Back in Whitelandia (Upper Michigan)

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NASA photo of Lake Superior


As I blogged briefly a few days ago …

…….Life is just a bowlful of cherries


In neighboring Minnesota the tornado took the roof off this kitchen.

Family members clean out the refrigerator of the home of Kathleen "Tootz" Tschumperlin, whose  home was destroyed after a tornado tore through Watkins the evening before, Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in Watkins, Minn.. From left is Linda Linz, the daughter of Tschumperlin, Linz's daughter-in-law Michelle Linz and daughter Hannah Hiltner. (Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via AP)
Family members clean out the refrigerator of the home of Kathleen “Tootz” Tschumperlin, whose home was destroyed after a tornado tore through Watkins the evening before, Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in Watkins, Minn.. From left is Linda Linz, the daughter of Tschumperlin, Linz’s daughter-in-law Michelle Linz and daughter Hannah Hiltner. (Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via AP) [JdN: All three names are German, typical of this region.] 
Mike Delaney of and 911MissingLinks came over the other morning and knocked, waking me up from bed, shouting:

“John, come on outside — and look!”





Well, hello!


Nothing like electric power lines hanging down to give you a buzz



Well, it’s a clearer view of the bridge now….



Something about that power pole just ain’t right. Maybe it was designed in Pisa….



So no power, phone, internet for about six hours. Here is where you see how white this town is. Friendly neighbors gathering, helping, passing on advice, rumors and helpful tips. Nobody looting, stealing, skulking or lurking. No National Guard called out.

Some even had their own generator, and would have shared their electricity if needed.



Just white folks helping each other, and efficient white crews here in Whitelandia, as Mike Delaney called the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a video. (See more on that below.)  Power, cable and telephone got going again very quickly.



Well, yesterday the power company started chain-sawing….


A nice local family then showed up, two white men and two white women.


They went right to work on our offer: “Free wood from storm-felled maple tree — if you cut it and haul it!”




Soon there was a pile of firewood for them and all the leafy branches were piled up too for removal by the town.


In comes UPPCO (Upper Peninsula Power Company)….

Back her down the slope — one can see by the marks on the grass a very heavy truck.

Crew gets ready to put one worker up in the bucket.



Up we go…

That pole is really leaning now. It snapped at the base but rested on the chain link fence.

The old pole is being fastened to a claw arm that will pick it up and lift it away.

Nice-looking truck and well-designed, “Made in America”

The snapped-off base of the old pole has to be dug out. It goes five feet down, so they just clear the dirt around it at the top, and attach some clamp and YANKED it out.

Branches dragged to curbside for pickup by the town



I got thirsty just watching’em. Off on a friend’s boat to Lake Superior for a brewski and to catch some silver salmon!

A “yooper” (“UP” [of Michigan]) gal with a coho (or “silver”) salmon – incredibly delicious red salmon meat.You’d pay $10 a pound for this in a can in a grocery store, and not fresh!


Aftermath: the Ontonagon village work crew came with a wood chipper and off went the branches into noisy oblivion.


Crank up that wood chipper!


All is back to normal at 306 South Steel Street


It is so nice to be around friendly, competent WHITE people. No negroes, hispanics or anyone on the crew.

The movie “Fargo” (from Fargo, North Dakota) has sort of the same accent and mindset as here. The female sheriff’s deputy is digging for answers in an innocent sort of way, never obnoxious or crude as sometimes in New York or New Jersey, and the car dealer, who is being more or less “questioned,” acts very Upper Midwestern too.


…How about Upper Michigan just declares itself a European-American ( = white) Reserve?

Whaddya say, Trump? You do want, and you do NEED the white vote, don’tcha?


(Just like the Indians have reservations….

….. Can there be ONE place where whites can be safe, and pass on their genes,

and protect their heritage and values,

and teach their kids, not white guilt,

but to honor their hardworking and decent white ancestors,

both great and small,

….and their values, which once made white America the envy of the world??




And never again be sent off to kill for the Jews!



….More on the UP of Michigan

White Safety and Heritage Zone UP of Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan can become the new center of the Aryan Movement. Here we can create white safety zones, legal reservations for Caucasian people where whites can be safe, reproduce with their own kind, and choose who lives on our land and run our own lives just as the Indians can on their reservations!


UP of Michigan — 311,000 people, 99% white and the highest percentage of military veterans in the entire USA


Tops on a “racism map” (dark red = much more than average”) published by the Washington Post


The house I am renting for a mere $350 would sell for just $17,000



Lupine and birdsfoot trefoil (in yellow) are everywhere; this is a photo I took behind the supermarket in Ontonagon


You are here if you are here. 😉


Drone video with great music by Magnificent Michael Delaney (of,, and 911MissingLinks) of Ontonagon and Lake Superior:

Lake of the Clouds, 10 miles west of my house





White people as far as the eye can see. 😉


Many women up here have learned to hunt from their fathers.


a typical local tavern, Stubb’s



Four great seasons…. fall has fabulous foliage, better even, experts say, than New England! 


For doomsday we have set aside five chickens, and no gay chickens at that — two cocks (being very forward as usual ;-) and two hens  (The third hen was camera shy. :-) )


Winter is long and keeps the black and brown riffraff out ! Snow from November to April (five months). I took this photo from our back deck here, overlooking the sparkling Ontonagon River, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (latitude 47 and with a continental climate, because we are in the heart of North America)


Our snow-covered car, a ’96 Crown Victoria and once a constable’s car, heavy and good in snow and crosswinds.



On the left the Lutheran Church, as the Germans, Swedes and “Finlanders” remain true to their Martin Luther even after 150 years in the USA. Note the road sign on the right edge of this pic, pointing to (LOL) “Greenland”!



A friend praised our 857-mile move to the UP of Michigan:


You made the right move by going to Upper Michigan. Despite your familial and upbringing ties to Pennsylvania,  the UP has WAAAY more potential to break-off and go independent as a white state or region, a white reservation or what have you.


It has an extensive international border and viable shipping ports. It is not nearly as corrupt as Penna. The “UP” needs to break away from the Arabic and Black-dominated lower Michigan (Flint, Dearborn and Detroit).  amazing photo juxtapositions: Detroit as a white city and Detroit now

Dearborn, home of Henry Ford, is now majority Muslim

English and Arabic Advertise Stores in Dearborn, Michigan

Detroit has lost over half its population; the blacks took over and Ford and GM moved out.


This is a sculpture to honor boxer Joe Louis that sends whites a real “welcome.”


The UP has the potential, with all those Scandinavians, Germans and various white refugees, to be MOST uncorrupt state in union, and it is not overwhelmed with liberal poison as is much of the Pacific Northwest.

The UP is about as pure as you can get, I would think, other than North Dakota. Minnesota was ruined by liberal socialists. “I LIKE da Nordern Midwest,” the only major drawback being is that many of its well-meaning people are still relatively naive.

Co-owners of the local micro-brewery



Coed soccer team at Michigan Technical U. in Houghton


A favorite local beer in Copper Country. (This area has fabulous deposits of copper, and mining may be about to make a huge comeback.)





Surfing on Lake Superior


Skiiing in the Porcupine Mountains


The Northern Lights  — we really see them — and also rainbows up here in the clean air!


Margi on Twin Lakes


We felt guilty we had no bread crumbs for these friendly duckies.


Birdsfoot trefoil is the new flower up here


Three typical young Yooper guys


Snowmobiling is huge here — the Aryan love of speed.


Moose crossing — that is 1,500 pounds right there and seven feet at the shoulder.


A moose calf



More winter surfing


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