BBC and GCHQ attack female paedophile victim and her supporters; regime “accidentally” deletes entire paedophile database

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…..Jewnited Kingdom Government is so sorry, but it deleted all the paedophile-network data base

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG — God-DAMN-filthy, lying bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They SAY the testimony of the courageous witnesses is not available to the paedophiles but who can believer anything they swear to?



As I say in my video below, we live under a pedophilocracy! A government of, by and for pedophiles!
This is so f—g sickening. Clearly the powerful paedophiles — who rape, torture and kill children! — have gotten access to the database of those victims who testified against them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




A top paedophile ring, which included UK politicians and police, abused Esther Baker (above), and other children.

The Staffordshire police force has interviewed Esther Baker, who says that police officers and a top politician were part of the abuse ring.

Esther says she was attacked from the age of six at homes around Staffordshire and in woodland on ‘Cannock Chase’ in Staffordshire.

Note the names of the following two journalists:

For the record: Esther went to police BEFORE she had counselling and has never had UTD therapy.


The mainstream media are defending the child abuse rings and attacking the whistleblowers.

[JdN: “FMS” was invented by a Philadelphia Jewish lawyer who defends rich pedophiles.]


  1. The paedo friendly BBC is continuing its Savile-friendly tradition by attacking victims. How utterly dreadful. The BBC needs to be shut down with an alternative or alternatives considered. Anyone tied to Savile or in a position above him should be barred from working for the new entity. The BBC has no shame whatsoever. It is an institution behaving like a sociopath. I’m sympathetic to the British public and sorry they have to live under rulers who are so disgusting.


  2. we cant remain silent. they cant win this battle. Please keep us up to date with what happening. Is it true Ben Fellows has gone missing? Thank you




  4. Take a look at Tweet:


  5. SPUTNIK has been under a DOS attack


  6. Private Eye has also been attacking Tom Watson, thereby defending the VIP paedophiles, under the leadership of its freemason editor, Ian Hislop


  7. Hislop is MI5 or MI6?


  8. False Memory Syndrome appears to be a front created by intelligence cults like MI6 and the CIA. When major toilet papers of record – like the New York Times for example – attack the victims like they did in the Franklin Cover Up, you know the establishment perverts are “circling the wagons”. The current case in the U.S. involving former Speaker of the House and pervert Dennis Hassert (sp?) has been sealed by the courts. A tool of the establishment to protect themselves and their perverse ways. It has been said that you cannot be Pope if they don’t have dirt on you, this is true of all, or at the very least most prominent politicians, government stooges, establishment figures, celebrities, etc. The perverts fool no one who still operates with fairness and reason.


    In one sense this is all very helpful as previously I would not have known one way or the other how credible or reliable Esther’s recollections were as that was all one had heard about this specific matter relating to Cannock.

    However, now she is under continuous media attack (in probable contempt of court, in breach of any witness handling codes, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, prejudicing any trials etc etc) now I know she is telling the truth.

    Thank you for that Daily Mail, thanks Gay Adams…

    No one would go to such trouble to trash someone else like this unless its TRUE

    So by the same token this now raises the presumption that Nick, Darren and the others who have been traduced are actually telling the truth and we are held hostage by a totally corrupt and evil establishment.

    Let’s face it not all of the witnesses who have come forward can be dismissed as crackpots and fantasists as is now the mantra being played out to the people by these mainstream newspapers. It is ludicrous and just exposes the fact that they are engaged in an ongoing and obvious cover-up which is breathtaking in its arrogance and criminality. Everything done by those in power now is just based on the crude application of force or money or state power and creating fear.

    We cannot be far from the end when that is the case.

    Men Scryfa

    P.S. Thanks for telling everyone on the internet which issues they need to keep pushing and pushing and pushing in order to push all of you over the edge. lol!


  9. Well well well. I just had my computer taken over while trying to post the last comment on here. Oh dear. Things are getting desperate. I think the control grid is more wobbly than I thought.

    Message keeps coming up about ‘hypercomments’ and the cursor goes haywire. Definitely someone else on the computer. GCHQ having fun again.



    Boring Sunday afternoon need to frame someone innocent and decent again? Trying to keep the cap wearing masters happy? Truth seeking / Truth telling out of control?

    Sorry but what a bunch of losers you are. You control the whole mainstream press. You can beam whatever you like into people’s heads at night. You control all of the money. All of the corporations and major countries and you still behave like this. It reminds me of some fat effete crook nosed saddo who can’t get it up.

    Men Scryfa
    18/10/2015 Part II


…..Why is England so horrible in this regard?

It is the first Gentile country the Jews ever took over, in 1066 via William the Bastard in the so-called Norman Conquest, which was Jew-financed and made Jews the tax men.

Edward I (Longshanks), did expel them in 1290 — unless they, ahem, “converted to Christianity.”

Other just popped over the border of Scotland!

Others, financiers and gun dealers, started trickling in during the Oliver Cromwell period, then rapidly after 1690. With the Bank of England in 1694, and then the Waterloo stock market coup by Rothschild in 1815, they snatched 1/3rd of the British economy.

Lord Byron, in his satirical “Age of Bronze” (1823), adopted a hostile attitude toward the Jews, whose emancipation he opposed and whose alleged support for foreign tyranny (Turks against Greeks) he denounced with many unpleasant allusions.


  •  Canto XV:
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  • John D. Nugent How rich is Britain! not indeed in mines,
    Or peace or plenty, corn or oil, or wines;
    No land of Canaan, full of milk and honey,
    Nor (save in paper shekels) ready money:
    But let us not to own the truth refuse,
    Was ever Christian land so rich in Jews?
    Those parted with their teeth to good King John,
    And now, ye kings, they kindly draw your own;
    All states, all things, all sovereigns they control,
    And waft a loan “from Indus to the pole.”
    The banker – broker – baron[340] – brethren, speed
    To aid these bankrupt tyrants in their need.
    Nor these alone; Columbia [= the young USA] feels no less
    Fresh speculations follow each success;
    And philanthropic Israel deigns to drain
    Her mild per-centage from exhausted Spain.
    Not without Abraham’s seed can Russia march;
    Tis gold, not steel, that rears the conqueror’s arch.
    Two Jews, a chosen people, can command
    In every realm their Scripture-promised land: –
    Two Jews, keep down the Romans,[341] and uphold
    The accurséd Hun, more brutal than of old:
    Two Jews, – but not Samaritans – direct
    The world, with all the spirit of their sect.
    What is the happiness of earth to them?
    A congress forms their “New Jerusalem,”
    Where baronies and orders both invite –
    Oh, holy Abraham! dost thou see the sight?
    Thy followers mingling with these royal swine,
    Who spit not “on their Jewish gaberdine,”
    But honour them as portion of the show –
    (Where now, oh Pope! is thy forsaken toe?
    Could it not favour Judah with some kicks?
    Or has it ceased to “kick against the pricks?”)
    On Shylock’s shore behold them stand afresh,
    To cut from nation’s hearts their “pound of flesh.”
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