, non-barking service dogs, then lied about it. Now they gun down a woman in pyjamas who called them for help.…/minneapolis-police-officer…

A home surveillance video captured a Minneapolis police…
John de Nugent Later, a police report from the incident was released stating: “While staging at the rear, two large size pitbulls charged at officer,” [LIE !!!] the police report by Michael Mays, a responding officer, stated, according to The Star Tribune. “Officers See More
Peter Sabatini Stupid Minnesota liberals -handing postions of public trust over to impulsive savages.


John de Nugent The Upper Midwest is full of friendly, attractive women of northern European stock This is an actual white-nationalist wife and mom in Minnesota with whom I was friends on Facebook.

John de Nugent Somali muslims (IMO the worst immigrants on this earth) are gradually destroying the city and especially nearby St. Cloud.…/somali-males-minnesota…


John de Nugent Minnesota governor (((Mark Dayton))) has passed two laws: legalizing gay marriage and taxpayer funding of a football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings:…/Mark_Dayton_governor…


Here are some “Vikings”:


John de Nugent Governor Mark “Dayton” blasting white Minnesotans:…/

Report Content Issue: * Grammar Spam Inaccurate Information Broken Links or Images Other Your Name:…

Tells whites to leave if they don’t like Somali immigrants: 


Marcus John Why have you guys not got the balls to go out in large numbers.. 1000+ with white hoods on and shoot anyone standing on a corner after dark..we have our movement here and its 1/2 mill strong nearly ready to go to war..1 week and the bastards will want to be will happen and in large numbers the give can do nothing..
John de Nugent Good question. The answer is if one of us went out and did that, there would be two or three other guys and 1,000 cops and 600 FBI. When “the Order” began robbing banks for a white revolution, Reagan had six hundred FBI working three shifts to destroy them.

John de Nugent I met Robert Mathews, btw, and congratulated him after his final National Alliance speech in Chicago in 1983.

Marcus John Cool..

John de Nugent The ideology and leader are not yet revealed to lead us to what must be done.

John de Nugent Marcus John  But Mathews was THE MAN.
John de Nugent Not really a Hitler-level guy and a genius, however, just a super-good blue-collar dude.
John de Nugent Thanks.
Harley Pence Reprisals. Immediately.


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The problem with our WN groups is the lack of money, which the left has and which has the sweet smell of success. Funds enable training and activities. In “The Nameless War” by Captain Archibald Ramsay of the elite Coldstream Guards, a long time Member of Parliament (locked up for four long years by “Winnie” 1940-44), Ramsay explains in convincing detail how the J-Team financed and organized the overthrows of powerful gentile kings in England, France and Russia.

We, on the other hand, don’t have a pot to p— in. It is that simple.

James Endrody We really need to listen more to guys like John de Nugent , Harold Covington and Tom Metzger. Our elders are movement veterans for a reason.
John de Nugent I appreciate this, James. I criticize Richard Spencer for his overtly gay voice and mannerisms, and for having overt gays as speakers at both his 2015 and 2016 events (Jack Donovan, then Millennial Woes). Then his Spencerites post on Facebook “typical baby boomer, loves to infight.” 
Well, what I, Covington and Metzger represent is an age of traditions, when White America was intact, when men were sexually normal, they had good-paying jobs, and women were mothers of 4-6 kids, and proud of it.
And every single thing you see in that photo was MADE IN the white USA.
The younger generation has no idea or experience of what a white society is, and men who were real men, served in the military, learned to fight and shoot, and did not have a limp-wristed voice. We know..
I wrote to a comrade who used to be able to help out:

I KNOW YOUR OIL INCOME MUST BE WAY DOWN, BUT IF you can do anything, I must launch my movement. I fear the assassination of Trump and then the pro-Jew, anti-Russian, out-of-control RINO Mike Pence comes in as the go-along, pointless Republican successor.

I can change this world.

Do you doubt I can?

Then why did the White House itself threaten me?



Why did Russian television show my website for 13 seconds?

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McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville

Who was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary?


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