Barbara Streisand, Jew and Neanderthal

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(From”Dio Brando”on FB) They descended from some clan of Neanderthals that found themselves in a desperate situation amidst multiplying and warlike Cro-Magnons. It is possible that their driving womanish deceitfulness, which clearly functions as a group instinct, is the only reason they’re still among us as Jews, rather than as mere bone fragments, or a few random, recurring traits within our populations…

Male Neanderthals were unlikely to have viable children with Cro-Magnon (that is, human) females, but Neanderthal females could be conceive with human Males. Coincidentally, Jewish culture is one of the few in the world where the group identity is passed down through the maternal line, rather than the children being the charges and representatives of the paternal line. This practice, whose origins are uncertain, could be convenient for a Neanderthal clan seeking to preserve itself while interbreeding, either by force or by design, with domineering Cro-Magnons.

A race obsessed with imposing not mere currency scams, but such lunacy as communism, Bolshevism, feminism, sexual “revolutions,” critical theory, open borders, forced race mixing, etc. is a thing that requires an extraordinary explanation. This group is, when everything is counted up, unnatural.

This is a reconstruction of a Neanderthal child next to a childhood photo of Barbara Streisand. The set of the eyes, and the protuberant and elongated portion from eyes to upper lip, accentuated by the uncertain chin, are all but identical.

Neanderthals & Semites

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